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XTERRA Muleshoe Trail Run – 2012 Results

On June 17, an intimate group of runners got dirty at the XTERRA Muleshoe trail run in Spicewood, Texas. A 6 km and 16 km scamper led runners along mostly twisty singletrack that included some toe grabbing rocks to prevent too much daydreaming or else…

Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area (Photo: Courtesy TimothyJ @

The 16 km course consisted of two different loops while the 6 km was a single loop course (actually more of a lollipop loop).


16 km

Men’s Race

Sam Labrie held the pole position of the male race and created over a four minute gap from Steve Cichra at the finish line, to win the male race in 1:30:29. The women had their own thoughts on the overall!

Sam Labrie with Zeke Vickers in chase. (Photo: Copyright John Chung @

Top 5 men

  1. Sam Labrie – 1:30:29
  2. Steve Cichra – 1:35:07
  3. Ricci Newland – 1:35:32
  4. Alejandro Seqovia – 1:38:04
  5. Eli Oldham – 1:42:59

Women’s Race

10:30 Ironman athlete, Claudia Spooner, and 1:35 road half marathoner, Meredith Leva, were putting on an exciting endurance display at the front of the female race and dash for the overall. Both Claudia and Meredith were sitting one and two in the overall in the approach towards the finish line. Claudia was able to create a 40 second gap to earn the female and overall win in 1:28:37.

Claudia Spooner workin' it...with a smile! (Photo: Copyright John Chung @

Meredith took home second overall!

Top 5 female

  1. Claudia Spooner – 1:28:37 (*overall win*)
  2. Meredith Leva – 1:29:17 (*2nd overall*)
  3. Lauren Atkinson – 1:45:02
  4. Kristal Jones – 2:01:15
  5. Katelyn Ivey – 2:13:48
Complete 16 km results.

6 km

Women’s Race

Tiffaney Morey averaged a 10:34 pace to win the female race and place herself firmly in second overall.

Courtney Foley earned runner-up honors.

Top 5 female

  1. Tiffaney Morey – 39:20
  2. Courtney Foley – 48:43
  3. Jessica Scott – 51:48
  4. Wiesia Zielinska – 52:33
  5. Jennifer Shaffer – 54:30

Men’s Race

Xterra trail run newbie, Joe Walker, added extra jalapeno in the open strides to move to the front early on.

“I decided to pin it from the start and try to open a gap going into the single track. Being a 6 km, there wasn’t much strategy or pacing. My strategy was to turn it up to 11 and leave it there.”

The twisty single track doesn’t always provide opportunities to see those behind you…until they can see the bottoms of your tread. Joe was the hunted and could sense it!

“I couldn’t relax because my good buddy Jeremiah “the Turkey Vulture” Jarrell was lurking in second. That dude is fast, so I just kept pushing it and looking over my shoulder all the way to finish line.”

Joe went on to win the male race in 37:22.

While running is essentially an individual activity, special memories go beyond the sport as Joe shares.

“I had my beautiful wife and 11 month old son there to cheer me on. This was my first Father’s Day to celebrate and the race was a great way to start the day.”

Jeremiah Jarrell was alone as second male.

Top 5 male

  1. Joe Walker – 37:22
  2. Jeremiah Jarrell – 40:19
  3. Joel Terjak – 44:00
  4. David Caruthers – 49:57
  5. Gaylon Preece – 50:10
Complete 6 km results.

Race Reports and Pics

  • I couldn’t find any race reports, feel free to share if you have one.
  • Race Pics – Check out all the great photos by John Chung of John Chung Photography.

Delfin Ward enjoying the Hill Country trails. (Photo: Copyright John Chung @

Talk some Dirt

  • How was your adventure?

Special thanks to Joe Walker for sharing some of his experience with us. Also thanks to John Chung of John Chung Photography for sharing the above race photos.

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