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Colorado Bend Trail Run 2012 Results – Steven Moore and Nicole Studer Win Third Race of Captain Karl Series

On the evening of August 11, race #3 of the Capt’n Karl night series took place at Colorado Bend State Park and was a new addition to the summer sweat series. Over 250 were ready for a pore cleansing experience amongst some groomed uphill grindage, technical sections, and spicy turnover opportunities along the river.

With the 7:00pm start, temps were up but the humidity was relatively kind.

60 km, 30 km, or 10 km.

Photo: Copyright Josh Baker /

Bring a light.

Prepare to work.



60 km

Men’s Race

After missing the second race of the series, Austin local, Steven Moore, was back for another solid effort as he dials in his final prep before heading up to northern Minnesota at the beginning of September for the Superior Sawtooth 100.

While dancing along the early miles of trail intermixed within cedar and oak trees, Steven was lookin’ for some long run company.

“I tried to get some folks to run with me and keep me company as I wasn’t really planning on bombing the race.”

Steven Moore in the early going. (Photo: Copyright Josh Baker /

No takers for this one, or those that did would drop off by the end of the first 30 km loop as a 17 minute gap was created. So Steven settled into a steady rhythm on loop two and would periodically break rule #134.5 of the trail running handbook – don’t look away from the trail while still running!

“I slowed down on the second lap mostly due to being cautious of the rocks and the occasional glance at the meteor shower showing on the big screen overhead.”

Avoiding any diggers in the remaining miles, Steven crossed the finish line in 5:41:02, earning the inaugural win and a refreshing Lone Star recovery drink.

Ty Reagan held onto his second place position since the end of the first loop for second place honors.

Top 5 male

  1. Steven Moore (Ink N Burn) – 5:41:02
  2. Ty Reagan – 6:20:54
  3. Travis Bagell – 6:45:08
  4. Claude Hicks Jr. – 6:59:45
  5. Jacob Gautreaux – 7:18:00

Women’s Race

In similar fashion as the male race, low three hour road marathoner, Nicole Studer, hung out at the front of the overall, working with Ty Reagan to help keep the pace high. Being her second ultra distance race, Nicole seems to be catching on to some of the subtleties of the sport.

How did she feel on the day?

” I felt strong for the entire race. “

I guess so. Female win and third overall in 6:20:55!

Nicole Studer getting into a steady groove. (Photo: Copyright Josh Baker /

Mule Shoe trail run winner, Cara Bass, finished alone in second place.

Top 5 female

  1. Nicole Studer – 6:20:55
  2. Cara Bass – 7:23:10
  3. Tricia Hernandez – 8:34:51
  4. Constance Rosado – 8:41:44
  5. Melissa Linan – 8:45:19

30 km

Women’s Race

Krista Niece and Rachael Blair inspired each other at the front with Krista feeling spunky at the start – took off like a human sized rocket before dialing in that sustainable effort.

“I was feeling pretty good at the start and went out a bit too fast on the uphill; I passed [Rachael] Blair and a lot of other 30k’ers on that part but got tired and had to slow down after five miles or so.”

Rachael then made her move.

“[Rachael] Blair came up behind me at that point and eventually passed; she took off fast, looking really strong, and I didn’t expect to see her again to be honest. I settled into my pace and enjoyed the run for a bit.”

Krista Niece all smiles in the early going. (Photo: Copyright Josh Baker /

Shortly after the third and final aid station before the finish, Cedar Chop, Krista made another surge on the flatter, downhill section and was able to reclaim the lead.

“I passed Blair on a technical downhill (right before my third face-plant of the night), but I had a feeling she’d be on me once we hit the flat along the river. I pushed it hard that last three or four miles and managed to stay ahead.” 

Krista created a little over a two minute gap to win the female race in 3:17:34.

Top 5 female

  1. Krista Niece – 3:17:34
  2. Rachael Blair – 3:19:50
  3. Laura Dugan – 3:26:19
  4. Athena Farias – 3:37:24
  5. Monica Pinzon – 3:40:48

 Men’s Race

1:2x road half marathoner, Andrew McHenry, took off in his usual fashion – extra jalapeno please! To the front he went and lead he did for the first 45 minute before fellow speedster, Brandon Ostrander, was seen in his rear view mirror and moved to the front of the race.

” I tried to keep him [Brandon] in sight, but after a few miles I backed off – he was running a very strong pace. At that point I focused on holding my pace and trying not to let anyone else catch me.”

Brandon maintained the consistent effort to earn the male win in 2:27:49.

After a bit of body rebellion from the early race push, Andrew reawakened his go-jo to push through the final 1.5 miles and earn second place honors.

Top 5 male

  1. Brandon Ostrander – 2:27:49
  2. Andrew McHenry (Core Running Company) – 2:39:54
  3. Jordan Chambliss – 2:46:26
  4. Gordon Christie – 2:50:49
  5. John Soltau – 2:55:21

Gene Simmon's son or too long of a taper? (Photo: Copyright Josh Baker /

10 km

Men’s Race

52 seconds separated Collin Bond and Robert Parker at the finish. Fast and furious it was!

How did Collin describe the 10 km course?

“First three miles of hills were mentally and physically brutal, but I had a blast hammering down those technical declines on the second half of the race.”

Robert took the early hills hard and was out of sight within the first mile.

Collin Bond focused on the journey ahead. (Photo: Copyright Josh Baker /

Over the next couple miles Collin began to shorten the gap before making the pass at the three mile aid station.

“Once I twisted my way past him I really began to push. The last couple miles I just worked hard at increasing my lead.”

Collin earned the male win in 46:42.

Top 5 male

  1. Collin Bond (Core Running Company) – 46:42
  2. Robert Parker – 47:34
  3. Sean Porse – 49:50
  4. Nate Rogers – 57:19
  5. Chris Rankin – 57:57

Women’s Race

Stacy Bruce finished fourth overall and first female across the line in 54:30.

Alie Moody was second to finish and seventh overall.

Top 5 female

  1. Stacy Bruce – 54:30
  2. Alie Moody – 58:20
  3. Dakota Russell – 1:04:29
  4. Tymber Dhans – 1:07:58
  5. Kera Simon – 1:12:07

Deborah Sexton on yet another off-road adventure. (Photo: Copyright Josh Baker /

Complete Results

The Tough-as-Nails Award

The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • William Moeller and Rene Villalobos crossed the finish within one second of each to bring a close to the event in 11:36:17 and 11:36:18.

Race Reports and Pics

  • “Many sections reminded me of the top of the hills at Bandera, Boyle’s and Cairns, where they have those rocks you can’t step on and have to try to step around/in between.  The other rocks I enjoyed running on (also reminiscent of Bandera) were the ones you *could* step on, and sort of dance from one to the next.” by ultra tortoise @ A Trail Runner’s Running Blog
  • “Ran, runned, looked at stars and fell over trying to watch the meteor shower.” by Connie Rosado
  • “The best part of miles 9-13 was the open sky. Here, you are pretty much at the high point of the course and could see a vast amount of stars.” by Caleb @ Organic Climber
  • “Harder than Muleshoe??!!  Uh-oh.  But after a difficult uphill section in the first few miles, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of flat and downhill that seemed to be the rest of the course.” by Run lala Run!
  • Race Pics – Check out all the great pics by Josh Baker of Enduro Photo.

Special thanks to Steven Moore, Nicole Studer, Krista Niece, Andrew McHenry, and Collin Bond for sharing thoughts on their experience with us. Also, thanks to Josh Baker and Rick Kent of Enduro Photo for permission to share the great race photos.

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