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UltraCentric – 2011 Results

*brief results format to catch up with all the TALON action*

Big silver, cash, and fun were brought home from the UltraCentric weekend at Meadowmere Park located on the shores of Lake Grapevine, just northwest of Dallas, Texas.

If you enjoy running with a group of friends of all paces, this type of event may be for you. The course is a paved two mile loop along the lake where you run 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours. Run, rest, eat, sleep…whatever. Run and much or as little as you want within your time limit. That is your result! Simple enough. The short loop allows you to chat with a wide variety of runners…a cool feature of this format.

Loopy fun! (Photo: Courtesy Suann Lundsberg /

For those that have the speed and perseverance, there is a pound of silver (or cash value) awarded to the male and female 24 and 48 hour winners. That turned out to be a $520 payday!


48 hour

Volodymyr Balatskyy of Jamica, New York set the bar high, running 209.50 miles and winning the male race. Volodymyr’s time was the third greatest in UltraCentric history!

Able to outlast the lead female runner, Ray Krolewicz claimed second overall with 141.03 miles.

Top 5 male

  1. Volodymyr Balatskyy – 209.50 miles
  2. Ray Krolewicz – 141.03 miles
  3. Michael Morrowfox – 100 miles
  4. Michael Welch – 100 miles
  5. Rick Carr – 88 miles

Kimberley Sergeant was able to separate herself from the chasers in the female race to take home $520 in cash with 136.40 miles.

The hunt for second saw Jamie Maas and Joyce Ong leaving less than a mile between the two when they called it a day. Jamie claimed second with 125.03 miles.

All 4 female

  1. Kimberley Sergeant – 136.40 miles (*3rd overall*)
  2. Jamie Maas – 125.03 miles (*4th overall*)
  3. Joyce Ong – 124.16 miles (*5th overall*)
  4. Angela Tortorice – 32 miles

Complete 48 hour results

Top Two 48 Hour Men and Women: (Back row L-to-R) Ray Krolewicz, Kimberley Sergeant, Volodymyr Balatskyy. (Front) Jamie Maas (Photo: Courtesy Ultracentric /

24 hour

Yen Nguyen and Tammy Unangst were not only in the hunt for the female win, they were going after the overall! Yen was able to create a little separation from Tammy and was within two miles of the overall winner. Yen earned first female with 88.48 miles.

Tammy was a close second with 86.56 miles.

Top 5 female

  1. Yen Nguyen – 88.48 miles (*2nd overall*)
  2. Tammy Unangst – 86.56 miles (*3rd overall*)
  3. Melody Dennis – 77.07 miles (*8th overall*)
  4. Karen Riddle – 76 miles (*9th overall*)
  5. Cathy Nevans – 68 miles (*10th overall*)

Sixtyone year old Andy Thomson held off the female chase to win the overall and male race with 90.10 miles.

Lloyd Sorenson and Elliot Denholm both finished with 84 miles but Lloyd finished sooner and earns the runner-up spot.

Top 5 male

  1. Andy Thomson – 90.10 miles
  2. Lloyd Sorenson – 84 miles
  3. Elliot Denholm – 84 miles
  4. Jason Reynolds – 82 miles
  5. Eunsup Kim – 78.76 miles

Complete 24 hour results

Payday for top 24 and 48 hour winners. (Photo: Courtesy Ultracentric /

12 hour

At the end of 12 hours, Brett Hart created a two lap (4 mile) gap in front of Kyle Threlkeld to win the male race with 58 miles. Kyle held onto second with 54 miles.

Top 5 male

  1. Brett Hart – 58 miles
  2. Kyle Threlkeld – 54 miles
  3. Michael England – 40 miles
  4. Greg Sisengrath – 36 miles
  5. Rian Brown – 34 miles

The girls dominated the top ten of the overall, earning seven placings and the overall win.

Monica Burt added an additional two laps from the top male finisher to win the overall and female race with 62 miles!

Nancy Hannah finished second female and third overall with 56 miles.

Top 5 female

  1. Monica Burt – 62 miles (*1st overall*)
  2. Nancy Hannah – 56 miles (*3rd overall*)
  3. Suann Lundsberg – 54 miles (*5th overall*)
  4. Terri Brewen – 46 miles (*6th overall*)
  5. Gloria Canchola – 44 miles (*7th overall*)

Complete 12 hour results

6 hour

While the 12 hour race was dominated by the ladies, the 6 hour event only saw one female put on a bib.

Isabella Baudhuin was the sole female finisher and enjoyed a 12 mile day!

The male race saw Michael Talbert create a one lap gap from the chase group at the end of six hours to win the male race with 34 miles.

Adrian Proudfoot and Tiger Vo both finished with 32 miles but Adrian finished the distance sooner and thus earns the runner-up placing.

Top 5 male

  1. Michael Talbert – 34 miles
  2. Adrian Proudfoot – 32 miles
  3. Tiger Vo – 32 miles
  4. Neil Hewitt – 30 miles
  5. David Johnson – 30 miles

Complete 6 hour results

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Special thanks to Suann and UltraCentric for the photos above!

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