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2012 Western States 100: TALON Athlete Race Day Updates

We are at the eve of the 39th Western States 100! Our tribe of TALON athletes are ready for a special 100 mile adventure.

The Auburn track all runners want to see before hour 30. (Photo: Ian Maddieson of New Mexico showing how to get it done back in 2010.)

Race start time: Saturday, 5:00am PDT (7:00am CST)

Here are some great ways to follow the overall race action throughout the day:

  • iRunFar will have great live twitter coverage for the jalapeno footed runners
  • Western States Aid Station checkpoints – This will provide time stamps when runners pass through a check point.
  • TALON athlete coverage – Periodically throughout the day, I will provide updates (below) on the current status of our athletes and any other insight I can find.

Cool temps expected.

A non-snow course year.

BAM! – A great day awaits!

TALON Athlete Updates

Time – 00:00:00

They are off!

All TALON athletes started but Nick Shoemaker would didn’t appear to make the trip.

03:29 (race time) Update

Click image to see in full size.

07:15 (race time) Update

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08:42 (race time) Update

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11:26 (race time) Update

click on image to enlarge

All are through Dusty Corners, mile 38.

14 still moving strong!

Paul Terranova (TX) is leading for our men in 34th position and through Forest Hill (mile 62)

Liza Howard (TX) is leading for our women in 58th overall and through Michigan Bluff (mile 55.7) Hanging around 12th position in the women’s race!

Four athletes still in the top 100!

14:20 (race time) Update

click on image to enlarge

19:16 (race time) Update

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25:45 (race time) Update

click image to view

30:00 (race time) Update

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