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Steven Moore Heads North to Set Course Record at Superior 100

Race organizers ask if anyone is planning to arrive at aid stations under course record time.

Steven Moore – Yep!

Over the weekend of September 8th, Texan Steven Moore (Ink n Burn) traveled up to northern Minnesota for the unique point-to-point 100 mile trail running adventure called the Superior 100. This dandy of a course contains beautiful dense forest, views of Lake Superior, babbling streams, and a course profile that looks like it could cut (see it here). 102.6 miles of light treading with 20,000 feet of gain and 21,000 feet of descent. The biggest climb is around 850 feet along with an armada of 200 – 400 foot grunts.

Steven went on to break the previous course record dated back to 2006 by nearly 40 minutes under great running conditions, crossing the finish in 21:02:41!

To give some kind of local perspective on the course, Steven’s Cactus Rose 100 finish times are in the 19:30 range (which he also owns the current CR).

How did it play out?

A small front-end group, including Steven, arrived at Split Rock aid station (mile 9.7) together after enjoying some banter in the early miles. Yep, even the fast dudes and dudettes enjoy a little socializing on the trails.

Steven was in and out of Split Rock fairly quickly and within a couple miles realized no one was with him.

“I wasn’t trying to push the pace or build a lead this early in the race for sure.”

 While Mr. Moore may not have tried to push the pace, it isn’t uncommon for him to add a little jalapeno in those early and middle miles.

What did Steven think of the local climbs?

“The climbs were just punishing enough but not overwhelming.”

10 minutes outside of Beaver Bay aid station (mile 20), Steven enjoyed some brief companionship with Boulder, Colorado runner, Adam St. Pierre. (Adam ended up finishing fourth.)

Steven leading the trail in the early miles. (Photo: Courtesy and with permission of Alicia Hudelson)

After quickly moving through the aid station, Steven found himself on a solo adventure once again…and he would not see another 100 mile runner until the finish line where he congratulated fellow members of the tribe and enjoyed a cold brew…or two.

His parents stepped in for some great crewing. Supporting runners at the front of the race can require some interesting duties…like waking up some night-time hour aid station volunteers who weren’t expecting any runners for a while yet. (remember…point-to-point race)

The night time running provided a few challenges for Steven as well due to the heavily wooded and thus, extremely dark surroundings.

“The only low points stemmed from almost crashing at least four times with many other minor trips. I learned I need more light for trails of this nature that don’t have any clearing on either side; it was REALLY dark out there!”

His biggest disappointment…

“The only down side was running out of beer but luckily some other runners were gracious enough to share!”

What did Steven think of his 102.6 mile adventure?

“I’m very envious of the Superior Hiking Trail and running a point-to-point 100 in such a beautiful forest was a brutal pleasure. The RD, Volunteers and fellow runners made it an unforgettable weekend!”

A big congrats to Steven on the win, course record, and beer sharing abilities.

Other members of the TALON tribe playing on the Minnesota course

  • James Breyfogle (NM) – 27:18:38
  • Jeremy Day (AR) – 37:24:39
  • Nicholle Palomar (marathon – TX) – 6:25:39

You can check out the complete 100 mile results here.

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