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Foothills 50 km Trail Run – 2012 Results

To kick-off the new year, 14 spunky trail running souls enjoyed a day on the Albuquerque, New Mexico trails for the Foothills 50 km FA trail run. Sections of trail were a bit moist but not sticky. Wet feet were a possibility along with sections of snow covered trail. Smiles were close to a guarantee.

(Photo: Courtesy Perky Garcia)

The full course was an counter-clockwise loopy out-and-back combination. The course traveled within a 100o feet…up, down, and around. (course profile)


50 km

Brian Pilgrim led the way with Roger Squires a short seven minutes back after 50 km of running.

the 50 km crew

  1. Brian Pilgrim – 6:29:40
  2. Roger Squires – 6:36:43
  3. Nicholas Juskiewicz – 6:41:41
  4. Steve Grossman – 7:30:48
  5. Clifford Matthews – 8:56:10

Photo: Courtesy Perky Garcia

marathon please

Dick Harris was the sole marathon finish and untied the shoes after a 7:35:25 adventure.

Photo: Courtesy Perky Garcia

20 mile, just right

Daniel Hadlich and Stephen Jett arrived at the BBQ waiting finish line, together in 3:36:00.

20 mile crew

  1. Daniel Hadlich – 3:36:00
  2. Stephen Jett – 3:36:00
  3. Jason Hoy – 4:28:00
  4. Misty Pilgrim – 5:10:00
  5. Brenda Jensen – mystery time

Photo: Courtesy Perky Garcia

half marathon, so nice

Just had a 3 Amigos flashback…anyway…Meisha Smith, Ron Banning and Ayesha Sundram all completed the half marathon scamper together, in 2:46:00.

Race Reports

  • Couldn’t find any… 🙁

Photo: Courtesy Perky Garcia

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A special thanks to Perky Garcia for the photos you see above!

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