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TATUR Snake Run -2012 Results

Goopy trails. Sunny skies. Smiles – Oh My!

And…records are meant to be broken.

Oklahoma enjoyed the dumping of rain earlier in the week which created more slip-sliding adventures on the Tulsa, Oklahoma trails but the sunny skies, bright smiles, and good people, created an environment of play. And play they did! Over 220 runners ran…slid…or slithered their way at the TATUR 3/6 hour Snake Run.

Photo: Courtesy TATURs /

The format is pretty simple, even for a 100 mile runner at 3:00AM – Run 2.1 miles, turnaround, run back. Repeat for three to six hours. All trails and mostly tame singletrack.


The start! (Photo: Courtesy TATURs /

6 Hour

Enid, Oklahoma runner, Troy Albright (sub 1:30 half marathoner), dashed off 43.5 miles within the six hour adventure to create a nice gap at the finish to eliminate a leg burning finish. Let’s add a course record on top of that – BAM!

6 hour male winner, Troy Albright and RD Mr. Trail Zombie, Ken Childress (Photo: Courtesy TATURs /

Mark Denherder, Dann Fisher,  and Brian Novak…well that was likely a different experience. All three were within a half mile with Mark able to create the small separation and earn second.

Top 5 male

  1. Troy Albright (OK) – 43.5 miles
  2. Mark Denherder (OK) – 38.8 miles
  3. Dann Fisher (KS) – 38.3 miles
  4. Brian Novak (LA) – 38.3 miles
  5. Stephen O’Neal (AR) – 35.1 miles

Complete male results 

Shelley Egli set the steady pace within the early miles with 2011 Pumpkin Holler 100 winner, Lori Enlow, not far behind in chase.

Lori came into the event with a bit of shaken confidence and a bit of tweakage after a recent challenging training run at Talimina State Park. To provide a positive focus, Lori used a couple mantras to support her journey.

“My two mantras for the race were, “let it be what it is”. Thinking this I hoped it would make me relax and not race, just listen to my body and go with what I feel. My second mantra was “don’t fight the trail”.”

Both women maintained solid efforts with Shelley was able to maintain the slight gap and win the female race with 35.6 miles. Yep, new record!

Lori finished a solid second (broke the old course record as well) with 34.1 miles and reflected on Shelley’s run.

“Her cruise control was set higher. She and I both were very consistent except towards the end I slowed. She is a great trail runner!”

Female 6 hour winner, Shelley Egli with TZ (wake up dude 😉 ) (Photo: Courtesy TATURs /

Top 5 female

  1. Shelley Egli (OK) – 35.6 miles
  2. Lori Enlow (OK) – 34.1 miles
  3. Amber Lane (OK) – 30.9 miles
  4. Cheryl Isaacs (OK) – 27.7 miles
  5. Rachel Runfola (OK) – 26.7 miles

Complete female results

3 Hour

2010 winner, Elaine Palmquist, was back for the three hour loopy adventure run. This wasn’t going to be an easy one as Lisa Pivec and Jeanette Luevanos were close in the chase and a string of women followed.

Elaine was able to create a small half mile gap to win the female race with 17.8 miles. Lisa held onto second with 17.3 miles.

How did the day play out for Elaine?

“I felt great in the beginning of the race, but my plantar fasciitis/heel spurs started acting up about halfway thru the race. Fortunately, all the mud softened the blow on my foot.”

Elaine also shares one of the cool-point features of this race format.

“I love the Snake Run because you get to run past all your friends on the out & backs, and it’s great to cheer them on and have them do the same.  It’s very motivating!”

Female 3 hour winner, Elaine Palmquist sharing her bling and proof there was a bit of goopy fun in this one. (Photo: Courtesy TATURs /

Top 5 female

  1. Elaine Palmquist (OK) – 17.8 miles
  2. Lisa Pivec (OK) – 17.3 miles
  3. Jeanette Luevanos (OK) – 17.1 miles
  4. Lisa Earl (OK) – 16.6 miles
  5. Katie Campbell (GA) – 16.1 miles

Complete female results

After his 4:19 33.4 mile scamper at the White Rock Classic in February (results summary), Tom Brennan and Yukon, Oklahoma runner, Nick Seymour, would create around a two mile gap from those in the hunt. Tom was able to slide it into another gear to create a half mile gap from Nick and win the male race with 22.5 miles.

Male 3 hour winner, Tom Brennan. (Photo: Courtesy TATURs /

Nick finished second.

Three hours of hard, steady running. A loopy format. Sometimes placing is not clear…even at the front. Tom initially thought he finished second due to a late surge by Nick.

Nick said, “It was funny after the race though because Tom thought I had beat him in the last 10 minutes of the race when I passed him on the 0.5 mile loop. I got a burst of energy after completing the 5th loop on the 4.2 mile course and took off on a torrent pace for my first 0.5 mile loop. Tom was on his second 0.5 mile loop when I passed him on my first. He sure was relieved afterwards when we were talking about it and I informed him I’d only completed 22.0 miles total and he had won with 22.5 miles.”

Top 5 male

  1. Tom Brennan (OK) – 22.5 miles
  2. Nick Seymour (OK) – 22.0 miles
  3. Christian Loeschel (AR) – 20.3 miles
  4. Christopher Greenlee (OK) – 20.3 miles
  5. Chris Montgomery (OK) – 19.8 miles

Complete male results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Dennis Crosby (age 65) and Tom McIntyre (age 68) enjoyed the out-and-back six hour run.
  • Ellen Agronis (age 67) smiled and inspired for three hours.

Life is play. Play is life.

An adventure awaits. (Photo: Courtesy TATURs /

Race Reports and Pics

  • “This is my favorite race, from a race director’s standpoint for quite a few reasons.” RD report from Mr. Trail Zombie (Ken Childress) @ …miles to go before I sleep…
  • “Between the unfamiliar terrain and having to break trail to give right of way to passing runners, the trails were forcing me to use untrained muscles and they were complaining. But I wasn’t anywhere near done yet.” by Robert @ Up in the mornin’ ‘fore day
  • “When the race started I expected a nice easy pace to begin with.  Instead three other guys took off!  I think they thought it was a 5K.  Normally I would have let them go but since it was just a three hour race, I thought I better keep them close.” by Mountain Trail Runner @ The Trail Less Traveled
  • TATUR pics

This isn't your local 5 km. Staying clean is not an option...and we kind of like it that way. (Photo: Courtesy TATURs /

Talk some Dirt

  • What did you think of the 3/6 hour format and relative short loops (out-and-back in this case)?
  • Was the mud more of a challenge early or late in the race for you?
Special thanks for the TATUR crew for the photos you see above! Also thank you to Elaine Palmquist, Lori Enlow, and Nick Seymour for sharing their thoughts with the Endurance Buzz community!

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  1. on 05 Apr 2012 at 6:28 am Lori Enllow

    Hey, I failed to mention how awesome my feet ended up looking after the 6 hour mud wrap!

  2. on 06 Apr 2012 at 9:37 am David Hanenburg

    Lori – We like to call it ultra exfoliation. We love photos here on EB but this time…well…um… 😉