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XTERRA Magnolia Hill Trail Run 2012 Results: Meredith Leva Wins By a Stride

Pre-race rain added to the fun..or challenge…as over 100 runners enjoyed a mid-morning foot-sliding scamper at the XTERRA Magnolia Hill Trail Run within the varied terrain of Texas Hill Country.

In typical Race Revolutions fashion, get after a 16 km or 6 km dirty dash.


You will never know unless you try. (Photo: Copyright John Chung @

16 km

Men’s Race

Oklahoma City runner, James Custer, and Texas local, Chris Strait, dashed off to the front of the race in the early going. After collecting some bonus mileage and engaging their route finding skills, Chris and James took pulls at pole position up through the middle miles until James began to create a small gap as Chris explains,

“I ran behind him for about four miles and then took the lead until about 6.5 miles. He took over and I was just not in shape enough to hang with him.”

James average a sub-8 pace to win the male race in 1:18:14.

Chris followed shortly, alone in second.

Jay Yanek celebrating the 16km finish. (Photo: Copyright John Chung @

Top 5 male

  1. James Custer – 1:18:14
  2. Chris Strait (Strait Speed) – 1:19:43
  3. Sam Labrie – 1:23:14
  4. Jesman Devia – 1:24:16
  5. Kenton Vincent – 1:25:05

Women’s Race

Meredith Leva and Aimee Slepicka ran within the top 10 overall and enjoyed an inspiring dash to the finish. One second separated the two with Meredith running herself across the finish a stride in front of Aimee, to earn the female win in 1:25:21. The two earned sixth and seventh overall as well!

A 16 km morning adventure for Ronnie and Traci Fryar. (Photo: Copyright John Chung @

Top 5 female

  1. Meredith Leva – 1:25:21
  2. Aimee Slepicka – 1:25:22
  3. Robyn Crowe – 1:28:31
  4. Becky Nesbitt – 1:30:10
  5. Courtney Fleetwood – 1:31:33

Complete 16 km results.

6 km

Women’s Race

The girls dominate, grabbing seven out of the top 10 positions!

Megan Bomba led the female train, crossing the finish third overall, with a time of 33:58.

Eileen Tseng led a group of five women that were all within a 38 second second window to finish second.

Top 5 female

  1. Megan Bomba – 33:58 (*4th overall*)
  2. Eileen Tseng – 36:03
  3. Jillian Toussaint – 36:12
  4. Jessica Scott – 36:36
  5. Jessica Quillivan – 36:38
Men’s Race

1:15-ish road half marathoner, Gustavo Roman, left no doubt who was going to dictate the front of the overall race. Gustavo cranked out a sub 6:40 effort to win the male race in 24:40.

Judd Moody crossed second nearly six minutes later.

Top 5 male

  1. Gustavo Roman – 24:40
  2. Judd Moody – 30:39
  3. Coty Siegert – 38:36
  4. Gerald Johnson – 39:11
  5. Kyle Read – 39:33
Complete 6 km results.

Race Reports and Pics

  • Couldn’t find any race reports. Please share your experience in the comment link below.
  • Race picsCheck out all the pics by John Chung of John Chung Photography

Special thanks to Chris Strait for sharing thoughts on his adventure and John Chung Photography for the race photos.

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