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Bandera Mileage Milestones – Those That Can’t Get Enough

This year marked the 10th running of the Texas rock-littered trail scamper that has been given many a colorful name by those that have survived its terrain, but it is officially known as Bandera (2012 Results Summary). This year saw 11 runners reach some pretty impressive mileage milestones on this course. We are talking about 500 km and 1000 km of Bandera goodness. This small group of runners are from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and as far as New York!

Runner on his way down the back-side of a "Sister" at Bandera. (Photo: David Hanenburg)

Who are these people that just can’t get enough of this course?

Check it out!

500 km Milestone

Here are those that have accumulated 500 km of Bandera finishes that include straight 100 km, combo 100 km and 50 km, and a straight 50 km. Yep, 10 straight years of 50 km finishes! Love it!

Susan Bell (TX)

Susan has ran five 100 km adventures with the first dating back to 2007. Susan dashed off an 18:52:11 100 km run this year and was her second fastest time on this course.

Elise Harrington (CO)

Elise makes the trip to Texas Hill Country from the state of Colorado and crossed the Bandera finish line for the first time back in 2007. Elise enjoyed an 18:30:44 100 km finish this year.

Carrie Knapp (TX)

Carrie reached 500 km through two 50 km and four 100 km adventures through the park with her first finish taking back in 2006. This Texan finished the 100 km this year in 17:37:42.

Deborah Sexton (TX)

Deborah celebrated her sixth finish in 22:45:57 and her second fastest time 100 km time since her first finish on this course back in 2003.

Deborah in the early mile of Bandera. She is moving so fast I could only get a photo after she had already passed. 😉 (Photo: David Hanenburg)

Jean Cummings-Perez (TX)

Jean finished her first Bandera back in 2006 with a 50 km adventure. Since then, Jean has accumulated five 100 km finishes and crossed the line this year in 14:28:28 putting her at 550 km of Bandera goodness.

Dmitry Rozinsky (TX)

Dmitry has accumulated six finishes that include two 50 km and four 100 km. This year Dmitry enjoyed a 17:45:59 100 km finish.

(Photo: Courtesy Dmitry Rozinsky)

Dmitry’s description of the Bandera course is short and to the point – “deceptively difficult”. He also had this to say about the race organization, “one of the best of all the races I’ve ever run.” Nice!

Kurt Coonrod (NM)

Kurt has experienced the most Bandera finishes out of this group…with 10! Kurt has finished the 50 km scamper in all 10 years of the event. Kurt finished his 10th straight 50km this year in 7:01:30.

Brad Quinn (TX)

Brad has six Bandera finishes with the first back in 2007. Brad has a mix of 100 km and 50 km finishes with a 100 km buckle this year in 12:49:12.

(Photo: Courtesy Brad Quinn)

Brad had these thoughts to share about his Bandera adventures.

“I don’t have any specific moments or crazy stories from my Bandera 500km experiences. Just great memories/feelings about running with friends in the beautiful Texas hill country and spending time with my wonderful family.  Pushing myself to overcome the elements and difficult terrain. Setting a good example for my kids and persevering when times get tough.  Not giving up when all I can think about is stopping and showing my four little ones it’s all about self-belief, will and determination.  “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” (Helen Keller).”

1000 km Milestone

Ten years. Ten 100 km finishes. Cool!

Scott Gordon (NM)

Through the years, Scott has finished Bandera anywhere between 12 and 16 hours. This year Scott celebrated a 15:50:37 finish.

Scott Wood (TX)

Scott has finished 10 years of Bandera 100 km between 13 and 16 hours with a 14:27:50 to mark his 1000 km finish.

(Photo: Courtesy Scott Wood and Andrew Wolfe /

Scott also had a few thoughts from his 10 years of sotol, rocks, challenges, and fun.

About the Bandera event team…

“Each year holds particular memories but the thing that stands out the most is the support of the volunteers and race director.  Running a distance of this magnitude would not be possible without the support of those volunteers and their willingness to brave the elements with the rest of us.  Whether it was hot or cold they were there to make sure our needs were met and did it with grace and uncompromising service.”

About his wife…

“I also had great support from my wife who stood with me several of those years and helped crew. Two years ago when the weather was so bitterly cold, I was at mile 52 coming in to the second cross-roads aid station with only one more station and the finish to go.  I was tired, hungry, cold, wet and miserable and ready to just drop out. I had made the decision that if she was waiting for me at the aid station I would just tell her to get the car and my bag and we would go home.  I couldn’t imagine going the last 10 miles.  When I arrived at the aid station she was there and lovingly gave me what I needed, told me to rest a second and then gently pushed me on the trail.  I really wanted to quit but she wouldn’t let me.”

Mark Raymond (NY)

Mark earns the farthest-from-home honors with the New York residence. Mark’s 10 years of Bandera have included finishes between 14 and 22 hours. This year 1000 km finish was in 21:49:35.

A special congrats to all of the 1000 km and 500 km Bandera finishers!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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