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White Mesa FA Trail Run – 2011 Results

*brief results format to catch up with all the TALON action*

On the rugged and remote terrain in San Ysidro, New Mexico, 25 spunky trail runners ran in the White Mesa FA Trail Run. Runners ran on the White Mesa Bike trails that contain a variety of gnarly terrain and spectacular views.

Let's run! (Photo: Courtesy Perky Garcia)

The announced distances include a multi-loop 50k (4 loops) and 64k course (4 loops + out-and-back). Of course, in typical FA style…run more, run less…whatever. Have fun!

Perky showcasing the White Mesa trail system. (Photo: Courtesy Perky Garcia)


64 km +

Nicholas Juskieqicz ran 50 km in 7:08, then decided to run another full loop for a total of 41 miles in 9:14.

James Breyfogle was the only 64 km finisher and completed the distance in 6:35.

Photo: Courtesy Perky Garcia

50 km

A group of six rested their feet after the 50k, four loops adventure.

  1. Neil Blake – 5:27
  2. Steve Pero – 6:53
  3. Kelley Garcia – 8:45
  4. Cliff Matthews – 10:40
  5. Jeff Vieyra – 10:59
  6. Gene Bruckert – 11:46

Nature is art. (Photo: Courtesy Perky Garcia)

A little bit of this, a dash of that

  • Richard Harris – 8:33 (26.2 miles)
  • Allen Scarff –  4:45 (3 loops)
  • Jeff Hunter – 2 loops
  • Ross Klobuchar – 14 miles
  • Jeff Edgar – 2 loops
  • Jason Hoy – 2 loops
  • Steve Jett – 2:34 (2 loops)
  • Roger Squires – 3:09 (2 loops)
  • Hannag Kligman – 3:03 (2 loops)
  • Garth Realer – 3:15 (2 loops)
  • Daryl Dagel – 2:53 (2 loops)
  • Beth Davenport – 2:48 (1 loop)
  • Judy Blake – 3:10 (1 loop)
  • Suzana Burke – 2:30 (1 loop)
  • Darrell Guzman – 2:30 (1 loop)
  • Mbarak Hussein – 1:30 (1 loop)
  • Kevin Zelechoski – ?? The great mystery!

Here is a cool video highlighting some of the amazing trail and terrain in the area.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

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Photo: Courtesy Perky Garcia

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Special thanks to Perky Garcia for the sweet collection of photos you see above!

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2 Responses to “White Mesa FA Trail Run – 2011 Results”

  1. on 28 Nov 2012 at 12:57 am Carma Harvey

    Hey Mark Jones & I did the FULL 50k run as well. My phone died so I didn’t get our results from ‘Map my Run’. Which I truly regret. But we were out there when the sun went down. Had lots of fun!!

    Carma Harvey
    7-8 hours

  2. on 12 Dec 2012 at 10:38 am David Hanenburg

    Thanks for the update Carma! Great to hear you enjoyed the adventure.