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2012 Western States 100: Interview With Our Arkansas Tread

Both Tom Lane and PoDog (Robert) Vogler will be makin’ the trip from Arkansas to get dirty at this weekend’s Western States 100. Both first-timer’s at Western States with PoDog being our third TALON slammer.

Arkansas State Flag - The three blue stars below the state name represent the three countries that the territory belonged to (France, Spain and the United States), the year (1803) that Arkansas was acquired by the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase and that Arkansas was the third state created from the purchase.

Enjoy the Q&A with PoDog below!

PoDog Vogler #393

PoDog at the Ouachita 50 this Spring. (Photo: David Hanenburg)

[EB – You are one of three TALON athletes going after the slam this year. How did you come to the decision to go after it?]

I’ve been trying to get into Western for several years. I’ve pretty much decided early on that when I got in, I would try for the slam. I’m 46 and who knows when I might get back in.

[EB – You had a full Spring of races in Arkansas, how is the body and mind feeling as you get ready to lace them up this Saturday morning in Squaw Valley?]

My training really included fewer miles than I usually put in. I feel strong and rested and other than an ankle sprain about three weeks ago, I’m injury free. My ankle has been fine since and I do not think it will be an issue. It did cost me a couple of training runs though.

[EB – What did a typical training week look like during your peak training for Western States? (weekly mileage, longest run, any back-to-back long runs?, weights/core, etc)]

I only did one week over 100 miles and it was about 108. I usually like to do a back to back to back long run stent, but the ankle sprain stopped that. I got in several 30 to 35 mile runs including several up and down Nebo. I did one weekend with a 35 mile run up and down Nebo followed by a 26 mile run. I do not do anything but run for training and try to stretch and eat right.

[EB – Besides the finish, what specific section of the course are you most looking forward to running or experiencing?]

I’m really looking forward to the entire run. I love the mountains and I really want to experience the canyons. I’ve done the last 37 miles and it is great running. I really think it will be a super fun run. I hope physically I can keep it together so I can enjoy the entire run.

[EB – Fun bonus question: Which animal best characterizes that way you plan on running Western States?]

Photo: Courtesy wwarby @

I’m sure I should say a dog with a name like PoDog but I have to go with an Otter. Otters always look like they are having a fun and I hope that is how the race goes. I want to enjoy the whole thing.

We wish PoDog and Tom (#256) a great weekend adventure!

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