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Piney Woods Trail Run – 2012 Results

Mild morning but you are going to get your feet wet in this one!

Photo: Copyright Andrew Wolfe /

On January 28th the Piney Woods Trail Run took place on the flat, pine needle and leaf covered trails within Lake Houston Wilderness Park in New Caney, Texas (near Houston). Soggy trails was a bonus feature added to this 10 mile and 5 km scamper due to the recent rainfalls.


Let the endorphin party begin! (Photo: Copyright Andrew Wolfe /

10 mile

Houston locals, Daniel Feder and Ryan Gill pushed the pace and they may even have walked on water with their 6:39 pace across the 10 mile course. Daniel was able to create the slightest of gaps at the finish, crossing the line 1.1 second ahead of Ryan and winning the male race in 1:06:31.

Ryan settled for second in 1:06:32.

Top 5 male

  1. Daniel Feder – 1:06:31 (*gun time*)
  2. Ryan Gill – 1:06:32
  3. Christian Pacheco – 1:14:00
  4. John Lester – 1:30:16
  5. Hugh Ferry – 1:30:45

The chase. (Photo: Copyright Andrew Wolfe /

Terrhan Dial’s 9:13 pace had her just outside a top 10 overall but spicy enough to create a 46 second gap from the next female chaser and win the female race in 1:32:16.

Carmen Vanhootegem held off Rhonda Emerson to earn second in 1:33:02.

Top 5 female

  1. Terrhan Dial – 1:32:16 (*gun time*)
  2. Carmen Vanhootegem – 1:33:02
  3. Rhonda Emerson – 1:33:11
  4. Gigi White – 1:35:21
  5. Patti Kroger – 1:35:51

Crystal Penney enjoying the morning trail scamper! (Photo: Copyright Andrew Wolfe /

Complete 10 mile results

5 km

Emily Lemaire and Jaimie Hill inspired each other at the front of the female race. Emily was able to create a few strides gap to win the female race and place 10th overall in 28:56.

Jaimie followed shortly in 29:15.

Top 5 female

  1. Emily Lemaire – 28:56 (*gun time, 10th overall*)
  2. Jaimie Hill – 29:15
  3. Alexandra Thurman – 31:23
  4. Sara West – 32:19
  5. Eliza Burton – 32:33

Sometimes you have to get out there and "Just do it!" You may just surprise yourself. (Photo: Copyright Andrew Wolfe /

While the female win was a nail-biter, the male race saw Steve Sievert create a bit of breathing room at the front as he won the male race in 21:46.

Josh Rubin ran a 7:26 pace to finish second in 23:07.

Top 5 male

  1. Steve Sievert – 21:46 (*gun time*)
  2. Josh Rubin – 23:07
  3. Jose Mendez – 23:59
  4. Kirk Crowe – 25:41
  5. Kendall Hoyd – 25:51

The finish! (Photo: Copyright Andrew Wolfe /

Complete 5 km results

Race Reports and Groovy Pics

  • “Bobbing and weaving through the maze-like course of roots, pine needles, and assorted leaves was challenging and taught me early on that pacing myself is very important in trail running especially with all these obstacles on course.” by Lee @ finish strong
  • Groovy Race Pics – by Andrew Wolfe

If you have an experience or thought to share from the event, please feel free to include in the comment link below.

A special thanks to Andrew Wolfe for the sweet photos you see above!

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