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2012 Western States 100: TALON Athletes Lacing Them Up

The U.S. trail running attention spotlights all point to one place in the month of June, the Western States 100. It is race week for the 39th running of this historic event that will guide 400-ish trail runners from throughout the United States and world, along the Western States trail starting in Squaw Valley, California, and finishing on the track in Auburn.

Western States Trail (Photo: Courtesy skot.foto @

Our TALON (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM) tribe will represent this coming weekend! 17 TALON athletes are registered and will be packing their bags full of running goodies to support a 100 mile adventure. For at least the last couple years, every TALON state was represented, but this year our Louisiana tribe will not be playing. We have 13 entrants from Texas, two from Arkansas, and one from both Arkansas and New Mexico.

We have athletes lookin’ to compete at/near the front. We have athletes lookin’ to cross the finish before hour 30. And if you didn’t know, we also have three athletes whose Western States adventure will be the start of their slam (or konaslam) journey!

From the intense tread-flyin’ action at the front to the last finisher before the race shuts down at hour 30, we are in for a memory makin’ weekend.

Our TALON Tread:

  • Denise Burley (TX) #114
  • Martin Guthrie (TX) #204
  • Liza Howard (TX)  #18
  • Robert Kemper (TX) #241
  • Ronald Lepine (TX) #261
  • Glenn Mackie (TX) #266
  • Kyle McQuire (TX) #275
  • Mike Munoz (TX) #289
  • Nick Polito (TX) #319
  • David Reasoner (TX)  #109
  • Nick Shoemaker (TX) #350
  • Paul Terranova (TX – slam) #370
  • Joshua Witte (TX) #406
  • Tom Lane (AR) #256
  • PoDog Vogler (AR – slam) #393
  • Eddie Spencer (OK) #362
  • Brian Pilgrim (NM – slam) #318

Throughout the week we will have brief interviews with many of our TALON athletes (as many as I could hunt down).

Until then…

Update: Well wait no longer…the Q&A interviews with our tribe are rollin’ out.

Check out the 2011 Western States TALON athlete summary (includes a few short videos).

And still the best experience video I have seen from this dirty scamper goes to Steve Emmert for his 2010 video. Good stuff (it is not short though!)!

2010 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run from Steve Emmert on Vimeo.

Also, Bryon of iRunFar has some great pointy-end insight and TALON athlete mentions for the the Men’s (Paul Terranova (also slam‘n – Texas) and Women’s (Liza Howard – Texas) race.

Good luck to all our TALON runners!

The countdown is on…

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

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