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Pajarito Trail Fest 2012 Results – Nathaniel Gustafson Earns Win in First Trail Race

A leg burning, heart smiling 10 km or 15 mile trail run up and around Pajarito Mountain in Los Alamos, New Mexico occurred over the weekend of September 22 at the Pajarito Trail Fest. This little scamper guided runners between 9200 to 10,440 feet of elevation.

Trail Running! (Photo: Jim Stein /

Over 100 runners played on this sweet and challenging singletrack adventure.


15 mile

Men’s Race

Santa Fe runner, Michael Ehrmentraut, created over an eight minute gap from the next chaser, Daryl Dagel, to win the male race in 2:08:07.

Top 5 male

  1. Michael Ehrmentraut – 2:08:07
  2. Daryl Dagel – 2:15:53
  3. James McIntosh – 2:20:38
  4. Brian Bolser – 2:21:29
  5. Scott Muggleton – 2:29:57

(Photo: Jim Stein /

Women’s Race

Sarah Demay finished fifth in the late August Taos Ski Valley Up & Over and had another exciting race on Pajarito mountain with Lynn Bjorklund and Sheila Van Cuyk in the run…for the win!

Sarah was able to create a little over a two minute gap to win the female race in 2:42:07.

Lynn was able to create a few strides gap for second place honors.

Top 5 female

  1. Sarah Demay – 2:42:07
  2. Lynn Bjorklund – 2:44:33
  3. Sheila Van Cuyk – 2:45:17
  4. Amy Lee – 2:58:33
  5. Veronika Mocko – 2:59:44

(Photo: Jim Stein /

Complete 15 mile results.

10 km

Women’s Race

Albuquerque local, Elizabeth Turner, ran into the top 10 of the overall to win the female race in 1:06:42.

Sarah Milligan led the chase across the finish for second.

Top 5 female

  1. Elizabeth Turner – 1:06:42
  2. Sarah Milligan – 1:11:12
  3. Susan Hanson – 1:12:33
  4. Gretchen Selby – 1:14:04
  5. Rebecca Benage – 1:14:56

(Photo: Jim Stein /

Men’s Race

Within the first 400 meters, trail running newbie, Nathaniel Gustafson, was all alone at the front. This didn’t create much comfort for the 21 year old.

“This made the climb rather nerve-racking because I was convinced I went out too fast and would come reeling back in. As far as I could tell there was a chase group of three or four runners through the climb. I could not really see behind me after the last big hill.”

Cresting the top of Pajarito mountain created a couple strong memories for Nathaniel.

“You are treated to an amazing view into the Valles Caldera and surrounding area.”

“This also signified that the heinous climb was over and all I had to worry about was not falling on my face on the way down.”

Staying upright and at the front, Nathaniel won his first trail race in 50:25.

Hans Hanson become the closest solo chaser and finished second. Hans also holds a number of the top finish times on this course.

Top 5 male

  1. Nathaniel Gustafson (Sarah’s Yoga) – 50:25
  2. Hans Hanson – 52:33
  3. Chip Cooper – 56:41
  4. George Perkins – 58:32
  5. David Coblentz – 1:01:08

(Photo: Jim Stein /

Complete 10 km results.

Race Reports and Pics

Special thanks to Nathaniel Gustafson for sharing a few thoughts about his adventure. Also, thanks to Jim Stein of Jim Stein Photography for showcasing some of his great photos.

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