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Texas Hill Country Trail Running Camp Featuring Marshall Ulrich, Joe Prusaitis, and Other Amazing Athletes and People – Coming November 2012

A weekend of trail running with fellow members of the tribe in the rugged beauty of Texas Hill Country.

Tips and insights from a host of local and national top level athletes and coaches.

Be part of something much bigger than the sport itself.

It’s coming November 9-12 to Camp Eagle near Rocksprings, Texas.

Photo: Courtesy Joe Prusaitis

Texas speedster, Liza Howard, is the chief organizer of this weekend of experience and before I share my Q&A with her, let’s learn a bit more about the weekend first.

The Location – Camp Eagle

Camp Eagle is the host location for the Nueces Trail Run which is also the USATF 50 Mile Trail National championship location for 2011-2013.

Joe Prusaitis has taken some amazing photos at Camp Eagle and they are definitely worth a look – Camp Eagle Pics

I haven’t visited but the location looks beautiful.

Also worth a look, the Camp Eagle website.

The Trail Mentors and Supporters

There is an exciting list of amazing national and local runners and coaches getting involved.

Take a look! I have included just a brief statement on each person.

  • Marshall Ulrich (website) – Highly, highly accomplished ultra athlete. Looks to be giving a special talk on Saturday night based on the current itinerary.
  • Mike Morton – 2012 Badwater winner and recently set the new 24 hour American record of 172.458 miles.
  • Pam Smith (blog) – 1st 2012 Run Rabbit Run 50. Wins and top 5 female in a whole host of races.
  • Megan Kimmel – A variety of La Sportiva mountain cup series wins and top finishes.
  • Zach Bitter (blog) – 15th OA (16:53:28) at 2012 Western States.
  • Alison Bryant – 3rd 2012 Waldo 100km. Top finisher in many of the La Sportiva mountain cup series races.
  • Jason Bryant (blog) – Top 5 finisher in nearly every race entered from 10 mile to 100 km.
  • Dominic Grossman (blog) – 1st 2011 Angeles Crest 100. Hardrock 100 finisher.
  • Matt Hart (blog) – 1st 2012 Tahoe Rim 100. A variety of top 10 finishes. Hardrock 100 finisher.
  • Katie DeSplinter – Sub-24 at 2012 Western States 100
  • Dave James – 1st 2012 Burning River 100. Top 5 finishers in many races from 50km to 100 mile.
  • Liza Howard (Texas local – blog) – 2nd 2012 Leadville 100. Five 100 mile wins.
  • Steven Moore (Texas Local) – 1st 2012 Superior Sawtooth 100. A variety of top 5 finishes.
  • Joe Prusaitis (Texas local – website) – Multiple Hardrock 100 finishes. A huge collection of trail/ultra running insight.
  • Jay Danek (website) – A wide range of 50km to 100 mile finishes.

I plan to be at the camp and supporting in some capacity as well…someone has to fill water bottles. Excited…ah…yes!

The Team…Red, White, and Blue

Besides running with fellow trail runners, this weekend is integrated with the mission of Team Red, White, and Blue in which Liza and a number of the mentors/supporters are part of.

What is the mission of Team Red, White, and Blue?

Liza states on her site, “Team Red, White & Blue is a veteran support organization that works to help combat veterans reintegrate into their civilian communities.  They focus on creating connections between citizens and servicemen and women with invisible wounds.  One of their primary tools of reintegration is physical fitness. The goal of this camp is to help create connections, friendships and mentorships within the trail running community.”

A weekend of trail running and so much more!

More Info Plus Itinerary

Check out the main trail running camp page on Liza’s site which contains some general information, the current made-with-jello (Liza’s words) long weekend itinerary, and a link for registration.

Q&A with Liza

After checking out the camp’s information myself, I thought about what questions some of you may have so I created a hopefully insightful list of questions that may add additional clarity on the overall camp experience.

[EB – What inspired you to put on this running camp and then integrate it with the vision and mission of Team Red, White, and Blue?]

I’ve talked on and off with different folks for a couple of years now about how much fun it’d be to have a trail running camp out at Camp Eagle.   1400 acres, all sorts of terrain, a beautiful river, family friendly, affordable, zip lines…it’s a perfect venue.  After coaching formally for a couple years now, I finally started to talk details with Alison and Jason Bryant after Nueces this March.

I’d also wanted to organize a trail running camp for Team Red, White & Blue since I started working with them as an athlete ambassador early last year. Their mission is to strengthen ties between returning combat veterans and their civilian communities and to foster reintegration through physical fitness.  The more Jason, Alison, and I talked, the more obvious it became that a trail running camp at Camp Eagle could serve those ends beautifully.  Team RWB was fortunate to receive funding that will allow it to sponsor 100 veterans to attend the camp.  Our goal is to host the same number of civilian runners.  We are fortunate to have Joe Prusaitis on board now helping us plan and sharing his experience and expertise.

[EB – Are there any suggestions on how someone can prepare to get the most out of this camp?]

The camp will accommodate runners of all ability levels and speeds. The fitter you are, the more running you’ll be able to take advantage of throughout the long weekend. Being able to run 10-12 miles at a time is a good goal – though not a requirement.  We’ve set things up so people should have the opportunity to run as little or as much as they’d like and as fast or as slow as they like too.

[EB – What are the trails like? (single-track, technicality, basic terrain (rolling, flat, etc)).]

Yes.  🙂  Camp Eagle has the whole gamut of terrain.  It’s a great place to train for technical races like Bandera or Cactus Rose and it also has beautiful non-technical flat and rolling terrain that would serve flatter races like Rocky or Javelina.

[EB – What is the weather like at Camp Eagle this time of year?]

It can range from the mid to upper 40s to the high 60s.  I’ve requested 64 degrees and sunny.

[EB – You mentioned families are welcome. What are some of the activities for families to partake in while the running camp is in progress?]

Camp Eagle is hosting its Fall Family Weekend while we’re there.  All our runners and their families are welcome to take part in the activities they’ll have set up.  These will probably include zip lines, a giant swing, elements of their challenge course, their mine complex, climbing wall – and maybe their kayaks and water slides.  Camp Eagle is still finalizing the Family Camp details and I’ll be able to give a definitive list of activities in the next few days.  Certainly there are tons of biking options if children and spouses want to bring their bikes – and lots of hiking trails and open grassy areas to just run around and have fun on.

[EB – The camp starts Friday evening and ends Monday late morning. What if I can’t attend all four days, can I still attend?]

Definitely!  Runners can participate as little or as much as they’d like to throughout the weekend.  If you can’t come the whole time, try to prioritize Saturday and Sunday.  If you can’t come both Saturday and Sunday – take a look at the evening schedule (Marshall Ulrich on Saturday night and obstacle course 5k, Group Social and BBQ on Sunday night) to decide between those days.

[EB – What are the bathroom/shower facilities at Camp Eagle? Group facilities? Private facilities? Combo?]

Camp Eagle is a rustic camp that’s located 2.5 hours from San Antonio, 3.5 hours from Austin, and 1.5 hours from the nearest big town.  Lodging is comfortable, but basic. Think camp. There are dorm rooms that sleep twelve, screened shelters that sleep four, and tent sites that accommodate any group size.  Participants will need to bring their own bedding and towels – and tents if they’re camping.  It’s all very clean and entirely adequate, but it’s definitely “No Frills.”  (Unless you consider plastic covered mattresses “frills” – or you bring a bed skirt.)

[EB – You mention meals (including a vegetarian option) are included. Could you give an example of a breakfast, lunch, and dinner Camp Eagle would offer?]

I will be able to post the menus in the next week or so.  The food is very tasty, but again, basic.  Breakfast burritos and pancakes.  Salad bars, fruit and sandwiches.  Spaghetti with garlic bread.  Along those lines.  We plan on having a great Texas BBQ on Sunday night.

[EB – What are the closest towns with hotels in the area?]

The closest hotels would be in Rocksprings, Texas, which is about 50 minutes away.  There are many more hotel options in Kerrville, which is about 90 minutes away.

[EB – Is there a limited number of people that can register for the event?]

There are 100 spaces available right now.

[EB – When does the late registration price kick in?]

October 16th.

[EB – What experience can one expect to take home with them after leaving the camp?]

You will leave chock full of trail and ultra running knowledge from some of the best and most experienced runners in the United States — and probably with some sore legs.  Our goal is that you also leave feeling inspired and with some new friends and mentors – and lots of memories of laughing hard and having fun.

Main Camp Page – For all the official and latest information.

Registration Page – You want in? Grab yourself a spot.

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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