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Amphipod Airflow Endurance – Trail Running Pack Review

[Hey EB tribe, below you will find the first article from Jason Taylor, a dirt lovin’ dude exploring the off-road scene from New Mexico. Jason is part of a growing tribe of passionate and insightful runners that are going to crank up the value, crank up inspiration, and simply crank up the fun as we explore this sport as a region right here on Endurance Buzz. – David]

One look through my garage, storage closet, or “storage room” and one would immediately discover that I have an addiction to backpacks. I have packs of all shapes, sizes and color. And I can happily defend why I have a need for so many packs should the question arise.

I have gone back and forth during training and racing with different packs and methods of carrying water, food and essential supplies and more recently am noticing that the lead runners typically go with bottles-only and are extremely efficient about what they carry. While I can appreciate this, I know it’s not always the way the rest of us can roll.

For most of my training on runs shorter than about two hours, I don’t like to take a pack but I want to have something that will allow me to carry a bit of food, my phone (for music and emergency’s) and any small items that might be needed.

Enter my favorite, small piece of running gear – the Amphipod Airflow Endurance running pack.

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This ergonomically designed waist pack is a great piece of gear for me.

What I like about the Airflow Endurance

1. FIT & COMFORT – It’s super light and fits snug. One of my chief complaints about other waist packs is their tendency to ride up around the waist once I start to run. I know that we all have different body shapes but this pack will stay where you put it; hips, waist, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s snug enough. The wider belt helps with this.

2. CARRIABILITY – For its compact size, it has two decently sized, separate pockets, one with three slots for cash, IDs, or gels. On the outside there are two quick grab elastic mesh pockets that also hold small items like gels, keys, chapstick, etc.

Top view of the two compartments.

Notice the two mesh pockets on the outward edges of the pack.

3. CONVENIENCE – I am in school full time so when I run I will often listen to books on tape to relax or unwind but I absolutely hate the iPhone, iTouch armbands. I don’t have big arms and haven’t been able to find one that fits well or stays up on my arm snug so the Airflow has been a great fix. With the Amphipod pack, I can run with my phone and smaller essentials while allowing my hands and arms to be totally free if I want.

What could be improved with the Airflow Endurance

BREATHABILITY – Manufacturers are into making packs and equipment breathable to help with comfort, and Amphipod is no different. They make all their Airflow products with a vented back. My personal opinion is that for a waist pack, this isn’t altogether an important feature and actually is unwanted as everything, including my phone, tends to get soaked when I am running. I have to make sure to put my phone in the outermost pocket and food items in the pocket closest to my back which makes it a bit more bulky and uneven feeling. Not a huge deal but something I wish they’d look at changing.

Why use it

This is a inexpensive, easy, one-size-fits-all lightweight way to carry essential items on all distance runs where you don’t need a larger pack or hydration system. It works well in all weather and is a great way to carry the phone or music player if you prefer not to wear one on your arm.

What smaller essentials pack system are you currently using and why do you like it?

You can purchase the Amphipod Airflow Endurance running pack at Running Warehouse (Shoes, Packs, Clothes, Lights, and more…plus 2-day free shipping!).

Photo: Courtesy Running Warehouse /

– Jason Taylor

About the author

Jason Taylor Jason Taylor reawakened his love of running in 2008 and continues to pursue longer ultra adventures. Jason’s life goal is to inspire, influence and transform others through his love for running and his passion for life. For more information on Jason, check out the About page.

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  1. on 26 Jun 2012 at 11:26 am Don Pendergraft

    I have the smaller version of this and love it. Mostly. I only wish it were bigger! The one you reviewed looks like a worthy upgrade to mine! Thanks for the gear review!