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Spillway Classic 2012 Results – Nick Accardo and Carmen Carlos Run on Water for Win

The 25th annual Spillway Classic is a fast and furious three mile trail run in Norco, Louisiana. Runners encounter a little paved road, a dirt road atop a levee, and an often moist section of the course called “The Gauntlet”. This year The Gauntlet provided a little thigh-high aqueous excitement!

Welcome to The Gauntlet! (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

This is no small scamper. Over 900 completed the three mile adventure run.


Male Race

Nick Accardo screamed off some spicy 5:33 splits to win the male race in 16:39.

Nick Accardo floating through The Gauntlet (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

The race for second included a bit more movement as runners entered The Gauntlet. Richard Bouckaert sat in sixth place as everyone got good and wet. Using course insight acquired a week early during a pre-run of the course, Richard moved through the chase group.

” If you go to the left of the gauntlet the water was only ankle deep. It takes you a little out of your way, but then you don’t have to wade through the gauntlet and waste valuable energy. I was able to take this route and blow by everyone to move up into second.”

Exiting the swim, Brendan Minihan, was able to move past Richard and finish with second place honors.

Top 5 men

  1. Nick Accardo – 16:39
  2. Brendan Minihan – 16:57
  3. Richard Bouckaert (PMTC) – 17:17
  4. Adam Hoogewind – 17:22
  5. Sean Allerton – 17:31

Women’s Race

Carmen Carlos averaged a  6:32 pace which created a 12 second gap at the finish to win the women’s race in 19:37.

Carmen Carlos (far right, #731) pickin' the fast line. (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Top 5 women

  1. Carmen Carlos – 19:37
  2. Emmi Aguillard – 19:49
  3. Kate Accardo – 20:18
  4. Jennifer Radecker – 21:01
  5. Michelle Hymel – 21:13

Complete Results

Race Reports and Pics

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Special thanks to Richard Bouckaert for sharing some of his experience with us. Also thanks to Louisiana Running  Company for the photos above.

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