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Palo Duro Trail Run – 2011 Results

On October 15th, trail runners from around the country partook in a pilgrimage to west Texas for the visually spectacular Palo Duro Trail Run within the grounds of Palo Duro Canyon State Park. This is an amazing place to experience a sunrise while running the trails.

Photo: Courtesy Julie /

Crisp, clear skies, 40F temps, and a bagpipe player, greeted excited runners in the pre-dawn hours. Daytime temps warmed up as they often do for this event which ads an extra challenge during the afternoon hours.

The event offers a 50 mile, 50 km, and 20 km adventure through the park. All fun. All beautiful. All good!

The main loop throughout the canyon is 12.5 miles (20 km-ish). 50 miler’s run the loop four times. 50 ker’s include a short six mile loop before two main loops. The 20 km runners…one loop. Go get some!


Photo: Courtesy Julie /

50 mile

Three-time Palo Duro 50 km winner (could be more) Quent Bearden was back to push the pace but this time 50 miles was the goal. Quent took off kickin’ up a cloud of dust behind him as he averaged a 7:48 pace for the first 12.5 mile loop. Instead of being alone at the front, fellow speedster Brian Tinder was attached at Quent’s hip, one second back.

During loop 2 (mile 12.5 – 25) Quent surged, lowering his average pace for this loop to an extra spicy 7:32 min/mile. Brian drifted back and kept a similar even effort as the initial loop. Quent left mile 25 with a 2:28 lead.

Over the next 12.5 miles both Quent and Brian’s pace slowed but Quent appeared to be struggling more.  Brian catches Quent and makes the pass and heads out for the final gut-check loop with a 1:47 lead.

Brian averaged a 9:35 pace for the final 12.5 miles, while increasing the gap from Quent, and wins the male race in 7:00:09! This is the second fastest time in this century (and maybe longer).

Quent held tough through to the finish and earned second in 7:10:39 which appears to be the third fast time on this course (in this century and maybe longer).

Top 5 male

  1. Brian Tinder – 7:00:09
  2. Quent Bearden – 7:10:39
  3. Edgar Martinez – 7:45:54
  4. Chris McClure – 7:57:24
  5. Bill Sutherland – 8:00:06

The canyon! (Photo: Courtesy Julie /

The female race saw Amanda Boston lead from the early miles and never look back. Amanda averaged a 10:08 and 10:17 pace for the first two 12.5 mile loops. As the temps and miles added up, the pace slowed but forward progress continued to be made. Amanda went on to win the female race in 9:40:20 and finished 11th overall.

Kimberly Pilcher and Amy Bush had a fun little scamper for second place. Through 25 miles Amy created nearly a 12 minute gap. By the end of loop three, the gap was reduced by only a couple minutes. During the final loop, Kimberly chewed on a jalapeno and picked up the pace while Amy slowed. Kimberly made the pass and dashed in for second in 10:58:21.

Top 4 female (all finishers)

  1. Amanda Boston – 9:40:20
  2. Kimberly Pilcher – 10:58:21
  3. Amy Bush – 11:03:02
  4. Beth Anne Collins – 11:28:24

Photo: Courtesy Julie /

50 km

The ladies take the top two spots overall! And 50% of the top 10!

Through the middle miles Susan Brozik (sub-24 Leadville finisher) passed the early leaders and moved to the front of the overall race. Susan had nearly a three minute lead from the next female chaser, experienced trail runner Jean Herbert. Jean pulled a negative split out of her hydration pack over the last two loops to pass Susan and claim the overall win in 4:26:27.

Susan held onto second female and second overall in a time of 4:36:09.

Top 5 female

  1. Jean Herbert – 4:26:27 (*overall win*)
  2. Susan Brozik – 4:36:09 (*2nd overall*)
  3. Chris Purslow – 4:47:44 (*4th overall*)
  4. Andrea Blackmore – 5:10:22 (*8th overall*)
  5. Christina Yarbrough – 5:10:47

You see this all day long! (Photo: Courtesy Julie /

Martin Montalvo took the early 10 km lead before drifting back in with the line of runners groovin’ through the course.

With 12.5 to go, Troy Pruett moved to the front of the male race with Nathan Duvall less than two minutes back. Troy slowly increased the gap and help onto the male win in 4:38:42.

Nathan was the second male to scamper across the flag lined finish in 4:53:58.

Top 5 male

  1. Troy Pruett – 4:38:42
  2. Nathan Duvall – 4:53:58
  3. Daniel Ueland – 5:01:06
  4. Ryan Martin – 5:09:33
  5. John McDonald – 5:13:05

So close! (Photo: Courtesy Julie /

Complete 50 mile and 50 km results

20 km

Kevin Donnelly averaged a 7:35 pace to firmly win the male race in 1:34:57 (gun time). Kevin is Mr. Consistency at Palo Duro finishing his last three 20km scampers between 1:32-1:34.

Douglas Howie was able to stay away from the small chase group and not come down to a sprint. Douglas earned second in 1:43:09 (chip time)

Top 5 male

  1. Kevin Donnelly – 1:34:57 (*gun time*)
  2. Douglas Howie – 1:43:09 (*chip time*)
  3. Tobin Purslow – 1:45:17
  4. Jay Jones – 1:45:21
  5. Mike McCaslin – 1:46:56

More natural goodness. (Photo: Courtesy Julie /

Anna Thibodo was pushing the pace throughout the one loop scamper averaging a 7:57 effort to win the female race and finish second overall in 1:39:34 (gun time).

Karen Roberts and Kimberly Drechsel were in an inspiring run for second place as 69 seconds separated the two after 12.5 miles. Kimberly snuck in for second place honors in 1:48:57.

Top 5 female

  1. Anna Thibodo – 1:39:34 (*2nd overall – gun time*)
  2. Kimberly Drechsel – 1:48:57
  3. Karen Roberts – 1:50:06
  4. Laurie Lukanich – 1:53:16
  5. Kat Sparks – 2:01:39

The finish line! Always brings a smile and maybe even a couple tears. (Photo: Courtesy Julie /

Complete 20km results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Craig Woods (age 69), James Cummings (age 71), Robert Anderson (age 70), Fred Bonnell (age 71), Jay Norman (age 73), James Fulenwider (age 66), Ron Daniel (age 73), Joe Luccioni (age 72), Curtis Holliday (age 73), George Everett (age 69), Alan Englisch (age 72), Rosemary Holliday (age 71), Carolyn Hayes (age 66), Tony Dominiec (age 73), and Beacham Toler (age 82) all enjoyed one loop through the canyon! Love, love, love this!
  • Mary Croft (age 65), Terry Shelden (age 70), Frank Ingalls (age 66), Mack Varner (age 66), Wally Goettl (age 65), Kenneth Chambers (age 68), and George Kempston (age 67) went after the 50 km!
  • Ed Kopiak (age 69) attempted the 50 miler!

Look and be inspired!

Life is play. Play is life.

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • Vidal Gonzalez dug deep and finished the 50 mile eight seconds before the cutoff in 11:59:52. Had to be inspiring to see him pushin’ the little loop before the finish.
  • Nancy Fleming kept moving forward to finish the 50km in 10:02:50.

Here is a sweet video from a 50 mile runner, Jim Skelding. Lots of great photos and video footage.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Race Reports and Pics

  • “I enjoyed the quiet and the dark and by about 4 miles in, the morning sun was peeking up over the side of the canyon and an orange/pink glow was bathing the trail and canyon walls.” by Julie @ Trailing Along
  • There has to be more race reports out there, please share.

If you have any thoughts or experiences to share from the event, feel free to comment below!

Special thanks to Julie for all the groovy photos you see above!

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3 Responses to “Palo Duro Trail Run – 2011 Results”

  1. on 28 Oct 2011 at 1:25 pm Jonathan

    I keep thinking about Palo Duro. It is a great place to run. My favorite race by far. It was cool to meet Susan, Jean, and Vidal. Great people to be around.

  2. on 31 Oct 2011 at 12:04 pm amy

    How exciting, to find my name here! Yes, this was my first 50 miler, and obviously my pacing could use a little work, since my 2nd half was significantly slower than my first half. It was an amazing run, though, and I had a great time.

    My race report is here.

  3. on 31 Oct 2011 at 1:35 pm David Hanenburg

    Jonathan – Thanks for sharing dude! Great place to run indeed!

    Amy – Congratulations on your first 50 mile adventure! Thanks for visiting and sharing on Endurance Buzz. Fun race report read as well and YES, most all trail runs have a completely different vibe than Ironman (I have done 3). Welcome to the tribe! 🙂