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2012 Hardrock 100 TALON Results – David Coblentz and Deb Pero Bookend Our Finishers

17 TALON athletes embarked on a journey in the San Juan Mountains on one of the most spectacular and challenging courses in the United States. An event simply known at Hardrock!

Photo credit: Steven Moore

This journey has an average elevation of over 11,000 feet that includes 34,000 feet of climbing and a 48 hours time limit. Yes, 48 hours, two full days! Joe Prusaitis shares no-nonsense clarity on this number from his report, “At first blush, it appears generous they would allow us two days to run the 100 mile loop, but by the second night, it feels more punitive for being so bold.” Not even close to a guarantee to Kiss the Hardrock.

Twelve out of our 17 starters had the honor to pucker-up. All partook in an experience impossible to duplicate in every day life. New Mexico athletes, David Coblentz and Deb Pero provided the engine and the caboose (an honor not to take lightly) of our TALON finisher train. David completed the journey 23rd overall in 33:14. Deb was not only the final TALON finisher, she was also the last bad-ass over the pass, kissing the Hardrock in 47:49, 11 minutes prior to race cut-off. Deb also is the oldest official female finisher on record at age 58! Badass indeed!

Photo credit: Steve Pero

Complete TALON Results

  • Steve Pero (NM) – 51.5 mile journey
  • Susan Gardner (NM) – 51.5 mile journey
  • Axel Reissnecker (TX) – 51.5 mile journey
  • Joe Prusaitis (TX) – 51.5 mile journey – Joe’s Report
  • David Coblentz (NM) – 33:14
  • Loren Wohletz (NM) – 37:02
  • Scott Eppelman (TX) – 38:16
  • Blake Wood (NM) – 38:49
  • Brian Murray (NM) – 40:02
  • Lance Johnson (NM) – 42:20
  • Ken Gordon (NM) – 42:34
  • Randy Isler (NM) – 43:01
  • John Sharp (TX) – 43:49
  • Dennis Drey (NM) – 44:24
  • James Ficke (TX) – 47:43
  • Deb Pero (NM) – 47:49

John Sharp arriving at Kroger's Canteen (13,000+ feet) with Texan, Steven Moore (dude with the sweat brimmed hat) waiting to share a brew (Photo: Courtesy of Steven Moore)

Blake Wood leaving Cunningham Aid Station (mile 93) (Photo: Courtesy Blake Wood)

Deb Pero enjoying the beautiful flowers all around. (Photo credit: Steve Pero)

**As a special note, Drew Meyer of Texas, although not an official starter, paced his brother-in-law, Steve Pero, and then his sister, Deb Pero, across the entire 100 mile journey. This was Drew’s first run on the entire course. Pretty cool! Btw, athletes above 60 can have a pacer for the entire 100 miles. Steve is 61.

Drew Meyer heading...down! (Photo credit: Steve Pero)

Here is a great video by our Texan, John Sharp, sharing his Hardrock adventure. You will also see a number of other TALON athletes in the video as well.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

More Hardrock TALON Goodies:

Photo credit: Steve Pero

Congratulations to all our Hardrock athletes!

Special thanks to Steve Pero, Steven Moore, and Blake Wood for the pics above.

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