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Louisiana Missions Marathon & Ultra Trail Run – 2011 Results

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Over 100 runners enjoyed rolling singletrack trough hardwood forests at Eddie D. Jones Park just outside Shreveport, Louisiana for the Louisiana Missions Marathon & Ultra Trail Run.

XMA! (Photo: Copyright Robert Frederick - TimeBox Photography /

A 50 km, marathon, or a half mary scamper awaited.


50 km

David Micinski took off like a rocket over the first 13 mile loop averaging an 8:11 pace and starting loop two with nearly a two minute gap from the next chasers, Stan Sanford and Bryan Lewis.

Over the next 13 mile loop David’s average pace slowed by over one minute which allowed Stan and Bryan to make the pass with a modified 5 mile loop to go. Stan has the lead after 26 miles and held the 10 minute gap over the next five miles to win the male race in 4:31:05.

Bryan maintained second position and finished in 4:41:46.

Bryan Lewis (Photo: Copyright Robert Frederick - TimeBox Photography /

Top 5 male

  1. Stan Sanford – 4:31:05
  2. Bryan Lewis – 4:41:46
  3. David Micinski – 5:02:14
  4. Derek Dowell – 5:20:23
  5. James Hunter – 5:37:32

The female race had all five female finishers pass through the first 13 miles all within a minute of each other. After crossing the marathon distance, Sumerlin Holzhalb moved to the front and created a three minute gap from the next chaser. Sumerlin held onto the lead in the final miles to win the female race in 6:33:39.

Summerlin Holzhalb with Jana Stitzlein (Photo: Copyright Robert Frederick - TimeBox Photography /

Terrey Perrault and Pamela Congemi appeared to run the whole race together…or at least at the same pace. Terrey had the longer stride at the finish to claim second in 6:35:35.

All 5 female

  1. Summerlin Holzhalb – 6:33:39
  2. Terrey Perrault – 6:35:35
  3. Pamela Congemi – 6:35:36
  4. Karen Fradella – 6:44:06
  5. Amy Brautigan – 7:17:17

Complete 50k results.


Serene Griffin averaged an 8:23 and 8:54 pace for each 13 mile loop to create a sizable gap and crossed the finish line in 3:46:18. Serene also dashed off a second overall placing!

Serene Griffin (Photo: Copyright Robert Frederick - TimeBox Photography /

Kelsey Regan maintained her second place position after loop one to finish runner-up in 5:04:05.

Top 5 female

  1. Serene Griffin – 3:46:18 (*2nd overall*)
  2. Kelsey Regan – 5:04:05
  3. Amy Haygood – 5:22:32
  4. Lee Johnson – 5:26:37
  5. Jo May – 6:07:08

Mj Engle brought the spice, running a sub-3 hour marathon to win the male race in 2:58:54!

Mj Engle (Photo: Copyright Robert Frederick - TimeBox Photography /

Bryon Adams led the chase group and finished second in 3:50:28.

Top 5 male

  1. Mj Engle – 2:58:54
  2. Bryon Adams – 3:50:28
  3. Jake Anderson – 3:57:00
  4. Keith Richards – 4:00:03
  5. Jeff Statham – 4:08:45

Complete marathon results

Half Marathon

Chris Baird ran the loop averaging a 7:00 min pace to win the male race in 1:31:41.

Chris Baird (Photo: Copyright Robert Frederick - TimeBox Photography /

Keith Pitman held off Andre Olivier to finish second in 1:43:26.

Top 5 male

  1. Chris Baird – 1:31:41
  2. Keith Pitman – 1:43:26
  3. Andre Olivier – 1:45:48
  4. Mark Thompson – 1:50:23
  5. Matthew Holmes – 1:54:01

Wendy Dickson and Marianne Garvey ran within the top 10 of the overall with Wendy having a bit more turnover to be first across the line in 1:54:53. Wendy also ran sixth overall!

Wendy Dickson (Photo: Copyright Robert Frederick - TimeBox Photography /

Marianne finished just over five minutes later to finish second female and eighth overall in 2:00:23.

Top 5 female

  1. Wendy Dickson – 1:54:53 (*6th overall*)
  2. Marianne Garvey – 2:00:23 (*8th overall*)
  3. Caroline Seago – 2:14:07
  4. Chelsey Gibbs – 2:14:08
  5. Beth Foster – 2:20:04

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Huge thanks to Robert Frederick at TimeBox Photography for the great collection of race pics above.

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