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Q50 St. Valentines Day Trail Run – 2012 Results

Refreshingly cool temps brought out the full body insulation kits at the Q50 St. Valentines Day 10 km night time trail run at Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville, Louisiana. Over 85 runners put fresh batteries in their headlamps and went out on a 6.2 mile off road adventure.

Q50 - Amazing Race in Amazing Places (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /


Running at night creates a whole new running experience. (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

10 km

6:16 min/miles was the spicy pace Dalton Fetters averaged on his race winning effort in the male race.

Shannon Allison went sub-42 to claim second place in the nocturnal adventure with a 41:45 finish time.

Top 5 male

  1. Dalton Fetters – 39:00
  2. Shannon Allison – 41:45
  3. John Fontenot – 42:54
  4. Bradford Case – 42:59
  5. Sean Valliant – 45:15

The community. Doug Arena (#42) and Patrick Groue (#51) celebrating each others finish. (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Christina Hubbell ran her way to a seventh overall placing while winning the female race in 45:41.

A group of five crossed the finish within a two second window…smiling together…gritting their teeth…elbows swinging a bit wide…hand in hand…I will let your imagination decide. Ashley Fontenot led this pack for second with Jen Guidry in a near synchronized stride.

Christina Hubbell (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Top 5 female

  1. Christina Hubbell – 45:41
  2. Ashley Fontenot – 50:52
  3. Jen Guidry – 50:52
  4. Brandi Leblanc – 50:53
  5. Ashley Boone – 50:54

Ashley Fontenot finishing strong. (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Complete 10 km results

Race Reports and Groovy Pics

A special thanks to Louisiana Running Company for the photos you see above!

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