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Rockledge Rumble Trail Run – 2011 Results

*brief results format to catch up with all the TALON action*

Matt Crownover backs up his 2010 win on the 50 km course with a sub 4:30 finish!

On November 12th over 240 runners participated in the 16th Annual Rockledge Rumble Trail run that takes place in north Texas on the undulating and beautiful shores of Grapevine Lake. A strong wind, sunny skies, and pleasant temps escorted the runners throughout the day.

Rockledge Rumble - Just before the start.

The event provided a 50 km, 30 km, and 15 km scamper.

The trails along Grapevine lake continue to be refined every year leading to a slightly unique course from previous years with the trail only getting better. Runners received plenty of rolling single and double track terrain. Some rocks, a few roots, and sweet images of the lake.


RD, Tom Crull. Life is good!

50 km

Similar to 2010, Greg Gibbs took off like a rocket looking to lead, looking to win. At the 9.8 mile mark Greg had over a three minute gap from the chase group that included defending champ, Matt Crownover. 5.7 miles later, at the Murrell Aid Station Greg increased his lead to nearly six minutes.

Greg arriving at Far Gate AS (mile 9.8).

Across the next 9.8 miles, Matt chipped at the gap and was able to catch and pass Greg with around five miles to the finish (similar to last year). Matt passed through the final aid station ready to push to the finish. Greg was struggling and had little urgency in his stride.

Matt ran hard to the finish and defended last year’s win with a 4:29:13 finish.

Matt climbing up the the finish!

Greg was able to dig deep, regroup, and get himself to the finish to hold onto second position in 4:41:10.

Top 5 male

  1. Matthew Crownover – 4:29:13
  2. Greg Gibbs – 4:41:10
  3. Glenn Mackie – 4:47:44
  4. Steve Berrones – 4:57:50
  5. Chanc Woods – 5:07:25

California athlete Kelly Ridgway, led from the early miles of the race. Kelly ran within the top 10 overall throughout the 50km scamper. Kelly went on to win the female race in 5:17:46 and finished ninth overall.

Rhonda after her finish.

Shaheen Sattar finished second in 5:23:05 and 10th overall honors.

Top 5 female

  1. Kelly Ridgway – 5:17:46 (*9th overall*)
  2. Shaheen Sattar – 5:23:05 (*10th overall*)
  3. Kelley Aviles – 5:31:20
  4. Julie Armstrong – 5:45:47
  5. Tina Jeon – 5:55:37

Complete 50 km results

30 km

Katy Goggin and Laurie Lukanich finished the 30 km trail adventure just over three minutes apart. Katy lead the climb up the finish line sand staircase to claim sixth overall and earn the female win in 3:56:11.

Laurie finished shortly in 3:59:15.

Top 5 female

  1. Katy Goggin – 3:56:11 (*6th overall*)
  2. Laurie Lukanich – 3:59:15 (*8th overall*)
  3. Monica Burt – 4:06:06 (*10th overall*)
  4. Kristi Wynne – 4:10:11
  5. Susie Gross – 4:11:50

30k runner Laurie Lukanich.

Kiet Hoang left no debate who was going to win this race. Kiet created a 27 minute gap at the finish line to win the male race in 3:09:25.

The race for second had more excitement. Douglas Howie and Mark Weir pushed the pace to the finish with the two separated by just over 90 seconds. Douglas was able to lead the way at the finish line and claimed second in 3:36:26.

Top 5 male

  1. Kiet Hoang – 3:09:25
  2. Douglas Howie – 3:36:26
  3. Mark Weir – 3:38:05
  4. Eric Hampton – 3:41:01
  5. Paul Thomas – 3:45:35

Dave Garred cruising along the 30k course.

Complete 30 km Results

15 km

Jonathan Moody and Robert Fowler led the inspiration train at the front of the male race. The two were separated by less than one minute at the stairs with Jonathan crossing first in 1:13:12.

Robert was next in 1:14:11.

Top 5 male

  1. Jonathan Moody – 1:13:12
  2. Robert Fowler – 1:14:11
  3. Christopher Ingram – 1:17:34
  4. Bob Warner – 1:21:57
  5. Dustin Clark – 1:24:20

Far Gate Aid Station getting ready for the runners!

Monique Ecker finished seventh overall and won the female race in 1:24:36.

Laura Nelson rounded out the top 10 of the overall and finished second female in 1:30:06.

Top 5 female

  1. Monique Ecker – 1:24:36 (*7th overall*)
  2. Laura Nelson  – 1:30:06 (*10th overall*)
  3. Chelsea Hoang – 1:35:04
  4. Zoe Georgopoulos – 1:37:12
  5. Jill Statham – 1:41:55

Post-run fellowship!

Complete 15km results

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