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Gator Bait Trail Run – 2012 Results

Huntsville State Park in south central Texas continues to deliver trail running smiles as the most popular race venue in the state. This June adventure provided a 15 km and 5 km pine needled dash called the Gator Bait Trail Run. While yes, gators exist in the park but to the best of my knowledge a trail runner has yet to be lunch for one of these cute reptiles. It pays to do speedwork before this one. 😉

Photo: David Hanenburg


15 km

Men’s Race

Four out of the top five finishers from 2011 were back for an off road scamper. While not a runner finished under 1:04 last year, this year had four, with two of them under an hour. Similar to last year it was Mark Amann, Michael Barney, and Stephen Milford inspiring each other for the win.

This year Mark found the extra go-jo to lead at the front of this group and win the male race in 58:16.

Michael was able to hold off Stephen for second place honors.

Stephen Milford (#356) with Michael Barney close enough to hear Stephen breathing. (Photo: Copyright bobcat13 photography llc /

Top 5 male

  1. Mark Amann – 58:16
  2. Michael Barney – 59:58
  3. Stephen Milford – 1:00:28
  4. Jacob Gautreaux – 1:02:44
  5. Jonathan Owens – 1:05:02

Women’s Race

Alexis Llewellyn led all women and crossed the finish with 100+ second gap from chaser, Jennifer Harpel, to win the female race in 1:11:24.

Jennifer Harpel (#308) with Kaytlynn Welsch (in blue) running stride for stride. Could #88 be Alexis Llewellyn? (Photo: Copyright bobcat13 photography llc /

Jennifer finished alone in second.

Top 5 female

  1. Alexis Llewellyn – 1:11:24
  2. Jennifer Harpel – 1:13:09
  3. Kaytlynn Welsch – 1:18:00
  4. Robyn Crowe – 1:20:07
  5. Wendy Hammerman – 1:21:41
Complete 15 km results

5 km

Women’s Race

21 minute 5 km road runner, Celeste Luke, set the pace at the front of the female race as she mixed it up with the top 10 of the overall. Celeste won the female scamper in 23:43.

Judy Hufstetler crossed second.

Fourth female, Deanna Napier (Photo: Copyright bobcat13 photography llc /

Top 5 female

  1. Celeste Luke – 23:43
  2. Judy Hufstetler – 28:34
  3. Casey Monahan – 29:19
  4. Deanna Napier – 29:45
  5. Molly Graham – 30:29

Men’s Race

A 6:33 average pace by Chris Jamerson was enough to create nearly a minute of breathing room at the finish. Chris won the male race in 20:21.

Chris Jamerson looking smooth...and alone. (Photo: Copyright bobcat13 llc /

Gregory Bethke was able to hold the effort just slightly higher than Cody Bohan to earn second.

Top 5 male

  1. Chris Jamerson – 20:21
  2. Gregory Bethke – 21:13
  3. Cody Bohan – 21:19
  4.  Caleb Postma – 21:49
  5. Bruce Postma – 22:03

Complete 5 km results

Race Reports and Pics

Talk some Dirt

  • Any gator sightings?
  • How was your piney woods adventure?

Special thanks to Bob at bobcat13 photography llc for all the great photos you see above.

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