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Turkey & Taturs Trail Run – 2011 Results

*brief results format to catch up with all the TALON action*

On November 6th, over 170 runners enjoyed the beautiful running conditions on the trails at Turkey Mountain in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the 6th annual Turkey & Taturs Trail Run.

Turkey Mountain (Photo: Courtesy imarcc @

The TATUR crew delivered a pre-holiday run of 50 km, 25 km, or 10 km.

All distances enjoy a loop course. The 10 km and 25 km will run a single loop while the 50 km dirt lovers will run the 25 km loop twice. The trail is mostly groovy single track that includes technical and cruise-mode sections. It’s trail running baby!

Warren Realrider enjoying a morning on Turkey Mountain. (Photo: Courtesy Ken Childress /


50 km

Cole Starkey, you may recognize the name as he was the first male finisher at the Pumpkin Holler 50 km in October. Well, the dude was back and dashed off just over 9 minute miles across 50 km to win the male race 4:41:35.

Cole Starkey leading the inspiration train. (Photo: Courtesy Julia Backus)

Jeffrey Kasal found himself comfortably in second and crossed the finish in 5:19:33.

Top 5 male

  1. Cole Starkey – 4:41:35
  2. Jeffrey Kasal – 5:19:33
  3. Michael Scroggins – 5:38:29
  4. Zach Jones – 5:45:26
  5. Jacob Curley – 5:47:39

Nicole Green and Sarah Henning enjoyed a close scamper at the front of the female race. Their average pace was separated by a whopping seven seconds per mile.

Nicole Green - All smiles! (Photo: Courtesy Ken Childress /

Sarah was able to create less than a four minute gap after the 31 miles to win the female race in 7:01:35.

Nicole was next in 7:05:33.

All 4 female

  1. Sarah Henning – 7:01:35
  2. Nicole Green – 7:05:33
  3. Piper Kacere – 7:33:25
  4. Polly Choate – 7:52:56

Complete 50 km Results

25 km

Arkansas athlete, Whitney Kerth, played in the top 10 of the overall while averaging a 10:30 min/mile pace to win the female race in 2:43:05. Whitney also grabbed fifth overall!

Julie Ladehoff and Dee Smith cruised through the finish nearly stride for stride. Julie’s late surge allowed her to finish second by one second.

Top 5 female

  1. Whitney Kerth – 2:43:05 (*5th overall*)
  2. Julie Ladehoff – 2:58:55
  3. Dee Smith – 2:58:56
  4. Jennifer Robertson – 3:08:00
  5. Jamie Miller – 3:08:01

Trail Running - Fun for all ages. (Photo: Courtesy Ken Childress /

Christopher Greenlee disappeared down the trail and would not be seen until the finish line as he averaged an 8:30 pace and won the male race in 2:12:46.

Steve Lee and Chad Johnson has a fun few miles to the finish as they inspired each other to a sub 10 minute pace with Steve leading the way by less than one minute and finishing second in 2:31:35.

Top 5 male

  1. Christopher Greenlee – 2:12:46
  2. Steve Lee – 2:31:35
  3. Chad Johnson – 2:32:26
  4. Kenneth Richardson – 2:37:56
  5. Brian Desmarais – 2:43:19

Complete 25 km Results

Zach Jones looking relaxed. (Photo: Courtesy Julia Backus)

10 km

Say goodnight Gracie.

Sub three hour road marathoner, Christian Moore, ran a 6:51 pace that nearly set the local trails on fire. Christian won the male race in 42:32. Spicy and a course record!

Christian Moore feeling good post-race. (Photo: Courtesy James Reeves /

Brandon Johnson led the chase group finishing second in 53:01.

Top 5 male

  1. Christian Moore – 42:32
  2. Brandon Johnson – 53:01
  3. Gregory Konig – 54:42
  4. Emerson Turner – 55:40
  5. James Schrader – 55:58

Brynna (??), Stormy Philips, and Kathy and Brian Hoover. "The mountain lion was THIS big." (Photo: Courtesy Julia Backus)

Jenny Scott, Brittany Croce, and Elaine Palmquist claimed overall positions of 7, 8, and 9th. Jenny was able to create an eight second gap at the finish to win the female race in 56:03 and also set a new course record.

Jenny Scott re-hydrating after the 10 km scamper. (Photo: James Reeves /

Brittany earned runner-up honors in 56:11.

Top 5 female

  1. Jenny Scott – 56:03 (*7th overall*)
  2. Brittany Croce – 56:11 (*8th overall*)
  3. Elaine Palmquist – 59:14 (*9th overall*)
  4. Shelly Chronister – 1:03:27
  5. Norma King – 1:08:51

Complete 10 km results

The finish always feels good! John Hargrove is proof of that! (Photo:

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Huge thanks to Julia Backus and Ken Childress for the photos you see above!

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2 Responses to “Turkey & Taturs Trail Run – 2011 Results”

  1. on 22 Nov 2011 at 2:07 pm Jonathan

    Visited this area over the weekend before running the Route 66 Half Marathon and thought the area would be great for trail runs. I had no idea how hilly Tulsa really is. Great location for trails runs around the Sand Springs area.

  2. on 23 Nov 2011 at 11:20 am David Hanenburg

    Jonathan – Thanks for sharing! I haven’t been to Tulsa yet, but just southeast of it we enjoyed some nice rollers at the Pumpkin Holler.