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Stripes Crazy Desert Trail Run – 2012 Results

Clear skies and crisp temps brought a great morning of running for the inaugural Stripes Crazy Desert Trail Run. This off-road scamper took place on the trails at San Angelo State Park where over 120 runners from eight states and the country of England laced them up for a day of play.

Photo: Courtesy San Angelo State Park and

The course appeared to be a loop course and mostly flat with a few risers. (not sure on the distance)


The start! (Photo: Courtesy San Angelo State Park and

50 km

Nolan Moser of Columbus, Ohio averaged an 8:31 pace that brought him to the front and earned the male win in 4:24:40.

Brian Tillman led a two-person chase group to finish second in 4:41:38.

Top 5 male

  1. Nolan Moser – 4:24:40
  2. Brian Tillman – 4:41:38
  3. Mark Huteson – 4:46:31
  4. Rick Johnson – 5:13:20
  5. Chad Wolf – 5:18:44

50 km runners Chad Wolf (#202) and Mike Buck (#205) (Photo: Photo: Courtesy San Angelo State Park and

Texan, Kathryn Morgan, represented all  females and crossed the finish in 5:47:25.


Lisa Joanne Walbridge made the trip over from England and won the overall in 3:35:39! This was Lisa’s 147th marathon and third in her journey to complete one in all 50 states.

Melissa Wright finished 7th overall and second female in 4:26:30.

Top 5 female

  1. Lisa Joanne Walbridge – 3:35:39 (*overall win*)
  2. Melissa Wright – 4:26:30
  3. Lisa Trevino – 5:01:47
  4.  Brittany Smith – 5:06:08
  5. Amanda Brown – 5:15:13

Finish line crew making sure everything goes smoothly. (Photo: Courtesy San Angelo State Park and

Local San Angelo runner, Bill Bockelman, won the male race by just over three minutes in a time of 3:58:50.

Russ Horn was next in 4:02:44.

Top 5 male

  1.  Bill Bockelman – 3:58:50
  2. Russ Horn – 4:02:44
  3. Eric Francis – 4:03:32
  4. Ronald Thoma – 4:11:35
  5. Thomas Corda – 4:13:52

Half Marathon

San Angelo multi-sport athlete, Sebastian Haynes, ran a spicy sub 6:30 pace to win the male race in 1:25:04.

Just over three minutes back, Jared Walbridge cruised across the line alone in second with a time of 1:28:24.

Top 5 male

  1. Sebastian Haynes – 1:25:04
  2. Jared Walbridge – 1:28:24
  3. Swede Backhus – 1:39:40
  4. Jim Tharp – 1:40:17
  5. Boyd Guthrie – 1:44:29

Merry Wolf was able to hold off Josie Rektenwald to win the female race in 1:50:35.

Merry Wolf after the half marathon scamper.

Less than one minute behind Merry, Josie cross the line for second place honors in 1:51:17.

Top 5 female

  1. Merry Wolf – 1:50:35
  2. Josie Rektenwald – 1:51:17
  3. Madison Pfister – 1:54:38
  4. Amber Rankin – 1:54:45
  5. Tamara Polk – 1:57:17
Complete results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Jim Reeve (age 69) was spunky on the marathon course.
  • Paul Foxcroft (age 71) worked the half marathon adventure.

Life is play. Play is life.

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • Martin Vega celebrated a 50k finish in 7:56:50.

Race Reports

  • I couldn’t find any. 🙁

Talk some Dirt

  • What did you think of the course?
  • How did your race play out?

Special thanks to San Angelo State Park and the San Angelo Road Lizards for the photos above.

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