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Q50 Bogue Chitto Trail Run – 2012 Results

A 10 mile and 5 mile scamper on technically tame trail included rollers to invite all your muscles to participate in the morning run at the Q50 Bogue Chitto Trail Run in Franklinton, Louisiana.

Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Mild temps. Sunny skies. Let’s run!

Both courses – one loop.


Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

10 mile

Men’s Race

1:10 road half marathoner, Matt Manning, dashed off a spicy 6:39 pace to leave everyone racing for runner up honors. Matt won the 10 mile off road adventure in 1:06:32.

Matt Manning smiling at the front early on. (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Kenny Trahan and Dalton Fetters shadowed each other starting around mile three and enjoyed a steady pace together before Kenny was able to create a gap at mile nine on the last hill before the finish.

Kenny earned the runner-up spot.

Top 5 male

  1. Matt Manning – 1:06:32
  2. Kenny Trahan – 1:17:57
  3. Dalton Fetters – 1:18:38
  4. Shannon Allison – 1:20:43
  5. Dustin Branton – 1:21:19

Women’s Race

Christina Soileau and Monica Embers enjoyed a fairly tight dash at the front as 80 seconds separated the two at the finish line. Christina struggled a bit in the early miles as she worked to find her trail legs.

“The first five miles were the most difficult because of the constant inclination/declination of the trail, so there was very little time to catch your breath.”

Christina Soileau (#43), Hannah Killgore (#45), and Luis Soileau (#44) (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

As the terrain flattened, Christina found a cruisin’ rhythm.

“The second half of the run was a bit easier, and I could actually look around and enjoy the scenery as we ran. In fact, it was very similar to the the Rocky Raccoon 50km we did a few years ago.”

Christina went on to win the female race in 1:38:07.

Top 5 female

  1. Christina Soileau – 1:38:07
  2. Monica Embers – 1:39:27
  3. Brandi LeBlanc – 1:41:48
  4. Maria Delaup – 1:42:16
  5. Lucia Legio – 1:48:08

5 mile

Women’s Race

Lauren Jewett got in a groove two miles into the race and simply enjoyed the morning trail run that included an overall win!

“I enjoyed myself so much that I didn’t feel so daunted by the hills. I had a lot of fun and was super excited to win.”

Lauren Jewett (#158) with Wayne Ricks (#103) in chase. (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

What did Lauren think of the event?

“The Q50 race is really special because it is a small intimate event with first-time trail runners and veteran trail runners. Cesar puts on awesome and fun race and its unique running award of a plant is perfect compared to all the t-shirts and medals that we get at the finish of other races.”

Amanda Spiers finished alone in second.

Top 5 female

  1. Lauren Jewett (Louisiana Running Company) – 44:08 (*overall win*)
  2. Amanda Spiers – 48:23
  3. Roseann Simons – 50:11
  4. Melanie Ship – 50:41
  5. Laura Denton – 53:23

Men’s Race

Nine seconds after Lauren crossed the finish, Joshua Grabert, earned the male win in 44:17.

Joshua Grabert (#174) being "escorted" by John Esteve (#178) and William Selig (#170) (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Phillip Morvant earned runner-up honors.

Top 5 male

  1. Joshua Grabert – 44:17
  2. Phillip Morvant – 45:35
  3. William Selig – 47:57
  4. William Selig – 47:57
  5. Stephen Barrouquere – 48:18
Complete results for all races.

Check out this great highlight vid by our friends at CYJ.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Race Reports

  • “After an awesome view of the river, we were thrown into a river bed of ankle deep sand for another change in surface. That was TOUGH!!” by Kenny Trahan

Talk some Dirt

  • How was your 5 or 10 mile scamper?
  • What was your favorite part of the course?

Special thanks to Louisiana Running Company for the photos you see above! Also, thanks to Christina Soileau, Lauren Jewett, and Kenny Trahan (shared a race report) for sharing with the EB tribe!

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