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Lighthouse Hill Ranch Trail Run – 2011 Results

Over 60 runners played on the dirt road trails near Blanco, Texas for the Lighthouse Hill Ranch Trail Run. This inaugural event took place within the grounds of the Lighthouse Hill Ranch snuggled within Texas Hill Country.

Trails runners scampered on a hilly and periodically rocky 10 mile loop. Race distances included a 10 or 20 mile adventure.


20 mile

The spicy-footed Terranova family, crushed it in the 20 mile race.

Paul Terranova dashed off an average 6:46 min/mile across the 20 miles of varied terrain to create a 5+ minute gap and cross the finish line first in 2:15:34.

Benjamin Corona averaged just over seven minute miles to finish a strong second in 2:21:23.

Top 5 male

  1. Paul Terranova – 2:15:34
  2. Benjamin Corona – 2:21:23
  3. Brandon Ostrander – 2:30:04
  4. John Sharp – 2:46:16
  5. Tom Bowling – 2:51:18

After recently finishing second female at the Bear Chase 50 km (4:50:06) in Colorado, Meredith Terranova turned over some 8:30s to finish fifth overall and win the female race in 2:50:14.

Marissa Toland and Nancy Marks had an inspiring run for second as they finished within 38 seconds of each other. Marrissa was able to create a little gap to finish second in 3:18:31.

Top 5 female

  1. Meredith Terranova – 2:50:14 (*5th overall*)
  2. Marissa Toland – 3:18:31 (*8th overall*)
  3. Nancy Marks – 3:19:09
  4. Amy Bush – 3:24:29
  5. Chelsea Logsdon – 3:50:42

Complete 20 mile results

10 mile

The 10 mile dash saw the largest number of racers which showcased a dirt-biter in the male race but first…

Kelsea Stephenson ran a 7:47 min/mile pace that saw her jockeying with the boys at the front of the overall. Kelsea won the female race in 1:17:49 and crossed the line sixth overall.

Elizabeth Comer’s 9:01 min/mile pace earned a second place finish in 1:30:09.

Top 5 female

  1. Kelsea Stephenson – 1:17:49 (*6th overall*)
  2. Elizabeth Comer – 1:30:09
  3. Dawn Banka – 1:37:03
  4. Cris Strong – 1:37:03
  5. Christy Martinez – 1:38:34

The top three runners in the male race were within a gonna-hurt 35 second spread after 10 miles of trail goodness. Anthony Zaia was able to create a 13 second gap in front of William Popoff to win the male race in 1:13:58.

William held off Anuj Khetarpal to earn second in 1:14:11.

Top 5 male

  1. Anthony Zaia – 1:13:58
  2. William Popoff – 1:14:11
  3. Anuj Khetarpal – 1:14:33
  4. Clayton Perry – 1:15:47
  5. Marlin Binkley – 1:15:49

Complete 10 mile results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Nancy Weston enjoyed one loop in the 60+ age group.

Life is play. Play is life.

Race Reports and Pics

  • “As I was coming downhill after the 13 mile aid station, I saw her making a big detour through the brush to avoid a big steer coming right up the middle of the road. I took out my phone to capture a picture & was laughing out loud at the fun of this encounter in the middle of a race. The steer tilted its’ head & horns toward me & crossed the trail as if steering towards me — I said “trail hog” & got out of its’ way — I was ready to sprint if it was!” by Tom @ San Antonio Area Trail Running
  • Groovy Photos from Enduro Photo.

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