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2012 Q50 Full Moon Trail Run Results

The words “Full Moon” and night run…well…brings out the personalities!

On August 4th, runners enjoyed a five mile escape-the-sun night-time scamper at the Q50 Full Moon Trail Run.

The unique format consisted of a team event. Team defined as you both start together and finish together.

Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

One loop course on some fast and tame trails at Fontainebleau State Park in Louisiana.

Just don’t drop your friend!


Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Men’s Race

Teammates Dustin Branton and Dalton Fetters ran sub 6:30 and created a nice gap from those in chase to win the male race in 31:59.

What did Dustin think of being attached at the hip with another runner?

“The team format is great. My teammate and I have been racing together for 7-8 years now in Adventure races, so we are use to each others abilities.”

Tyler Corwin and Cole Robinson led the chase and earned runner-up honors.

Top 5 male

  1. Dustin Branton and Dalton Fetters – 31:59
  2. Tyler Corwin and Cole Robinson – 34:24
  3. Chad Rice and Brandon Ferrari – 35:47
  4. Ben Murrey and Jacob Murrey – 37:03
  5. Van Edwards and Lee Edwards – 38:43

Women’s Race

Sisters, Margaret Granier and Shelby Granier, scampered at the front of the overall in sub-8 pace to win the female race in 38:53.

What did Shelby think of the event?

“I loves the race everyone was very friendly and the course was wonderful!”

Jen Guidry and Amber Berry were alone is second.

Top 5 female

  1. Margaret Granier and Shelby Granier – 38:53
  2. Jen Guidry and Amber Berry – 43:40
  3. Liz Wooster and Maria Delaup – 46:02
  4. Amanda Spiers and Laura Danton – 46:49
  5. Stephanie Vernon and Shawn Holliday – 47:24

Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Co-ed Race

Speedsters, Sean Fitzwilliam and Sophia Capmartin, finished second overall and won the co-ed scamper in 32:47.

Dari Duval and Justin Bertheaud ran to a fourth overall finish and runner-up honors.

Top 4 Co-ed

  1. Sean Fitzwilliam and Sophie Capmartin – 32:47
  2. Dari Duval and Justin Bertheaud – 35:05
  3. Laura Ebeier and Vincent Ebeier – 41:03
  4. Jerry Neil and Jennifer Radecker – 41:15
  5. Christina Gravish and Eric Gravish – 41:26

Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Race Reports and Pics

  • “We all got a little free protein to help us with the run along the lines of the bugs we swallowed along the way. ” by Edie @ Why am I doing this?
Talk Some Dirt
  • Did you dig the team format?
  • Would you be interested in running it in a half marathon, marathon, or longer distance?

Special thanks to Dustin Branton and Shelby Granier for sharing with us and Louisiana Running Company for the race pics.

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