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30K of the Dinosaur – 2011 Results

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Over 60 runners scampered through San Angelo State Park for a one or two loop off road adventure called 30K of the Dinosaur put on by the San Angelo Road Lizards Running Club. The main loops is 15 km. Run it once… or twice!

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30 km

Sebastian Haynes, a 1:20 – 1:25 road half marathoner, averaged a spicy 6:33 min/mile pace and won the male race by 12+ minutes in a time of 2:02:21.

Steve Tate crossed the line second with a bit of breathing room in 2:14:24.

Top 5 male

  1. Sebastian Haynes – 2:02:21
  2. Steve Tate – 2:14:24
  3. Rodney Elliot – 2:26:04
  4. Justin Welch – 2:34:39
  5. Brian Pomeroy – 2:50:58

Britt Smith and Amanda Hunter cruised through the course in 11:02 pace and co-won the female race in 3:25:56.

Amanda Shadowens was next to finish in 4:00:00.

All 4 female

  1. Britt Smith / Amanda Hunter – 3:25:56
  2. Amanda Shadowens – 4:00:00
  3. Sheila Tomerlia – 4:22:10

Complete 30 km results

San Angelo State Park with Mr. Bird enjoying some shade and maybe looking for some lunch. (Courtesy joevare @

15 km

Adriana Brakefield mixed it up near the top 10 of the overall to win the female race in sub-9 minute pace and a time of 1:23:39.

Tiffanie Cutrer was able to create a 67 second gap from a couple chasers to cross the line second in 1:30:40.

Top 5 female

  1. Adriana Brakefield – 1:23:39
  2. Tiffanie Cutrer – 1:30:40
  3. Erica Campbell – 1:31:47
  4. Suzanne Loveless – 1:31:51
  5. Veronica Rosser – 1:33:22

Nate Gonzales may have enjoyed some running time with 30 km winner Sebastian Haynes, as Nate averaged a 6:34 pace to win the male race in 1:01:14.

A string of runners followed with Bailey White leading the group and finishing second in 1:12:23.

Top 5 male

  1. Nate Gonzales – 1:01:14
  2. Bailey White – 1:12:23
  3. Keith Duryea – 1:13:13
  4. Mike Dotson – 1:14:46
  5. Marselino Torres – 1:15:07

Complete 15 km results

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