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The Loop Trail Run – 2012 Results

On Sunday May 13, the second race of the Rogue Trail Series (Race #1 – The Maze – Results) took place at Emma Long park located west of downtown Austin, Texas, for the off-road scamper The Loop. Over 250 played on the course that took technical running one-louder as compared to the first race of the series.

Photo: Courtesy Josh Baker @ AzulOx Photography /

Once again, enjoy a 30 km or 10 km morning in nature.


The adventure begins! (Photo: Courtesy Josh Baker @ AzulOx Photography /

30 km

Ty Reagan went off the front in the early miles pushing a spicy effort with 2:30 road marathoner, Phil Sneller, following closely in chase. Phil, a newbie to the trails,  gradually increased the turnover and moved to the front, passing Ty prior to the 10 km mark.

The additional demands placed on the body when playing in the dirt and the lack of fitness from a recent injury, sent Phil into the pain-cave for the final 10 km after running two even split loops and creating over a four minute gap.

“I was pretty much dead by 20k. My legs were beat from the early pace and the climbs. I actually thought Ty would catch me before the finish.”

While running over one minute slower per mile for loop three, Phil was able to hold off the final surge by Ty and earn the male win in 2:30:17.

Phil Sneller focused on the upcoming terrain. (Photo: Courtesy Josh Baker @ AzulOx Photography /

What did Phil think of his first off-road scamper?

“This was my first trail race of any kind and i really liked it a lot. I love racing on the road, but the trails are really fun. It’s a nice change.”

Top 5 male

  1. Phil Sneller (Rogue Running) – 2:30:17
  2. Ty Reagan – 2:31:41
  3. Andrew McHenry – 2:35:48
  4. Cris Erickson – 2:37:44
  5. Matthew Bradford – 2:37:53

After an uncontrollable early loop push to gather a bit of space on the tight, twisty single-track, Asia Shah, The Maze winner, was positioned at the front of the female race. Struggling with some stomach issues throughout, Asia was passed during the middle miles (not sure who) and continued to cruise in second.

” I thought maybe I would rally and feel ok, but by the middle of loop three I was pretty tired and I just kept clicking away to get to the finish.”

Asia Shah in the early miles. (Photo: Courtesy Josh Baker @ AzulOx Photography /

The rolling terrain and heat was beginning to take a toll on runners in the later miles.

Both the lead female and Asia took pretty good diggers in the final miles which cause the lead female to drop.

“I took a fall with about two miles to go and beat up my shoulder/arm and right knee a bit, but I just got up and kept going since I knew it wouldn’t do any good to just stop.”

“I ended up passing the first woman with about mile to go. She had a very bad fall and was not able to finish. This freaked me out so much!!”

Does anyone know if this person is OK?

Asia was able to keep moving to the finish line and won the female race in 2:54:38, earning her second win of the series.

Top 5 female

  1. Asia Shah (Rogue Running) – 2:54:38
  2. Dena Curry – 3:06:27
  3. Katie Muladore – 3:09:37
  4. Sunday Patterson – 3:18:29
  5. Jamie Patterson – 3:18;29

10 km

Second place finisher at The Maze, Holly Gureski, ran just over a minute slower on this more challenging course to win the female race by over two minutes in 50:47.

Holly Gureski - focused. (Photo: Courtesy Josh Baker @ AzulOx Photography /

Anne-Marie Griger held off Julie Kostka for second place honors.

Top 5 female

  1. Holly Gureski – 50:47
  2. Anne-Marie Griger – 53:10
  3. Julie Kostka – 53:32
  4. Ashley Butler – 54:00
  5. Carrie Appell – 54:43

Warren Brown was back to defend his win from The Maze and once again took off like a rocket from the start.

“I liked the cushion I allowed myself at the first race, so I went out hard until I felt comfortable.”

Warren Brown enjoying the morning. (Photo: Courtesy Josh Baker @ AzulOx Photography /

No one was able to match the pace.

Warren won the male race in 43:35.

Travis Johnson lead the chase pack to earn second place.

Top 5 male

  1. Warren Brown (Rogue Running) – 43:35
  2. Travis Johnson – 46:45
  3. Chad Childers – 47:10
  4. Sam LaBrie – 47:15
  5. Mark Ruppert-Stratton – 47:48

Complete results for both distances.

Race Reports and Pics

  • I couldn’t find any race reports. Please share in a comment below if you have one.
  • Race Pics – Check out all the great pics by Josh Baker of AzulOx Photography.

Talk some Dirt

  • How was your adventure?
  • What was the toughest part of the day for you? The grade changes, trail technicality, or that darn heat?
Special thanks to Phil Sneller, Asia Shah, and Warren Brown for sharing a few thoughts on their adventures. Also, thanks to Josh Baker of AzulOx Photography for showcasing some of his sweet pics with us.

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2 Responses to “The Loop Trail Run – 2012 Results”

  1. on 31 May 2012 at 11:34 am Travis


    I know its a little late, but I just happened upon your race recap (which was really nice, thanks for writing it up!) and figured I forward you my race report:

    Thanks again for keeping the running community informed!


  2. on 31 May 2012 at 7:46 pm David Hanenburg

    Hey Travis – Thanks for visiting and sharing your report with the EB tribe! Congratulations on your second place effort.

    Sounds like you might have reached that max heartrate in your dash to the finish. 🙂 That happened to me once in a local sprint triathlon at the end of the 5k run…my “stuff” went into the timing chip bucket. Felt bad about that and offered to take it to the lake and clean it up but they said not to worry about it.

    Great to hear you have been enjoying the dirt.

    Happy running!