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Mount Nebo Trail Run 2012 Results – Youthful Chris Moutos Leaves Everyone Running for Second Place

[EB Sprint Results format.]

Start at the top of Mount Nebo.

Feeling fresh and spunky, enjoy the downhill grade that includes a mix of trail and road, but don’t forget you have to turn around and run back to the top!

Round trip distance – 14-ish miles.

From atop Mount Nebo. (Photo: Courtesy Bugsy Sailor @

Over 100 runners did just that at the second race of the Arkansas Ultra Trail Series, Mount Nebo Trail Run.


Men’s Race

It became a solo run very quickly for 20 year old, Chris Moutos. After a couple miles of warm-up, Chris dialed up the effort with a solid group of fast tread in chase that included Sean Salazar, Tom Brennan, Chris Block, David Joseph, and Mark DenHerder…that eventually turned into a sub-race for second and third.

Chris bombed down the mountain before coming to the realization…

“It was going to be kind of a miserable climb back to the top.”

Chris dug in on the grunt back up the mountain to win the male scamper in 1:32:35.

How did those last few miles feel?

” I wont say the last 2-3 miles of the run climbing the switchbacks up the mountain could necessarily be called “fun;” I’ll just say it was a character building experience.”

Fellow Fayetteville runner, Sean Salazar, created nearly a three minute gap from the chase group to snag runner-up honors.

Top 5 male

  1. Chris Moutos – 1:32:35
  2. Sean Salazar – 1:44:50
  3. Tom Brennan – 1:47:43
  4. Chris Block – 1:47:51
  5. David Joseph – 1:47:55

Women’s Race

1:4x road half marathoner and Little Rock local, Jenny Wilkes, led all females back to the top of Mount Nebo to earn the win in 2:08:24.

Leslie Brahn of Tennessee held on for second.

Top 5 female

  1. Jenny Wilkes – 2:08:24
  2. Leslie Brahn – 2:15:32
  3. Stacey Shaver – 2:16:29
  4. Jen Freilino – 2:18:08
  5. Jenny Brod – 2:18:12

Complete results.

Talk Mt. Nebo

  • How was your Arkansas adventure?

Special thanks to Chris Moutos for sharing a few thoughts with us.

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