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The Ranch Trail Run – 2012 Results

The final race of the Rogue Trail Series took place on the twisty, hilly, and rock-littered trails of Reveille Ranch. The Ranch Trail Run raised the bar once again in technicality, summer time temps, and dare I say – fun!

Photo: Courtesy Josh Baker @ AzulOx Photography /

A 30 km (rumored to be a bit longer) and 10 km provided the opportunity for a three or one loop adventure.


Photo: Courtesy Josh Baker @ AzulOx Photography /

30 km

Luis Gutierrez  and The Loop winner, Phil Sneller took off at a spicy effort from the word “Go!” Paul Terranova (The Maze winner), Lance Parker, and Ty Reagan formed the tight chase group in the early going.

Trail running can require much more course attention especially if you are leading the scamper at the front. Luis and Phil found a way to unfortunately add some bonus miles early on as Paul explains.

“Fellow Rogue Racers Luis and Phil hammered from the gun, only to come back to us after losing the trail on at least two occasions.”

After the first 10 km-ish loop Luis had created a one minute gap on Phil with the small chase group another 15 seconds back.

Over the next 10km, Luis and Phil increased their lead to 3-4 minutes.

Luis Gutierrez ready for another loop! (Photo: Courtesy Josh Baker @ AzulOx Photography /

Loop three. How did you handle pacing, hydration, calories, and electrolytes during the first two loops? We would now find out.

Lance went bottle-less and began to drop off the pace. Paul kept pushin’ a consistent effort and was gradually closing the gap on Luis and Phil.

Luis was able to hold onto the pole position and win the male race by just over 30 seconds, in a time of 2:46:58.

Phil held onto runner-up honors with Paul closing in on his tread.

Top 5 male

  1. Luis Gutierrez – 2:46:58
  2. Phil Sneller (Rogue Running) – 2:47:30
  3. Paul Terranova (Rogue Running) – 2:48:01
  4. Ty Reagan – 2:56:33
  5. David Yin – 2:59:31

Asia Shah and Meredith Terranova inspired at the front of the female race with Asia moving to the front early on. After one loop, Asia had created a five minute gap and was running alone which is just the way she likes it.

“There was no one around me for almost the whole race, other than one or two people that would eventually pass me or I would leave behind, so I was solo. I liked running this way because I could easily see what was coming up and had better footing than when following someone else.”

Asia increased the lead to 11 minutes after 20 km before a survival run during loop three where she crossed the finish in 3:26:41, earning the female win.

Glasses down, time to work. Asia Shah ready to push the final miles. (Photo: Courtesy Josh Baker @ AzulOx Photography /

What were some of Asia’s memories of running this trail series?

“This whole race series is a “special memory” I would say because each one was so different from the others and challenged me in new ways. The first race was more about speed and pushing myself to have quick feet around the turns and move faster. The second race was hard for me because of the extreme ups and downs, which kick the heart rate up and then are slippery going down. I struggled the most with this one. The last race was mentally tough because of the extended distance, the extreme heat, and the mental focus it took to keep on the right course and not get lazy and then find yourself lost. All in all, I had a great time competing in this series and was proud of how I reacted to the many challenges that came my way.”

Meredith cruised in by herself for second place honors.

Top 5 female

  1. Asia Shah (Rogue Running) – 3:26:41
  2. Meredith Terranova – 3:37:13
  3. Lise Plantier – 3:45:38
  4. Nicole Ferstl – 3:49:02
  5. Jacque Peppler – 3:59:50

10 km

1:20-ish road 1/2 marathoner, Hannah Steffan, and The Maze 10 km winner, Cassandra Henkiel enjoyed a spicy dash on the challenging terrain. No let-up allowed for either as less than 30 seconds separated the two at the finish. And how does 5th and 7th overall sound?!

Hannah Steffan with Christopher Late in chase. (Photo: Courtesy Dinesh Shankar @ AzulOx Photography /

Hannah was able to create the small gap and win the female race in 52:45.

Top 5 female

  1. Hannah Steffan – 52:45
  2. Cassandra Henkiel – 53:13
  3. Juliane Masciana – 56:28
  4. Shannon Presley – 57:46
  5. Cindy Abbott – 59:00

In his usual make-it-hurt start style, Warren Brown, burnt a few matches in hope it would create a little breathing room.

“I was a bit concerned going into it because it was probably the most stacked field that the series has fielded thus far. I went out very fast to get some breathing room before we hit the single track.”

It stuck!

Surprise! Warren Brown off the front. (Photo: Courtesy Dinesh Shankar @ AzulOx Photography /

Warren went on to win the male race and series in a time of 46:59.

Joey Przybyla led the chase group for second place honors.

Top 5 male

  1. Warren Brown (Rogue Running) – 46:59
  2. Joey Przybyla – 50:25
  3. Juris Cooper – 51:16
  4. Travis Johnson – 51:30
  5. Christopher Alberts – 53:04

Complete results for both races.

Race Reports and Pics

  • I couldn’t find any race reports. Please share in a comment below if you have one.
  • Race Pics – Check out all the great pics by Josh Baker of AzulOx Photography.

Talk some Dirt

  • How was your adventure?
Special thanks to Paul Terranova, Asia Shah, and Warren Brown for sharing a few thoughts on their adventures. Also, thanks to Josh Baker of AzulOx Photography for showcasing some of his sweet pics with us.

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