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XTERRA Magnolia Hill Trail Run – 2011 Results

Last weekend over 50 trail runners played in the Piney Woods region northwest of Houston for the XTERRA Magnolia Hill Trail Run. This 16 km and 6 km adventure took place on the scenic grounds of Magnolia Hill Ranch. As an “event only” location, this was one of the unique opportunities the check out the local dirt.

Trail run was part of the XTERRA Triathlon event. (Photo: Copyright Jake North Photography /

Both distances are one loop.

6 km map

16 km map


16 km

Less than two minutes separated the top three runners as they scooted along at low seven minute pace. At the end of the 16 km push, Christopher Whelchel was able to create a one minute gap on Sam Labrie, to win the male race in 1:11:36.

Top 5 male

  1. Christopher Whelchel – 1:11:36 (7:13 pace)
  2. Sam Labrie – 1:12:36
  3. Adam Jackson – 1:13:15
  4. Friedrich Westover – 1:14:34
  5. Eric Rindahl – 1:16:38

Michael Madison floating around the corner. (Photo: Copyright Jake North Photography /

Jennifer Plair inspired in a solo effort at the front in the female race. Jennifer average a solid 7:39 pace that saw her running near the front of the overall to win the female race in 1:15:51.

Dianne Garban kept a consistent pace to finish second in 1:27:16.

Dora Sananikone displaying the famous trail running antlers. (Photo: Copyright Jake North Photography /

Top 5 female

  1. Jennifer Plair – 1:15:51 (7:39 pace – 5th overall)
  2. Dianne Garban – 1:27:16
  3. Beth McDowell – 1:27:57
  4. Tara Moore – 1:28:44
  5. Jacy Champion – 1:32:50

6 km

Tessa Madison averaged a 9:49 pace that created a five minute gap to win the female race in 36:31 and finish fourth overall.

Dana Dahmann finished second and sixth overall in 41:48.

Top 5 female

  1. Tessa Madison – 36:31 (9:49 pace – 4th overall)
  2. Dana Dahmann – 41:48 (*6th overall*)
  3. Heather Shuvalov – 41:48
  4. Amanda Claiborne – 43:31
  5. Sharon Peterson 43:43

Amanda Cotcher enjoying the morning. (Photo: Copyright Jake North Photography /

Simon Payne dashed off an 8:35 pace to win the male race without too much contention in 31:55.

Slightly under two minutes later, Judd Moody cruised through the finish to earn second in 33:47.

Charles Self happy with the finish! (Photo: Copyright Jake North Photography /

Top 5 male

  1. Simon Payne – 31:55
  2. Judd Moody – 33:47
  3. Daryl Stroud – 35:56
  4. Rob Karlin – 38:54
  5. Charles Self – 45:16

Complete Results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Dean Moody enjoyed the 6 km course at age 62.
  • Jo May (age 63), Doug Beagle (age 61), and Gerry Simpson (age 69) went after the 16 km scamper.

Doug Beagle making it look easy! (Photo: Copyright Jake North Photography /

Life is play. Play is life.

Race Reports and Pics

Special thanks to Jake North Photography for all the great photos you see above!

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