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2012 Reveille Ranch Trail Run Results – Brandon Ostrander Sets Course Records and Times to Beat at All Four Series Races

The fourth and final race of the Capt’n Karl summer night series took place on September 1, on the sweet single track of Reveille Ranch just outside of Burnet, Texas. Over 280 trail runners played at the Reveille Ranch trail run whose venue put an amazing night-cap on a great summer series.

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Lake views.

Huge open pavilion.

Clear skies and a big old moon.

Plenty of dirt.

What’s not to love?!?


60 km

Men’s Race

After his win at race number two of the series, Brian Hopton-Jones was back for the final race of the series and by the end of 40km of running, the front pack had shattered and Brian was alone with the nearest chaser, Eric Gilbertson (Hells Hills 50 mile winner 2012), struggling 13 minutes back.

Brian even split the last two star-filled loops and went on to win the male race in 5:45:31.

Eric persevered through a personally tough outing to earn runner-up honors.

What did Brian think of the venue and course?

” I thought the venue couldn’t have been better for the final race in the series. The pavilion provided the best post race hang out possible. I’m not used to having all those amenities at these trail races!”

“I thought the dome section was pretty cool. It was something totally different then what I’m used to. Lots of big boulders and no trees so there was a nice view of all the stars and very relaxing in a way.”

One might ask with both Brian and Steven Moore winning each of the four summer 60km races, yet neither raced the same event as the other, are Brian and Steven saving the showdown for Cactus Rose 100 in October?

“Yes we planned that just so there was more hype for Cactus Rose. Ha ha not really, but I was bummed our schedules didn’t allow us to run together. Rumor has it that their may be one or two extras willing to put up a fight. I bet with people pushing each other there will be some fast times this year!”

Can’t wait!

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Top 5 male

  1. Brian Hopton-Jones – 5:45:31 (*New event – time to beat!)
  2. Eric Gilbertson – 6:40:47
  3. Thomas Orf – 6:51:29
  4. Rolando Vasquez – 6:58:48
  5. Christopher Goetzman – 7:01:00

Women’s Race

After a spicy outing and female win at Colorado Bend, Nicole Studer continued to put a bit of fear in the boys running ahead of her. Similar to Brian in the men’s race, Nicole put together a couple very consistent splits across the final 40km even though she struggled with her headlamp not functioning properly before receiving a different one with one lap to go. Nicole crossed the line in 6:41:43 and took home the female win, third overall, and nearly caught Eric in the final mile to the finish.

Sydney Pitt finished a solid second.

How did Nicole compare this course to Colorado Bend and Pedernales Falls?

“I felt like Reveille Ranch was a more challenging course due to the large rocks. You had to carefully watch your footing.”

And sometimes the funniest trail moments don’t occur at the race but because of the race as Nicole shares her poolside experience with friends the next day.

” I had some interesting looks from people given that both my knees were swollen to the sizes of large apples due to all the falls I took the night before. I think they may have assumed I was beat up pretty badly.”

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Top 5 female

  1. Nicole Studer – 6:41:43 (*3rd overall)
  2. Sydney Pitt – 8:00:44
  3. Carrie Delbecq – 8:21:57
  4. Athena Farias – 8:46:31
  5. Stefanie Bernosky – 9:18:32

30 km

Women’s Race

After the first 15 km loop, Cindy Abbott ran herself into the top 15 of the overall with Laura Dugan in chase five minutes back. Over the final 15km loop, Cindy moved through the field finishing eighth overall in a winning time of 3:14:18.

Laura maintained second position through the remaining miles.

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Top 5 women

  1. Cindy Abbott – 3:14:18
  2. Laura Dugan – 3:36:26
  3. Amber Higginbotham – 3:45:25
  4. Pamela Harght – 3:53:24
  5. Claudette Tamez – 3:56:47

Men’s Race

Brandon Ostrander came into the final race of the series having previously won the first three and setting course records along the way. While it wasn’t an easy go this time around, Brandon found a way to dig deep and get the win and series sweep in 2:28:54!

Brandon Ostrander at the finish. (Copyright Josh Baker/

Sub 4-hour 50 km athlete (Hogs Hunt 50km 2012 – 3:58), Olli Haavikko, held onto second less than two minutes back.

Top 5 male

  1. Brandon Ostrander – 2:28:54
  2. Olli Haavikko – 2:30:44
  3. Ty Reagan – 2:59:01
  4. Derek Purvis – 3:06:01
  5. James Ayres – 3:09:15

Audio interview:

I was able to chat with Brandon after the race where he shared how his race played out.

Simply select the Play button.


10 km

Men’s Race

David Cresap was able to out-scamper previous series race winner, Collin Bond, for the male win in 43:35.

Collin finished second less than three minutes back.

Getting it done! (Copyright Josh Baker/

Top 5 male

  1. David Cresap – 43:35
  2. Collin Bond – 46:17
  3. Andrew McHenry – 47:53
  4. Ben Copstead – 48:30
  5. Tanner Montgomery – 55:22

Women’s Race

Good friends and training partners, Richelle Criswell and Susan Farago, pushed a steady effort together while enjoying plenty of good banter as is often the case between these two. It appears others may enjoy it as well as Richelle explains.

“We tend to talk the entire time we run about anything and everything and we do forget that there are others around us. We tend to pick up eavesdroppers this way! Which we think is funny. For awhile we did think that a water buffalo was behind us– we had a heavy breather behind us at one point. He was right on our heels. I guess he was really into whatever we were talking about.”

Richelle and Susan crossed the finish line together, winning the female race in 1:05:17.

Tymber Dhans was less than a minute back to earn second place.

Happy to finish? Snake? (Copyright Josh Baker/

Top 5 female

  1. Richelle Criswell / Susan Farago – 1:05:17
  2. Tymber Dhans – 1:06:11
  3. Jeri Seidman – 1:07:47
  4. Penny Lane – 1:11:57
  5. Lisa Coleman – 1:11:59
Complete Results

Final Series Standings

56 athletes were able to run and finish all four races of the same distance to be part of the series standings.

The 60km male series win was earned by Jeffrey Miller. This series was pretty tight with a handful of guys all able to grab the win if someone had a tough day. Dale Cougot finished second. Annabel Dixon was the only female to finish all 60km races. Annabel also had the seventh fastest accumulative time overall.

Laura Dugan earned the female win in the 30km series and finished 10th overall in the standings. Sonia Burdett finished second. Brandon Ostrander separated himself from the rest of the racers in the male series win, creating over a two hour gap. Derek Purvis led the chase group for second.

Collin Bond had spicy performances in each race to win the 10km male series win. Misael Angeles earned second. Tymber Dhans finished fourth overall in the 10km series standings and finished first female. Tina Cook was second.

Congrats to all those that went after all four races!

Complete series standings.

The Tough-as-Nails Award

The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • Andrew Walker earned the 60km finish in 11:34:18.

Race Reports and Pics

  • “before the race i found myself puting knots in my shoe laces because after about 14 months of abuse my salomons decided both shoe strings would break on the same run.” by Brian @ Ultra Ramblings
  • “McDonald’s Salt Packets Saved The Night” by Ben @ The (mis) Adventures of a caffeinated (wannabe) ultra runner
  • “Somewhere between the far aid station and the last aid station, on one of the rock outcrops, I finally did it.  I tripped and nearly face-planted into the rock.  I looked down – it looked like a pretty good scrape, but the knee itself was fine, so I got up and kept moving.” by Laura @ Run Lala Run
  • My 30k race report.
  • Race Pics – Check out all the great pics by Josh Baker of Enduro Photo.

Special thanks to Brian Hopton-Jones, Nicole Studer, Brandon Ostrander, and Richelle Criswell for sharing thoughts on their experience with us. Also, thanks to Josh Baker and Rick Kent of Enduro Photo for permission to share the great race photos.

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2 Responses to “2012 Reveille Ranch Trail Run Results – Brandon Ostrander Sets Course Records and Times to Beat at All Four Series Races”

  1. on 12 Sep 2012 at 2:25 pm Chris R.

    Hey how about a tough as nails 60K series award for my friend Rich Mihailik. Rich was out there for almost 44 hours covering a brutal 240K. Last year Rich struggled completing any of the 60K races (the heat affects him like no one else) but this year he had a big goal to complete the series and he did. Tremndous accomplishment.

  2. on 19 Sep 2012 at 10:14 am David Hanenburg

    Chris – Absolutely!! So cool to hear Rich’s story! Love our people.

    Thanks for sharing.