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Angel Fire Endurance Run – 2012 Results

“Wait, there’s only one 100 mile runner left?” The Start/Finish aid station had just relayed us the information that only one of the fifteen 100 mile runners had decided to continue on past 50 miles. The other volunteers and I looked at each other confused… “Well, I guess it is going to be a long night.”

First time 100-miler, Christopher “Toph” White, was that runner. A semi-local runner, spending half of his time in Park City, Utah, and the rest in Cimarron, New Mexico, he had the whole race rooting for him.

Getting the VIP treatment at mile 62.5 (Photo: Jim Breyfogle)

After a long and lonely night, he finished in 29:20.

The inaugural Angel Fire Endurance Run took place on June 30th. Starting at the Angel Fire Lodge in Angel Fire, New Mexico, it took runners over a varied mix of pavement, dirt road, double track, and single track for a 25 mile out and back that crested just a little above 10,000 feet with a total of 4,500 feet of climbing per 25 miles. There were 100 mile, 50 mile, and 50 kilometer events.

Big Views on the Boundary Trail (Photo: Peggy Wood)


100 Mile

  1. Christopher White – 29:20:40

Christopher with only three miles to go. (Photo: Peggy Wood)

50 Mile

For the men, Jacob Waltz and I ran together much of the day, but he pulled ahead by charging up the large climb at mile 29. By the turn around at 37.5, he was about 8 minutes ahead of me. He had some trouble on the climb out, and I got close enough to catch a glimpse of him across a meadow around mile 41. I ran as hard as I could on the downhill, but he put the hammer down and beat me by more than five minutes.

  1. Jacob Waltz – 9:11:53
  2. James Breyfogle – 9:17:00
  3. Chris McElveny – 11:32:46

Ruthanne Hamrick won the women’s race by more than 25 minutes over Anne Pence.

  1. Ruthanne Hamrick – 12:01:51
  2. Anne Pence – 12:27:32
  3. Nancy Shidler – 13:33:54

50 Kilometer

Both Male and Female winners in the 50km won by decisive margins. 21 year old Oregonian, Alex Peterson’s 4:57:06 was over 20 minutes faster than 2nd place Eric Pope.

  1. Alex Peterson – 4:57:06
  2. Eric Pope – 5:18:47
  3. Mark Sitton – 5:19:43

Stefanie Tierney, from Albuquerque, won by almost an hour over Jan Tarr, from Socorro, New Mexico.

  1. Stefanie Tierney – 6:13:26
  2. Jan Tarr – 7:12:01
  3. Sheilah Dilorenzo – 7:48:12

Diana Keogh coming in to the finish (Photo: Jim Breyfogle)

Inspiration Point

No words needed here…

The one and only: Christopher White runs to his first 100 mile finish, win, and course record. (Photo: Peggy Wood)


For a first time race, Chisholm Dupree and crew did an excellent job. The course had a nice mix of terrain and was very scenic. There were a few tough sections, but most of it was runnable. There were some great views, fields of wildflowers, and abundant wildlife. I know a few folks got off course – some significantly off course – but the course was marked sufficiently. The aid stations were well stocked and the weather was just right. It will be exciting to see how this race grows over the next few years!

I think the high DNF rate can be attributed to a few things:

  1. There was not a lot of information about the course on the website and I think many people were expecting a flatter course
  2. Many of the runners were not from the mountains and they had problems with the altitude
  3. The 100 mile cutoffs were a little tight for this course. I think 34-36 hours is probably a little more realistic for a 100 with 18,000 feet of climbing.

Race Reports

  • “Scared the crap out me and I was sure it had to be a bear (kinda scared of seeing a bear by myself on the trail as my friends can well tell you from hearing about my fears for a week before the race).  I got my bear bell out of the little bag and started loudly saying “HEY BEAR” and didn’t see or hear anything after that.” by Julie at Trailing Along
  • “The rest of the way over to the descent was really great running: gently rolling trail, cool forest, another meadow crossing, and big views of surrounding peaks. I could run like that for hours, and aside from nearly getting trampled by a massive elk (!) it was thoroughly rejuvenating.” by Jacob @ santa fe trail runner
  • “Covering 100 linear feet, and climbing 100 vertical feet. Yup–parts were that tough. This stretch was at 9200 feet. Yes, I was huffing and puffing–but not for long. Actually, although I was really concerned about running at altitude, I never felt whipped.” by TZ @ …miles to go before I sleep…

– Jim Breyfogle


About the author

Jim Breyfogle Jim took up running during college in 2002 after a wild and unhealthy youth. He ran his first ultra in 2004, and since then has completed over 80 ultras, including 17 different 100 milers, plus many shorter races, triathlons, mountain bike races, and adventure races. For more information on Jim, check out the About page where you can see some of his run related projects.

4 Responses to “Angel Fire Endurance Run – 2012 Results”

  1. on 09 Jul 2012 at 8:26 am Steven

    Sure hope they stick it out for a few years till it gets a strong foothold. I definitely have this one on my radar since I could incorporate it in with a family vacation in NM and CO. Next year maybe….? Thanks for the coverage/info! Steven ATX

  2. on 10 Jul 2012 at 9:24 am David Hanenburg

    I have a feeling it will stick. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the numbers double next year.

  3. on 27 Dec 2013 at 1:31 pm Jimm Fullerton

    What are the requirements to enter this 100 miler race?

    Hoping to hear from you guys very soon


  4. on 27 Dec 2013 at 1:56 pm David Hanenburg

    Hey Jimm, I am not sure they are any requirements, maybe you must be 18 years old and make specific time cutoffs.

    Here is the website which includes a contact email to Chisholm Deupree the RD: