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El Scorcho Ultramarathon 2012 Results – Sloan Ware and Shaheen Sattar Dash off Ultra Wins

The sixth annual El Scorcho ultramarathon took place on the 3.1 mile course at Trinity Park in Ft. Worth, Texas. Loop through a mix of technical-free surfaces for 25 km or go ultra in the 50 km. Oh yeah, one more thing…race starts at midnight!

Let the fun begin! (Photo: Copyright Nell Valdez of Cowtown Camera Girl Photography /


50 km

Men’s Race

Sub three hour road marathoners put together an inspiring pace at the front of the male race knocking out many miles of sub-7 minute effort. After 25 km of racing, Sloan Ware, led the scamper, clocking a 1:43:05 split with Edgar Martinez and Todd Reynolds four-ish minutes back in chase.

At the 40 km mark, Sloan maintained a three-plus minute gap from second place, Edgar Martinez.

10 km to go!

Over the final 10 km both Sloan and Edgar’s pace began to slow while Daniel Russey began running his fastest splits of the evening (sub 7 min) and began closing and closing fast.

Over the final 5 km loop, Daniel caught and moved pass Edgar into second place while averaging a 6:44 pace. Sloan was able to hold off the hard-charging chaser to win the male race by less than two minutes in 3:37:46.

Daniel Russey (Photo: Copyright Nell Valdez of Cowtown Camera Girl Photography /

Daniel cruised through the finish for second.

Top 5 male

  1. Sloan Ware – 3:37:46
  2. Daniel Russey – 3:39:21
  3. Edgar Martinez – 3:40:00
  4. Brent Williams – 3:42:25
  5. Todd Reynolds – 3:51:05

Women’s Race

After 25 km of star-lit running, defending champ, Shaheen Sattar, dashed off her nearly always consistent splits to create an eight-ish minute gap from the three runner chase group.

Shaheen’s pace slowed slightly to low eight minute miles during the back half but was spicy enough for an eighth overall finish, 8+ minute improvement from last year, and a female win in 4:07:31.

Shaheen Sattar running smooth while defending her 2011 win. (Photo: Copyright Nell Valdez of Cowtown Camera Girl Photography /

Suzy Seeley finished 10th overall and second female.

Top 5 female

  1. Shaheen Sattar – 4:07:31
  2. Suzy Seeley – 4:25:14
  3. Amy Ewing – 4:33:00
  4. Tricia Hernandez – 4:41:50
  5. Lynn Parker – 4:50:45

Complete 50 km results.

25 km

Women’s Race

Emily Vandyken and Shizuko Watanabe both ran very tight 5km splits averaging a low 7 min/mile pace.

While their splits may have been close, Shizuko was unaware of Emily’s location after the early miles. Shizuko simply ran the run based on feel since her watch wasn’t working but her biggest challenge of the night had nothing to do with pace.

“I could not see well at some parts of the course, but I managed not to run into trees.”

Shizuko Watanabe focusing on the trail ahead. (Photo: Copyright Nell Valdez of Cowtown Camera Girl Photography /

Emily went on to win the female race by just over 90 seconds in 1:49:19.

Top 5 female

  1. Emily Vandyken – 1:49:19
  2. Shizuko Watanabe – 1:50:53
  3. Jillian Norman – 1:55:45
  4. Laura Nelson – 1:58:01
  5. Laurie Kirkland – 2:02:22

Men’s Race

You wanna win this one? You better be running under six-minute pace!

Clay Emge led the small group at the front through the first 5 km before Kolin Styles and Jared McNeil moved ahead and beyond night vision capabilities as Clay explains.

” I hung on behind them for about the next four miles, but the pace got a little too fast for what I wanted to be doing at that point in the race. So I let them go, and they got out of sight.”

Clay moved back into second position near the 10 mile mark and on the hunt for Kolin, the race leader.

Over the final 5 km, Clay continued to push with Kolin in sight. Kolin maintained just enough of a gap to hold onto the win…a 10 second gap. Clay shares his painful push to the finish.

“The last lap was tough. On top of the fatigue from being awake the last 18 hrs, we just ran 12 miles at sub 6 minute pace, and yet there is a 5km race on our hands. First place was within reach the whole last lap, so I was in pain the whole last lap trying to make up ground.”

Kolin won the male race in 1:32:37.

Clay was a few strides back in second in what was once again a memorable experience.

“Looking back on the race, I get images of runners in the dark with glow sticks that are all in a good mood because everyone is so supportive of one another.”

Clay Emge pushing himself through to the finish. (Photo: Copyright Nell Valdez of Cowtown Camera Girl Photography /

Top 5 male

  1. Kolin Styles – 1:32:37
  2. Clay Emge – 1:32:47
  3. Greg Takacs – 1:35:42
  4. Andew Cashion – 1:38:48
  5. Jared McNeil – 1:38:58

Complete 25 km results

Race Reports and Pics

  • “The site of wooded area and all the headlamps was an awesome site to see and people were all in good spirits.  Once we had crossed the 5k mark and I saw my crew – I was thrilled and started LOVING the nite.” by Karen @ Cook Train Eat Race
  • “As in literally…I slowed down, was weaving quite a bit and then suddenly had to stop and thought I was going to pass out. My ears were ringing, my vision was sketchy, and all I really wanted to do was sit/lay down. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it, and wasn’t really sure what to do, but I knew for sure that I DID NOT want to quit the race.” by Marla @ Life with 4 J’s
  • Race pics – Check out all the pics by Nell @ Cowtown Camera Girl

Special thanks to Shizuko Watanabe and Clay Emge for sharing with the tribe. Also thanks to Nell of Cowtown Camera Girl for showcasing her race pics.

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