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Wild Hare Trail Run – 2011 Results

*brief results format to catch up with all the TALON action*

A 50 miles, 50 km, 25 km, or 10 km scamper awaited over 350 runners on the varied trails at Bluff Creek Ranch near Warda, Texas, for the Wild Hare Trail Run. Twisty single track, a few climbs, sections to open-it-up, and a guest visitor – moderate temps and even some humidity.

View along the course at Wild Hare. (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

The course consisted of a main 7.5 mile loop. A shorter loop or out-and-back section is included at the start of each distance to provide your full money’s worth!

Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /


The journey begins! (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

50 mile

Simon Donato (2010 Cactus Rose 50 – 8:23:26 – 1st) averaged a 9:13 min/mile pace across the 50 mile adventure to create over a 30 minute gap to win the male race in 7:41:17.

Anthony Roman was by himself in second place and crossed the line in 8:12:04.

Top 5 male

  1. Simon Donato – 7:41:17
  2. Anthony Roman – 8:12:04
  3. David Renfro – 8:27:48
  4. Jason Gates – 8:48:07
  5. Henry Zoch III – 8:56:45

Relaxed and smooth! (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

Amanda Alvarado (2011 Cactus Rose 50 – 11:55:05 – 3rd female) led the small group of runners at the front of the female race to earn the win in 9:54:36.

Cheryl Tulkoff earned a second place showing in 10:10:11.

Top 5 female

  1. Amanda Alvarado – 9:54:36
  2. Cheryl Tulkoff – 10:10:11
  3. Parvaneh Moayedi – 10:16:39
  4. Martha Siskron – 11:10:53
  5. Edie Riedel – 11:13:25

Feelin' good! (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

50 km

Melanie Fryar made the trip from Colorado to knock out a spicy effort that placed her first female and second overall in 4:13:50, holding off second place male Jacob Evans during the final stretch to the finish.

Laurie Carswell finished a solid second place effort in 5:21:33.

Top 5 female

  1. Melanie Fryar – 4:13:50 (*2nd overall*)
  2. Laurie Carswell – 5:21:33
  3. Tricia Hernandez – 5:39:40
  4. Lauren Baird – 6:34:52
  5. Christine Jones – 6:36:24

Just as much Fun as Fast in our trail running tribe! (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

David Brown was back to defend his 2010 win…and did just that! David ran a 7:49 pace to clearly set himself at the front of the male race and finish first in 4:03:01.

Jacob Evans pushed a fairly even pacing through each loop to earn a solid second place in 4:14:21.

Top 5 male

  1. David Brown – 4:03:01
  2. Jacob Evans – 4:14:21
  3. Brent Bellm – 4:32:18
  4. Christopher Haley – 4:39:26
  5. Nathan Jackson – 4:51:57

Sweet ears! (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

25 km

Jason Brooks was within one minute of the 2010 course record while separating himself from the small chase group to win the male race in 1:55:24.

Shawn Bostad was able to create a small gap in front of Benjamin Drezek to earn second in 1:59:53.

Top 5 male

  1. Jason Brooks – 1:55:24
  2. Shawn Bostad – 1:59:53
  3. Benjamin Drezek – 2:01:27
  4. Kyle Kemp – 2:04:10
  5. Gerald Fincken – 2:05:20

Follow the not quite so yellow brick road! (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

The female race saw an inspiring showcase amongst Tammy Walters, Mallory Brooks, and Kalynn Hodde with less than two minutes separating the three of them at the finish. Kalynn Hodde was able to create a small seven second gap to lead this group across the finish line and win the female race in 2:24:05.

A couple of breaths later, Mallory crossed for second in 2:24:12.

Top 5 female

  1. Kalynn Hodde – 2:24:05
  2. Mallory Brooks – 2:24:12
  3. Tammy Walters – 2:25:51
  4. Elizabeth Black-Wills – 2:32:11
  5. Nancy Marks – 2:35:00

The path taken. The journey yet to come. (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

10 km

Glenda Adams set a new course record and was 90 seconds from snagging the overall to win the female race in 48:02.

Heather Welsch was a lone female in second and crossed the line in 53:18, fifth overall.

Top 5 female

  1. Glenda Adams – 48:02 (*course record – 2nd overall*)
  2. Heather Welsch – 53:18 (*5th overall*)
  3. Stacey Hamilton – 59:18
  4. Adelaide Pangemanan – 1:01:14
  5. Gwen Ockenlaender – 1:01:39

Dissolving the layers. Forward progress becomes the motto. (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

Cameron Larson guided the 10 km runners from the front with a 7:29 pace to earn the male win in 46:32.

Ryan Gravelle cruised through the finish second in 51:25.

Top 5 male

  1. Cameron Larson – 46:32
  2. Ryan Gravelle – 51:25
  3. John Jimenez – 53:02
  4. Adrian Haley – 57:43
  5. Bryan Heintschel – 57:52

Complete results for all race distances.

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