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Big Tesuque Trail Run – 2011 Results

On Saturday October 1st over 100 trail runners enjoyed a great day on the forest service roads at the Big Tesuque Trail Run in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This Egyptian pyramid-like out-and-back course starts runners at 10,000 feet before you grunt it up 5.8 miles to Tesuque Peak which sits at 12,043 feet. Then turn around for the downhill scamper back to the finish.

Let's run! (Photo: Courtesy Maryann Kos)


1:03 – 1:05 road half-marathoner and Santa Fe local, Benard Langat, left no doubt who brought the extra jalapeno on this day. Benard ran the 6th fastest time on this course (dating back to 2004) and won the male race by 5+ minutes in 1:21:39.

Joachin Marjon and last year’s winner Mike Ehrmantraut, inspired each other in the dash for second. Joachin was able to create a small gap and hold it through the finish to earn second in 1:27:07.

Benard Langat going...up! (Photo: Courtesy Max Mujynya)

Top 5 male

  1. Benard Langat – 1:21:39
  2. Joachin Marjon – 1:27:07
  3. Mike Ehrmantraut – 1:27:48
  4. Mike Rahmer – 1:30:45
  5. Andres Santiago – 1:31:42

Rachael Cuellar, winner of both the 2011 nine mile uphill scamper, the La Luz Trail Run, and the Lil’ 10 km Trail Run, was back to challenge herself on the Santa Fe course after missing the 2010 adventure. In 2009 Rachael won the famale race and clocked the fastest female time (since 2004) of 1:30:26.

Now Rachael holds the top two fastest female times as she finished fifth overall and won the female race in 1:31:21!

Stefanie Tierney finished alone as the second female in 1:42:54.

Rachael Cuellar on the way down! (Photo: Courtesy Max Mujynya)

Top 5 female

  1. Rachael Cuellar – 1:31:21 (*5th overal*)
  2. Stefanie Tierney – 1:42:54
  3. Whitney Dreier – 1:52:17
  4. Laura McClellan – 1:52:57
  5. Erin Sindewald – 1:53:53

Complete Results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Vinnie Kelly (age 60), Douglass Hughes (age 64), Jim Owens (age 62), Joel McHorse (age 60), Lynn Pickard (age 63), John Otter (age 73), Joe Whiteman (age 71), Olivia Red (age 64), Steve Wood (age 69), Jim Westmoreland (age 60), Lynn Asbury (age 61), John McPhee (age 62), Mary Byers (age 63), and Otto Appenzeller (age 83).

Did you notice those 70 and 80 numbers!?!

A range of ages enjoying the day! (Photo: Courtesy Max Mujynya)

Life is play. Play is life.

Race Reports and Pics

  • “I ran for a bit near Rachael and thought she might just be taking it easy over the first section, but we hit the first mile in 8:22 so it seemed we were both moving well. Feeling good, I just hammered away with my choppy little climbing stride at what felt like 200rpms.” by Desert Dirt @ High Desert Dirt
  • “As for us mere mortals… a lot of people got frisky off the start. Bad idea. I felt like crap pretty much the entire first mile. Just kind of sluggish and flat, probably on account of the cold my son had passed on to me earlier in the week. Ah, pre-schoolers. I was a little surprised when, at the first mile marker, I looked down at my watch and saw 8:45. That was hotter than I wanted to be running early on so I dialed things back and tried to relax.” by Jacob @ Santa Fe Trail Runner

Trail Running - Guaranteed to create a smile! (Photo: Courtesy Max Mujynya)

A huge thanks to Max Mujynya for the photos you see above!

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2 Responses to “Big Tesuque Trail Run – 2011 Results”

  1. on 13 Oct 2011 at 8:14 am Jonathan

    This run looks really cool, as well as La Luz. Wish we had more runs in Texas that had that kind of terrain. I’m running Palo Duro this weekend so I guess that comes close, right? Will you be there Dave?

  2. on 13 Oct 2011 at 9:40 am David Hanenburg

    Hey Jonathan – Yes, these events definitely look a blast. Unfortunately mountains are not a very prominent word in the state of Texas.

    Palo Duro is a great, great run! PD is very cool in its own unique way. Rugged, rocky, and Red come to mind with PD. It is also the strangest place to drive to. Flat, flat, flat….and then this giant, amazing, beautiful hole in the ground where you get to play in for the day.

    Have a great adventure out there!

    I won’t be at PD this year, but will be running the 50k at the Pumpkin Holler adventure up in OK. Lots of great events this time of year throughout the region.

    Be sure to share your PD experience. Would love to hear it.