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Bona Dea 50 km – 2011 Results

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On November 12, 18 runners went ultra on the hard-top in Russellville, Arkansas for the Bona Dea 50 km Ultramarathon. This was the sixth race of the Arkansas Ultra Trail Series. The course is a flat and fast 3.4 mile loop on a paved trail. Run it nine times and include a short out-and-back and you have yourself a 50 km finish!

Bona Dea Trail (Photo: Courtesy dbarronoss @


David Joseph finished the Arkansas Traveller 100 in 21:48:02 (9th overall) this past Octobert, and he brought the jalepeno to Bona Dea as well. David dashed off a 7:18 pace across the 50 km “dash” to win the male race in 3:47:12.

Lee Epperson finished with a gap in front and behind to earn second in 4:06:45.

Top 5 male

  1. David Joseph – 3:47:12
  2. Lee Epperson – 4:06:45
  3. Mark DenHerder – 4:24:34
  4. Alan Hunnicutt – 4:53:59
  5. George Peterka – 4:55:37

Photo: Courtesy dbarronoss @

Stacy Shaver ran her way up to fourth overall and won the female race in 4:39:08.

Katie Helms crossed the line second in 4:57:06.

Top 5 female

  1. Stacy Shaver – 4:39:08 (*4th overall*)
  2. Katie Helms – 4:57:06 (*8th overall*)
  3. Deb Baker – 5:05:11 (*9th overall*)
  4. Jamie Huneycutt – 5:17:27
  5. Jen Freilino – 5:17:57

Complete results

Photo: Courtesy dbarronoss @

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