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8 Hour Run from the Ducks Ultramarathon – 2011 Results

Co-winners Loehding / Henderson and Trimble-knox / Tortorice enjoy the most loops.

Over 40 runners enjoyed the locally cool morning start to an eight hour day at the 8 Hour Run from the Ducks Ultramarathon in Weatherford, Texas. Unlike the more typical distance format (50 km, etc), this off-road event allows you to run as much or as little as you want…within eight hours. Add up your mileage, there’s your result.

Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

Another unique aspect of this type of events is the course. Besides running on gravel and grass within the Clark Botanical Gardens, which is pretty cool, the loops is 1.08 miles long (increased from .854 miles last year). Yep, the course is just over a mile! As surprising as it sounds, this can be quite a fun experience as you can chat and interact will a large variety of people that you may not get a chance to within the more typical race format. And if you need/want a break, don’t fret, there is no 30 miles yet to go staring you in the face.

The one challenge for this course – there is very little shade. If temps warm up in the afternoon (as they did this year), heat/hydration/electrolyte management becomes all the more important.

All proceeds from the event go to the Vietnam War Museum. Good stuff!


Marci Sims, Derek Westbrook, and Corina race smiles! (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

Veteran ultra runners, Ryan Loehding and Mark Henderson inspired at the front running over 50 miles within the eight hour limit. Ryan ran and won the event back in 2009 knocking out 54.42 miles using his diesel engine like race day execution. This year, Mark pushed the pace with Ryan and they both co-won with 52.96 miles.

Matt Crownover, 2010 Rockledge Rumble 50 km winner, enjoyed a 43.2 mile day for second.

Top 5 male

  1. Ryan Loehding / Mark Henderson – 52.96 miles
  2. Matt Crownover – 43.2 miles
  3. Thomas Okazaki – 42.12 miles
  4. Buddy Teaster – 39.96 miles
  5. Andy Blessing – 38.88 miles

Mark Henderson smilin' through the miles. (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

Similar to the male race, the female loopy fun saw Ginger Trimble-knox and Angela Tortorice pairing up at the end of 480 minutes and finishing together with 35.64 miles. Angela added over six miles from her 2010 finish!

Ali Wheat put in over a 50 km run with 33.48 miles for the second place finish.

Top 5 female

  1. Ginger Trimble-knox / Angela Tortorice – 35.64 miles
  2. Ali Wheat – 33.48 miles
  3. Katrina Mumaw – 32.4 miles
  4. Malea Jaffe – 32.4 miles
  5. Tammy Unangst – 31.32 miles

Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

Complete results

Race Reports

  • Couldn’t find any race reports. 🙁

Congrats to all the runners! If you have any thoughts or experiences to share from the race, feel free to include them in the comments link below.

Miniature train huffing near a section of the course. (Photo: Courtesy Corina Cervantes /

Special thanks to Corina Cervantes for all the great photos you see above!

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