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TRC Post Oak Lodge Trail Run – 2012 Results

On the mostly single track trails within the challenging Osage Hills just a short drive outside of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, over 400 trail runners enjoyed the 10 km, 25 km, or 50 km adventure at the TRC Post Oak Lodge Trail Run. This weekend full of running  contained a day full of trails on Saturday and a mix of road and trails on Sunday. (We will focus on the Saturday dirt adventures.)

Hills a waiting. (Photo: Courtesy Kim McCall /

The 10 km and 25 km are both one loop scampers with the 50 km being two 25 km loops.

Also to be enjoyed…the Hill from Hell. Let your imagination consider that for a while.


Don't litter! You have been warned. (Photo: Courtesy Kim McCall /

50 km

Enid, Oklahoma runner, Troy Albright, transferred his sub 1:30 half marathon speed to the trails running an 8:04 pace across the 50 km distance and reduced his 2010 time (in which he won as well) on this course by over 40 minutes! Troy created over a 40 minute gap to win the male race in 4:10:40.

Male 50 km winner - Troy Albright (Photo: Courtesy Kim McCall /

Casey Kreger (3:07 marathon – 2011 OKC), Scott Hill (17:53 – 2011 Heartland 100 winner), and Philip Wolf were in an inspiring run for runner-up honors. Casey was able to create a small gap at the finish to earn second in 4:50:54.

Top 5 male

  1. Troy Albright (OK) – 4:10:40
  2.  Casey Kreger (OK) – 4:50:54
  3. Scott Hill (KS) – 4:51:41
  4. Philip Wolf (IN) – 4:52:35
  5. David Bayley (MK) – 5:00:08

Intermixed in the male runner-up dash was sub 3-hour road marathoner, Maggie Nelsen. Maggie crossed the line fourth overall and first female in 4:52:05.

Female 50 km winner - Maggie Nelsen (Photo: Courtesy Kim McCall /

Missouri runner, Megan Brown, finished alone in second with a time of 5:30:00.

Top 5 female

  1. Maggie Nelsen (OK) – 4:52:05 (*4th overall*)
  2.  Megan Brown (MO) – 5:30:00
  3. Kristi Perryman (OK) – 6:35:20
  4. Vicky Arterburn (OK) – 6:45:37
  5. Marie Martinek (OH) – 7:05:47

Complete 50 km results

25 km

Erica Rackley of Arkansas, pushed a sub-9 minute pace to lead all women to the finish in 2:18:10.

Amber Monson was able to create a little separation from the small female chase group to finish second in 2:23:00.

Cindy Komarek making it look easy. (Photo: Courtesy Kim McCall /

Top 5 female

  1. Erica Rackley (AR) – 2:18:10
  2. Amber Monson (KS) – 2:23:00
  3. Nicki Watson (OK) – 2:25:15
  4. Sharon James (OK) – 2:26:31
  5. Amber Lane (KS) – 2:29:30

Tulsa or Texas local (??), Landon Febela ran over two minutes slower than his winning time last year but it will still fast enough to defend and win the male race in 2:05:48.

Christopher Greenlee led the chase group and finished second just over three minutes back, in 2:08:50.

Runners enjoying the day! (Photo: Courtesy Kim McCall /

Top 5 male

  1. Landon Fabela (OK) – 2:05:48
  2. Christopher Greenlee (OK) – 2:08:50
  3. John Sellers (OK) – 2:09:38
  4. Casey Wright (OK) – 2:11:15
  5. Harrison French (AR) – 2:11:45

Complete 25km results

10 km

1:16 half marathoner (2012 – 3M Half), Ian Campbell, ran sub-8 to hold off the charging Dominic Halsmer who was less than 30 seconds back. Ian dashed across the line winning the male race in 49:24.

Ian Campbell (red) leading Dominic Halsmer up the small grade. (Photo: Courtesy Kim McCall /

Dominic led the remaining stream of runners and finished second in 49:52.

Top 5 male

  1.  Ian Campbell (OK) – 49:24
  2. Dominic Halsmer (OK) – 49:52
  3. Ben Lake (OK) – 50:36
  4. Mark Davis (OK) – 51:14
  5. Tim Tanner (IL) – 52:19

Lizzie Paulus ran an 8:41 pace that placed her sixth overall and first female in 54:03.

Lizzie Paulus flying for the camera. (Photo: Courtesy Kim McCall /

Jane Ziegler was less than 90 seconds behind Lizzie and finished eighth overall in 55:28.

Top 5 female

  1. Lizzie Paulus (AR) – 54:03
  2. Jane Ziegler (OK) – 55:28
  3. Annette Ward (OK) – 59:30
  4. Angela Moore (OK) – 1:06:10
  5. Lindsey Lightner (OK) – 1:07:59
Complete 10 km results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Dennis Crosby (age 65) and Laurence Macon (age 67) went ultra!
  • Dan Simon (age 65), Wayne Bauer (age 67), Ellen Argronis (age 67), and Erika Hull (age 70) all played on the 10 km course!

Life is play. Play is life.

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • Carol Earles of Revenden Spring, Arkansas celebrated the 50 km finish in 9:37:44.

Race Reports and Pics

  • I couldn’t find any race reports. There must be some out there. Please share!
  • Saturday Pics (trail) – by Kim McCall

Special thanks to Kim McCall and the Tulsa Running Club for all the photos you see above!

Happy Finishers! (Photo: Courtesy Kim McCall /

Talk some Dirt

  • What did you think of the course?
  • How did your adventure play out?
  • What was your favorite aid station food?

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3 Responses to “TRC Post Oak Lodge Trail Run – 2012 Results”

  1. on 09 Mar 2012 at 4:09 pm Jonathan

    Dave, is this the Laurence Macon who has the World Record for most marathons in a single year (113)? If it is, you must interview this guy!

  2. on 10 Mar 2012 at 8:39 am Jeff Linwood

    We did both days, and it was pretty convenient to stay at the Post Oak Lodge for the race! The course out there is surprisingly tough, it reminded both of us of Nueces and Camp Eagle, though a little less rocky.

  3. on 13 Mar 2012 at 8:55 am David Hanenburg

    Jonathan – I am sure that is the same gentleman. Both from San Antonio. Amazing!!

    Jeff – Sweet dude! Thanks for sharing some additional course insight. Congrats to your both!