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Do Wacka Do Trail Run 2012 Results – Michael Adams and Jody McFarland Set Times to Beat

“I remember rounding a corner early into the first lap and having a wonderful view of the landscape. The skies were full of beautiful early morning colors, the only sounds were my footsteps, I just thought to myself, “This is why I love to run”” – Mike Adams, 50 mile winner

Over 100 runners got dirty within the mesas and canyons of the Do-Wacka-Do Trail Run in southwest Oklahoma.

Tom Love Photography: 2012 Do Wacka Do &emdash;
(Welcome to the DWD Trail Run!, Photo: Copyright Tom Love Photography /

5 mile, 25km, 50km, and 50 mile distances.

All distances contain a short out-and-back followed by a loop. One main 25km loop ran multiple times for the 25k(+) distances.

The one catch for out of stater’s for this race – you are required to have an Oklahoma hunting or fishing license ($26). The event organizers have tried to work out some kind of deal with the state – no luck. A bummer.


Tom Love Photography: 2012 Do Wacka Do &emdash;
(An awakening start. Photo: Copyright Tom Love Photography /

50 mile

Men’s Race

Temple, Texas speedster, Mike Adams, was back for another 50 mile scamper but instead of being the sole 50 mile runner, a small group were laced up for the three loop journey. Instead of chasing his shadow this year, Mike was pushing a steady effort in chase of Oklahoma runner, Brandon Perdeu, who took off from the word “Go!”.

After loop one Brandon had a one minute gap on Mike.

The gap increased early in the second loop before Mike makes the pass.

” He [Brandon] pulled away from me after a couple of miles into lap two. I didn’t see him until we hit one of the big inclines. I passed him as he walked up. He still looked strong and I assumed he would catch back up with me.” 

Tom Love Photography: 2012 Do Wacka Do &emdash;
(Mike showcasing some good form. Photo: Copyright Tom Love Photography /

Stomach issues required Bradon to dial back the effort.

Mike went on to solo the remaining miles and won the male race in a course record time of 7:07:26.

Brandon kept moving forward to finish a solid second.

Top 5 male

  1. Mike Adams – 7:07:26
  2. Brandon Perdeu – 7:32:02
  3. Shannon McFarland – 9:25:24
  4. Daniel Ueland – 9:46:33
  5. Nicholas Gieda – 10:38:59

Women’s Race

One name is all we need.

Jody McFarland started.

Jody finished.

Jody won the female scamper and defined the course record in 10:12:48.

50 km

Women’s Race

April Reeder of Tulsa, Oklahoma, lead the inspiration train in the female race, finished third overall in a female winning time of 5:14:39.

Christy Davis finished ninth overall for second place.

Tom Love Photography: 2012 Do Wacka Do &emdash;
(Amy Pannell finishing with a smile! Photo: Copyright Tom Love Photography /

Top 5 female

  1. April Reeder – 5:14:39
  2. Christy Davis – 6:32:48
  3. Amy Pannell – 7:14:46
  4. Lisa Luyet – 7:36:21
  5. Diane Bolton – 7:50:39

Men’s Race

Nick Seymour of Oklahoma, set the pace in the two loop adventure. Using the race as a solid training day for Pumpkin Holler 100 at the end of the month, Nick had a basic goal for the day, “Run a comfortable pace without developing any injuries which would limit additional Pumpkin Holler 100 training.”

While Nick had a fair gap from those in chase, the day wasn’t without a little adrenaline pumpin’ excitement.

“I passed a rattlesnake that was stretched out in the road at mile 25! I think I was daydreaming about the next climb and didn’t notice him on the left side of the road until I was within 10 feet of him. Good thing I was running on the right side! He snapped me out of that daydream instantly!”

Tom Love Photography: 2012 Do Wacka Do &emdash;
(Nick Seymour finishing strong. Photo: Copyright Tom Love Photography /

Nick crossed the finish in 4:23:54.

Justin Meek of Tulsa earned runner-up honors.

Top 5 male

  1. Nick Seymour – 4:23:54
  2. Justin Meek – 5:13:49
  3. Stephen Oneal – 5:31:00
  4. Max Avery – 6:00:32
  5. Kade Wilcox – 6:09:26

25 km

Men’s Race

1:20-ish road half marathoner, Casey Kreger, averaged a 7:17 pace to create nearly a seven minute gap at the finish from the closest chaser, Chad Newton. Casey set a new course record in 1:53:20.

Tom Love Photography: 2012 Do Wacka Do &emdash;
(Cuu Nguyen and Shane Spencer enjoying the scenic miles. Photo: Copyright Tom Love Photography /

Top 5 male

  1. Casey Kreger – 1:53:20
  2. Chad Newton – 2:00:04
  3. Aaron Ochoa – 2:10:58
  4. Shane Spencer – 2:11:53
  5. David Price – 2:16:55

Women’s Race

Malane Grace of Ringling, Oklahoma, won the female race in 2:37:38.

The race for second had a bit more excitement with Andreia Dippon and Jenny Sanchez separated by 72 seconds at the finish. Andreia was able to create the small gap to earn second place honors.

Top 5 female

  1. Malane Grace – 2:37:38
  2. Andreia Dippon – 2:54:18
  3. Jenny Sanchez – 2:55:30
  4. Laura Hildebrand – 2:58:09
  5. Leah Barker – 2:59:11

5 Mile

Women’s Race

Melanie Davis ran her way into top five of the overall while earning the female win in 45:25.

Tom Love Photography: 2012 Do Wacka Do &emdash;
(Melanie Davis with her DWD bling. Photo: Copyright Tom Love Photography /

Amanda Reimer finished second and rounded out the top 10 of the overall. Likely a nice little run to the finish with Randi Sue Moynihan as well.

Top 5 female

  1. Melanie Davis – 45:25
  2. Amanda Reimer – 52:59
  3. Randi Sue Moynihan – 53:03
  4. Marla Abernathy – 53:19
  5. Brenda Christian – 53:28

Men’s Race

Noureddine Mediouni was able to hold off Craig Dill to win the male race in 41:28.

Nourenddine was simply grateful for a pain-free run.

” I did have surgery a few months ago. My goal was to run the trail without straining my Psoas. I kept a comfortable pace and all the training (gym workouts, running in water, and running on and off the trails) payed off. My first race after surgery was painless.”

Tom Love Photography: 2012 Do Wacka Do &emdash;
(Noureddine Mediouni grateful for the healthy finish. Photo: Copyright Tom Love Photography /

Congrats to Nourenddine on his healthy return to the sport.

Top 5 male

  1. Noureddine Mediouni – 41:28
  2. Craig Dill – 42:52
  3. Tom Ivester – 44:36
  4. Steve Morris – 45:00
  5. Brian Sepko – 45:44
Complete results.

Talk DWD

  • How was your western Oklahoma adventure?

Special thanks to Mike Adams, Noureddine Mediouni, Nick Seymour, and Tom Love at Tom Love Photography.

Be sure to check out Tom’s pics from the adventure here.

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4 Responses to “Do Wacka Do Trail Run 2012 Results – Michael Adams and Jody McFarland Set Times to Beat”

  1. on 09 Oct 2012 at 11:22 am Julie

    The weather was perfect this year, a cold front moved in the day before the race. Hallelujah!
    What most of us did this year was buy a 2-day fishing license and it only cost $15. I think someone else even found a better option and only paid $10, not sure what the license was. As it was, nobody even asked any runners to show their license anyway.
    Great day out on the trails, this race has such a beautiful course. Some brutally steep hills too! Fun stuff!

  2. on 09 Oct 2012 at 1:02 pm David Hanenburg

    Hey Julie, that is great to know about the other license options. It would be great to have that info on the website because it would likely bring up more Texans and other out-of-staters as well.

    Some of the pics remind me of Palo Duro.

  3. on 09 Oct 2012 at 3:05 pm Tom Love

    I used a $10, three-day special use land access permit that is available to residents for non-hunting and non-fishing related activities. I ran the 5 mile event and took some pictures of the other runners during their runs.

  4. on 18 Oct 2012 at 10:28 am David Hanenburg

    Cool! Thanks for sharing Tom!