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I Ran Marathons Summer Ultramarathon – 2012 Results

On June 30th, a portion of the I Ran Marathons pavement running event included a 100 mile, 50 mile, and 50 km ultra scamper in San Antonio, Texas along the Leon Creek Greenway Trail. Early morning temps were in the mid 70s with south Texas humidity to keep it interesting before peaking in the low 9os.

(Photo: Courtesy

A small but passionate group played at the event.

All courses appeared to be out-and-back and ran multiple times depending on your distance.


The ultra runners at the start line. (Photo: Courtesy

100 Mile

Men’s Race

Phil Nimmo who ran the Key Ultras 100 mile in May with a time of 24:19, was the sole male finisher of this Texas event and crossed the line in 26:50.

Phil Nimmo working on forward progress in the warm temps. (Photo: Courtesy

 Women’ Race

Event organizer, Parvaneh Moayedi, also found the time to put in a 100 mile run and was first overall to get it done in 25:57.

Renee Gillespie and Jean Perez ran it in together as the final 100 mile runners in a time of 28:35.

The three 100 mile women -Jean Perez, Renee Gillespie, and Parvaneh Moayedi (Photo: Courtesy

50 Mile

Women’s Race

Fumi Ishimatsu was the second overall finisher and top female earning the win in 11:08.

As is often the case in ultra events, there is always some individual wall you have to work through. Fumi’s showed up 70% into the race.

“I had fun running at the first 35 miles and then started to over heat. Running on the concrete was very challenging once the sun came out. I had a tough time getting enough water and keeping cool, I used a small towel around my neck and soaked it in ice water whenever I could find some.”

Women's first 50 mile finisher, Fumi Ishimatsu. (Photo: Courtesy

While an unexpected challenge is often part of the journey, afterwards the general vibe is often the same.

“Overall I had a blast.” 

Breanna Dullum was the only other female finisher and she knocked out the 50 miles in 15:13.

Men’s Race

Steve Escaler averaged a 10:43 pace to earn the male win in 8:56.

Stan Duncan was runner-up.

Second place male, Stan Duncan. (Photo: Courtesy

Top 5 male

  1. Steve Escaler – 8:56
  2. Stan Duncan – 11:47
  3. Gerald Godoy – 11:57
  4. Allen Darilek – 12:15
  5. Andew Olsen – 15:13

50 km

John Slate had all eyes on him as the only 50 km runner. John earned a 5:39 50 km finish and win.

Complete Ultra Results

Race Reports and Pics

  • I couldn’t find any race reports, please share if you have one.

Happy feet? Core temp? (Photo: Courtesy

Talk some Ultra

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Special thanks to Fumi Ishimatsu for sharing with us! Also thanks to Parvaneh Moayedi of I Ran Marathons for the photos above.

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