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St. Charles Trail Run – 2011 Results

Accardo wins…both divisions!

On Sunday September 18, the inaugural St. Charles Trail Run took place on the Bonnet Carre Spillway in Norco, Louisiana. Over 300 runners scampered on the three mile course.

Photo: Copyright St. Charles Trail Run / Roy Roberson (NORSI Photographer)


5 mile

Nick Accardo pushed the pace at the front averaging a 6:07 min/mile effort which created close to a two minute gap at the finish. Nick won the male race in 18:21 (gun time).

The dash for second had Josh Chauvin, Jansen Callais, and Austin Luke grouped together within 23 seconds. No letting off allowed! Josh was able to create a few breaths of separation to earn second in 20:03.

Top 5 male

  1. Nick Accardo – 18:21 (*gun time*)
  2. Josh Chauvin – 20:03
  3. Jansen Callais – 20:16
  4. Austin Luke – 20:26
  5. Bryon Adams – 20:43

Josh Chauvin (I think??) (Photo: Copyright St. Charles Trail Run / Roy Roberson (NORSI Photographer))

Overall Male Results

Kate Accordo and Kelly Nicholas both finished top 10 overall!

Similar to the male race, female leader Kate Accardo inspired off the front and averaged the only sub-7 minute pace. Kate finished 6th overall and won the female race in 20:50 (gun time).

Kelly Nicholas finished eighth overall and cross the line as second female in 22:15.

Top 5 female

  1. Kate Accardo – 20:50 (*gun time*) (*6th overall*)
  2. Kelly Nicholas – 22:15 (*8th overall*)
  3. Maura Eagan – 24:41
  4. Katelyn Breaux – 25:42
  5. Robin Pringle – 26:18

Kelly Nicholas (Photo: Copyright St. Charles Trail Run / Roy Roberson (NORSI Photographer))

Overall Female Results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Yvonne Thomas (age 67), Marcia Finkelstein (age 60), Sharon Harney (age 63), Carol Hovland (age 62), Jane Fink (age 61), Alvin Bopp (age 62), Juan Perez (age 67), Earle Pope (age 66), Henry Jacques (age 61), Francis Braud (age 64), Rick Guhman (age 62), Gary Barrios (age 61), Gary Sells (age 60), Gerald Lyons (age 72), Charlie Dalton (age 61), Phil Gioia (age 60), Dennis McCrory (age 63), and Mike Hanemann (age 65)….all enjoyed the 3 mile run on the trails!

Life is play. Play is life.

Race Reports

  • Couldn’t find any race reports. 🙁

Congrats to all the runners! If you have any thoughts or experiences to share from the race, feel free to include them in the comments link below.

Getting it done together! (Photo: Copyright St. Charles Trail Run / Roy Roberson (NORSI Photographer))

Special thanks to New Orleans Running Systems, Inc. for the race photos you see above!

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