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Orphan Hope Marathon Trail Run – 2012 Results

Run happy conditions once you got movin’ at the Orphan Hope Marathon where over 300 runners enjoyed the marathon, half marathon, or relay dirt scamper at the ever popular Huntsville State Park in south central Texas. The run benefited the building of a new safe house for orphans in Columbia.

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Brrrr, let's run! (Photo: Courtesy Alicia @


In the early miles Pompilio Romero led the way with Jerry White and others in the chase. By the middle miles, Jerry moved to the front and would not be caught thanks to his 7:07 pace and finish time of 3:03:16 (gun time).

Pompilio held onto second with Chris Robbins charging during the final miles. Pompilio finished second in 3:17:01 (chip time).

Top 5 male

  • Jerry White – 3:06:16 (gun time)
  • Pompilio Romero – 3:17:01
  • Chris Robbins – 3:18:21
  • Jose Guerrero – 3:29:42
  • Nathan Jackson – 3:31:13

Nicely groomed trails in Huntsville State Park. (Photo: Courtesy Alicia @

Through the middle miles Meg Hare had created a six-plus minute gap from Casey Shoemaker and Miranda Livingston.

During the back half of the course, Miranda’s held onto her third place position but Meg was not able to keep up with Casey’s turnover. Casey moved into the lead female position and crossed the finish in 3:56:35 (gun time).

Meg held onto a sub-4 finish and second place honors in 3:58:25.

Top 5 female

  1. Casey Shoemaker – 3:56:35 (gun time)
  2. Meg Hare – 3:58:25
  3. Miranda Livingston – 4:08:17
  4. Julie Morris – 4:22:45
  5. Nicole Coon – 4:31:48

Complete marathon results

Half Marathon

Sub six minute pace on the road for a half marathon is obviously near rock star status, now do that on the trails…Paul Riley did just that! Paul a sub 2:30 road marathoner was likely alone at the front of this race before the word “go!”. Paul went on to win the male race in 1:17:53 (gun time), averaging a 5:57 pace!

The dash for second had plenty more inter-athlete excitement with three runners all within 69 seconds of each other. Allan Eppers moved past Alejandro Torres Guerra after the midway point, positioning himself at the front of the small chase group and claiming an exciting second place finish in 1:40:01.

Top 5 male

  1. Paul Riley – 1:17:53 (gun time)
  2. Allen Eppers – 1:40:01
  3. Alejandro Torres Guerra – 1:40:31
  4. Caleb Lohrberg – 1:41:10
  5. Fernando Salazan – 1:42:21

Nice section of trail along the lake. (Photo: Photo: Courtesy Alicia @

Seventeen year old Kate Taylor ran an 8:02 average pace that placed her sixth overall and female winner in 1:45:16.

Deborah McCrory and Alison Fowler had a fun little dash into the finish with three small seconds separating the two after crossing the line (per gun time). Deborah led Alison across the timing mats and finished second in 1:48:20.

Top 5 female

  1. Kate Taylor – 1:45:16 (*6th overall – gun time*)
  2. Deborah McCrory – 1:48:20
  3. Allison Fowler – 1:48:30
  4. Gigi White – 1:51:50
  5. Aimee Slepicka – 1:52:36

Complete half marathon results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Mirek Malinowski (age 71), Bill Rex (age 72), Ken Johnson (age 70), Thomas Skinner (age 65), and Bill Whipp (age 67) all went marathon.
  • Barbara Whipp (age 67) enjoyed the half marathon scamper.

Life is play. Play is life.

Waiting for your post-race! (Photo: Photo: Courtesy Alicia @

Race Reports and Pics

  • “The hills weren’t that bad either. I was so excited when I made it to the top of one steep hill and got a view of the pretty lake. There were some volunteers/spectators who made it out to some hilly parts and “yelled me up” the hills. ”  by Tina @ Gotta Run Now
  • “We did have a gorgeous day for the run.  IT was cold and brisk at the start, but warmed to a pleasant mid 40s by the end.” by Runninghounds @ Runninghound’s blog
  • “By the time I started my second loop, it was warmer and I got rid of the gloves and headband. I ran the first loop in 3:22, but was being careful not to trip on a root and re-injure the hamstring.” by Streaker @ Streaker
  • “They started the race off with a little LMFAO “I’m Sexy and I Know It” at the starting line and I knew then it was going to be a good day!  Then we were off!” by Running Around in Circles

Special thanks to Alicia @ Running Around in circles! for the great photos you see above.

Talk some Dirt!

  • How was your scamper on the Huntsville trails?
  • Possibly even more important. How were those tasty lookin’ muffins?

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