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Pumpkin Holler 100 – 2011 Results

Over the weekend, 166 runners laced them up at the start line for the inaugural Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd up at Eagle Bluff Resort in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, a short drive east of Tulsa. Clear, calm, dry, and crisp air welcomed runners at the start before temps warmed up into the 80F+ by mid afternoon. For a day out in nature, it was really a special day!

View from Start/Finish area of the Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd. This pretty much highlights the wind conditions for the next 30 hours.

Off-road adventurers could choose between a 50 km, 100 km, or 100 mile journey. The main clockwise loop consisted of a 50 km scamper along quiet country dirt roads within the J.T. Nickel Preserve, the largest private protected area in the Ozarks. The 100 mile runners included a short out-and-back at the start of the race to make sure the mileage added up to 100.

The terrain consisted of a fair amount of natural rolling landscape on roads that were in great shape. Farms, fields, wooded sections, rock walls, and nature surrounded you with every step.


100 mile

Texas speedster, Ryan Loehding (18:09 – 2011 Rocky Raccoon 100), created a seven minute gap from the next chasers within the first seven miles. The gap extended as Ryan cruised through the first 50 km loop in a 9:10 pace and a 4:44 split. Only one other 100 mile runner (Danny Ponder) went sub-5 for any of their 50k splits!

Ryan Loehding grabbing some calories and fluids after completing his first 50 km loop in 4:44!

After 38 miles of racing, Danny Ponder (OK) and Claude Hicks Jr. (TX) were the closest chasers and the only runners within an hour of Ryan. Long way yet to go!

Over the next 50 km loop, runners experienced the toughest sun and heat of the day. The pace for everyone slowed as runners tried to keep their stomachs happy and feet moving. Ryan finished the loop (mile 69) in 6:16 with Danny Ponder and Claude Hicks Jr. back 51 and 58 minutes respectively.

Stars were bright and temps were dropping. One 50 km lap to go!

Claude Hicks Jr. coming through mile 69 with one 50km loop to go! Ready to chase!

And then it happened…

With five miles till the finish, Ryan heard footsteps. It was Claude! Claude negative split the last two loops which provided an opportunity for the win. Claude tried to press the pace slightly and Ryan took off like a rocket (or an ultra rocket) and would not be seen until the finish line.

Ryan won the inaugural Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd in 19:20:52!

Ryan ready to sit down by the fire after completing the 100 mile journey!

Claude’s consistent pacing in the last 100 km earned him runner-up honors in 19:28:07.

Top 5 male

  1. Ryan Loehding (TX) – 19:20:52
  2. Claude Hicks Jr. (TX) – 19:28:07
  3. Andy Emerson (MO) – 20:16:30
  4. Danny Ponder (OK) – 20:46:25
  5. Randy Ellis (OK) – 21:35:31

(I accidently deleted a large number of my photos from my camera… arghhh! So sorry!)

Through 100 miles, Karen Martin (AR) and Tahlequah local, Lori Enlow (OK), inspired each other at the front of the female race.

After 38 miles, Karen ran a 5:55 while Lori ran a 6:10 for their first full 50 km loop. This created a 21 minute gap for Karen as they started their second 50 km loop in the peak heat of the day.

Over the next 31 miles Lori slowed less and both women finished the loop together! A total of three seconds separated the two!

Karen Martin (I believe) at mile 69 with...

...Lori Enlow (I believe) right behind.

During the final 31 miles of night-time running, Lori was able to separate for Karen and complete the 100 mile Pumpkin Holler journey sixth overall and first female in 22:52:37!

Karen was able to hold onto second place as Debbie Leftwich made up 50 minutes during the final loop and came within 10 minutes of second. Karen earned second in 23:22:00.

Top 5 female

  1. Lori Enlow (OK) – 22:52:37 (*6th overall*)
  2. Karen Martin (AR) – 23:22:00 (*8th overall*)
  3. Debbie Leftwich (AR) – 23:32:50 (*10th overall*)
  4. Michele Hartwig (IL) – 24:48:28
  5. Kathy Hoover (OK) – 24:49:53

Complete 100 mile results

Results for 100 milers that dropped down to a 100 km finish

100 km

The 100 km scamper had the smallest number of runners with 12 finishers. There were two woman finishers.

Joanne Carilli-Stev (CO) ran 7:03 and 8:56 loops to cross the the finish line as first female and sixth overall in 16:00:23.

Jennifer Worrell (KS) kept lap splits within an hour to finish second in 18:26:55.

All female

  1. Joanne Carilli-Stev (CO) – 16:00:23 (*6th overall*)
  2. Jennifer Worrell (KS) – 18:26:55

Smiles scene all over this course!

Alan Oktay (OK) ran at the front from the start of the male race with a 5:32 split over the first 50 km.  Alan ran a 7:09 loop 2 and won the male race in 12:41:00.

Alan Countryman (OK) cruised through the finish firmly in second with a 14:10:38 time.

Top 5 male

  1. Alan Oktay (OK) – 12:41:00
  2. Alan Countryman (OK) – 14:10:38
  3. Keenan Murray (OK) – 14:53:11
  4. Corey Black (OK) – 15:15:59
  5. Brian Smith (KS) – 15:53:28

Complete 100km Results

50 km

The only sub-4 finish was by Maggie Nelson from Tulsa, Oklahoma! To give an idea on her turnover, Maggie ran a 3:10:19 this Spring at the OC marathon and finished second female.

Maggie average a 7:38 pace to win the female race and overall in 3:57:18! The next runner both male or female was around two miles back. Dang!

Kelly Dworak (PA) earned a second place female finish in 4:48:55

Top 5 female

  1. Maggie Nelson (OK) – 3:57:18 (*1st overall*)
  2. Kelly Dworak (PA) – 4:48:55
  3. Karen Dee Williams (OK) – 5:12:40
  4. Teresa Bartnicki (TX) – 5:14:53
  5. Robin Phelps (TX) – 5:28:15

Karen Dee Williams (#135) with fellow runners during the early miles.

The male race saw Cole Starkey (OK) create a three+ minute gap after 50 km of running to earn second overall and male win in 4:16:41.

Cole Starkey post-race.

Tim Jagoda (TX) held steady in the final miles to cross the line second male in 4:20:10.

Big smiles! Tim Jagoda (right) stride for stride with fellow runner in the early miles.

Top 5 male

  1. Cole Starkey (OK) – 4:16:41
  2. Tim Jagoda (TX) – 4:20:10
  3. Martin Updike (OK) – 4:21:35
  4. Jay Roberts (OK) – 4:24:12
  5. Christopher Greenle (OK) – 4:33:06

Complete 50km results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Vicente Ledesma (age 60 – TX – Also ran AT100 a couple weeks back!), Mike Strong (age 60 – TX), Dennis Crosby (age 64 – OK), Bobby Duke (age 62 – TX), Charlotte Lindley (age 60 – OK), and Max Welker (age 69 – WA) all started the 100 mile adventure.
  • Nels Bentson (age 67 – OK) and Steve Randall (age 60 – OK) played in the 50 km.

Life is play. Play is life.

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • Dennis Crosby ran and walked a 10:26:26 final 50 km loop to finish the 100 mile journey in 29:40:30.
  • David Bernstein kept moving forward during the final loop of the 100 km scamper to finish in 20:46:51.
  • Mitch Drummond closed the door on the 50 km race and got’er done in 11:43:17.

Race Reports, Pics, and Twitter Coverage

Here is a great video by 100 km runner, Ron Ruhs, that captures many great photos and video of the area. (12+ minutes long)

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

If you have any thoughts or experiences to share from the event, feel free to comment below!

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2 Responses to “Pumpkin Holler 100 – 2011 Results”

  1. on 20 Oct 2011 at 5:33 pm Ron Ruhs

    Thanks for posting my video – That was my first 100k (wife did the 50k). We both did our first 50 miler at the Midnight Madness run this year and knew Tatur would put on a great race and the volunteers would be awesome. This race didn’t disappoint and we look forward to probably coming down from NE to do it again.

    If anyone reading was a volunteer, THANK YOU! Brian & Ken have been great to us (Ken even offered to drive my wife out to pace me around mile 50) and we had a great time.


  2. on 21 Oct 2011 at 9:03 am David Hanenburg

    Hey Ron – You are so very welcome and thank for creating such a great video capturing and commenting on many aspects of the race.

    Yes, the TATUR crew and volunteers are top notch.

    Thanks so much for sharing on EB!

    Happy Running!