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2012 Q50 Bogue Chitto 10 Mile Race Report – Kenny Trahan

TALON athlete, Kenny Trahan recently completed the Q50 Bogue Chitto 10 Mile in Louisiana. Kenny enjoyed an exciting off road scamper for second place with Dalton Fetters.

Enjoy as Kenny shares his 10 mile journey.

It was an unseasonably mild morning for early June in Louisiana. Temperatures were down and perfect for the 2nd annual Q50 “Run to the Hills” at Bogue Chitto State Park.

Upon arrival, I checked in at the registration table, talked to fellow runners about the course, and went out for an easy jog to loosen up my legs with 2 x ironman and former training partner, Todd Poole. Todd drove down 3.5 hours from Monroe, Louisiana to run the race. He enjoyed the Q50 Bogue Chitto Midnight Half-Marathon in December so much, he wanted to run here again.

At the start, we quickly accessed the trail that runs through the cypress tupelo swamp area. Within the first mile, it was evident that this section of the trail was flat and very fast. The leader separated himself from the pack immediately and we never saw him again.

After running through the swamp, we turned off of the jogging (red) trail to climb the steep and winding (blue) trail that wonders up to the cabins overlooking the bluff. Suddenly, I realized that I was alone. Upon passing the cabins, we transitioned onto the slightly technical equestrian trail for a change in surface of hard packed limestone to an unevenness of grass and dirt lined with briar bushes. After the climb, the terrain instantly changed from a flat and speedy surface to slow and steady rolling hills, which is what most of the race consisted of, surprising many of the runners.

At mile three or four, I noticed someone on my heels. It was Dalton Fetters, an adventure race enthusiast, incredible athlete, and great runner. He is a very competitive individual and runs about the same pace as I do. It was far too early to make a move with over half of the race remaining. Therefore, we continued together running through the hardwood forest of the uplands for a few miles and eventually meandered our way to another swampy section which lead us to the bank of the Bogue Chitto River. After an awesome view of the river, we were thrown into a river bed of ankle deep sand for another change in surface. That was TOUGH!!

Kenny Trahan with Dalton Fetters in chase. (Photo: With permission from Louisiana Running Company /

After running through the dreadful sand, with two miles remaining we returned back to the day-use area and found out that the leader, Matt Manning, was 8 minutes ahead of us. WOW!!

Nevertheless, at this point I was thinking it was going to be a battle for 2nd or 3rd place. As we approached the power line trail on the other side of the day-use area at the North end of the park, we realized that the course was going to loop back around and we were in for another gruesome climb at mile nine up an old clay logging road. This is where we were separated after running most of the race together. The hill was long and quite brutal on our fatigued legs. I was very pleased that my training runs every weekend for the past two months at Bogue Chitto had paid off. I completed the race in 1:17:57 for second place overall.

I would like to thank Generation UCAN and Elete Electrolytes for providing me with samples of their products for me to use during the race. Also, a special thank you to Cesar Torres, Q50 Race Director , Louisiana Running Co. of New Orleans, & Perfectly Fit of Hammond. And last but not least, my loving wife and kids for allowing the time spent away from them to train. Upcoming races are the Forge Racing Hells Hills Half-Marathon and Big Easy Triathlon.

Kenny Trahan

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