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Angel Fire Endurance Run – New 100 Mile Trail Run Coming to New Mexico This June

Experienced Oklahoma race director, Chisholm Deupree, is bringing a new 100 mile trail run to the TALON region and this adventure is called the Angel Fire Endurance Run.

Since there isn’t a lot of info online yet, Mr. Deupree was kind enough to chat and share some of the current details that are still being massaged to some degree but plans are steadily moving forward.

For those that have no idea about this one, here are the basics.

Date: June 30, 2012

Location:  Angel Fire, New Mexico (start/finish from Angel Fire Resort)

Angel Fire is located in the northeast corner of New Mexico.

Distances: 100 mile, 100 km, 50 km

Time limit (all distances): 32 hours

Registration: Registration is open. Check out Ultra Signup.

Here are some additional highlights from our recent conversation.

[EB –  There currently aren’t a lot of details about this Angel Fire adventure, what can you tell us about it?]

It is a first year event. The good news is we have experienced people working on the event. We will be crunching out the logistics with the forest service and the lodge but after talking to both they seem very receptive to it. We would start and finish at the lodge. The 100 mile, 100 km, and 50 km would utilize the same course so regardless of their event, they would be surrounded by other runners.

 [EB – So it would be a 50 km loop?]

It would actually be a 50 km out and back. We are currently considering a ‘T’ shape with the primary reason for that is for logistics sake. If there were an emergency, we could respond to our runner’s need very quickly.

Note: The start/finish would be at the base of the ‘T’.

The current proposed course will utilize a little bit of asphalt, some gravel access roads, and then join the Elliot Barker trail.  Run it (Elliot Barker trail) north, make a loop, run it back to the south to the intersection. Continue on southerly through the OSHA meadow and then back towards the east a little bit.

Then we have a little bit of a surprise for the 100 milers for the additional 10 km.

[EB – Could you describe the terrain in a bit more detail?]

It’s hard to from Oklahoma but I can tell you this, the Elliot Barker trail is an established moderate to expert bike trail (double-track). That portion of the Carson National Forest is evergreen so it’s going to be beautiful. Some dirt. Some rock. I don’t anticipate any boulder fields.

[EB – In terms of technicality of the trail. Would you consider it moderate for the region?]

I would say it is moderate to advanced. That’s from the standpoint of having to put a bike on it. As a runner, would it all be runable? It probably would be. But will most people run all of it – no.

[EB – What is the general altitude?]

It will probably range between 8600 feet and maybe the highs in the 10,000 foot range (maybe a little bit higher).

As far as the gain per loop, at this point I don’t have the data.

[EB – Will there be significant sustained climbs or more rolling?]

I would go with the rolling layout. We aren’t going to have anything that say replicates Leadville’s Hope Pass. There won’t be anything like that. That is kind of an extreme portion of the course and we don’t necessarily want to do that.

[EB – In terms of general exposure is it more open or wooded running?]

It will definitely be a combination. In the open areas you will have panoramic views. When you are in the lower elevations you will see evergreens. When you are in the higher elevations you will see mountain tops.

[EB – What will be the layout of aid stations?]

It will probably be closer to every five miles. I think we will have three fully supported aid stations and two water/sport drink only stops.

[EB – How about lodging?]

The lodging at Angel Fire Resort has over 120 rooms, plus condos, plus managed properties.

[4/19 update – more lodging info below.]

Call 800-633-7463 to book lodging.

We will offer the Endurance Race participants the following – 20% off rate

  • Weeknights = $74.00 plus taxes
  • Weekends = $90.00 plus taxes

[EB – With respect to air travel. What would be the airports to fly in to?]

The closest airport that serves commercially would be Albuquerque. If you wanted to make a little trek out of it, you could definitely fly into Amarillo (Texas).

Others to investigate: Trinidad, CO or Colorado Springs, CO

[EB – What other insights would you like to share?]

I would like the runners to consider from an individual standpoint, is to be a cupless race. That doesn’t mean we won’t have some cups in case of an emergency but we really like runners to bring their own bottles. We will have the usual ultra food and snacks.

We will allow pacing for the 100 mile race. They can start pacing after 100 km. A lighting source will be required even for the 100 km.

The 100 mile has a 32 hour cutoff which means the 100 km and 50 km will have the same.

We are welcoming volunteers that want to work with our aid station captains.

We are working on the inaugural Angel Fire finisher’s buckle! [EB – This may be the most important piece of info in all of this. 🙂 ]

[EB – Any websites to stay in the loop for any new information?]

There is an informational site at

This contains really basic information that will be updated and include a course map and code for the lodging.

If you want to sign up now, you can go to (Angel Fire Endurance Run)

[EB – Here is a Facebook event page as well]

[4/27 – Update]

The currently proposed course map is now on the event website. Check out –

Special thanks to Chisholm for sharing a few more details with us. This is lookin’ like a fun one!

Some additional goodies I found:

If you haven’t yet, the Angel Fire Resort looks pretty sweet.

The Angel Fire Facebook page has some amazing photos from the area.

I also just took a look at the average temperature for June 30th in Angel Fire, New Mexico.

How does this sound? Avg low – 41F. Avg high – 78F. 🙂

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4 Responses to “Angel Fire Endurance Run – New 100 Mile Trail Run Coming to New Mexico This June”

  1. on 12 Apr 2012 at 4:36 pm Mark

    Just a curiousity…will this be New Mexico’s first 100? I have ran with Chisholm and helped him with races before…he puts on a fun and well thought-out event (swag and all ;). This aims to be a a good one!

  2. on 12 Apr 2012 at 5:02 pm Jonathan

    Now the region has Rocky Raccoon, Cactus Rose, Arkansas Traveler, Pumpkin Holler, Syllamo, Rouge-Orleans, and now Angel Fire. Decent collection of hunnerds with some varrying terrain. That area is beautiful and I’m sure the views from the mountains will be spectacular.

  3. on 13 Apr 2012 at 7:45 am Steven Moore

    Hmmm….very interesting.

  4. on 13 Apr 2012 at 9:33 am David Hanenburg

    @Mark – Yes, I believe this is the first 100 in NM! I think it will be a nice addition to the region and a way for many of us to escape the summer heat for a weekend.

    @Jonathan – Definitely a nice collection. A bit of a trail jam in October unless you are interested in three 100s in four weeks…which could be interesting. 🙂

    Mr. Moore – Yes indeed! 🙂 Sounds like your kind of scamper.