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Q50 Full Moon Trail Run – 2011 Results

Last weekend, the Q50 Full Moon Trail Run took place on the trails within Fountainebleau State Park, located on the northern shores of Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana. In a common theme for this time of the year, the five mile adventure started after the sun retired for the day (8:45 pm start).

The social cause for this event was STARC – a group that works to improve the lives of the mentally disabled.

The mood has been set! (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

The unique twist – it is a two-person team run. Male, Female, or Coed.

Start together.

Finish together.

Have fun together.

Over 40 teams did just that!


Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /


The team of Ken Romero and Casey Cangelosi ran an 8:26 min/mile average pace to create nearly a two minute gap from the next coed team. Ken and Casey crossed the finish together in 42:11.

Alone in second, Toby Hubbell and Christina Hubbell cruised across the finish for second place in 44:09.

Toby and Christina Hubbell (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Top 5 COED

  1. Ken Romero / Casey Cangelosi – 42:11
  2. Toby Hubbell / Christina Hubbell – 44:09
  3. Paul Lailhengue / Jill Marie Kenyon – 45:23
  4. Marc Schroeder / Tara Stogner – 45:43:00
  5. Wes Lockwood / Nikki Dunaway – 48:37


Robin Pringle and Monica Embers averaged a minute per mile faster than the next chase team to win the female team race in 44:23.

The dash for second saw a crazy nighttime dash as legs burned and sweat flew between the teams of Julie Russell / Phyllis Guedry and Maria Bowers / Lynda Hiltz. Both teams dug deep as they crossed the finish line in 49:26 with Julie and Phyllis having a slight advantage to claim second place honors.

Robin Pringle and Monica Embers at the finish! (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Top 5 female

  1. Robin Pringle / Monica Embers – 44:23
  2. Julie Russell / Phyllis Guedry – 49:26
  3. Maria Bowers / Lynda Hiltz – 49:26
  4. Mandy Young / Lisa Young – 53:02
  5. Johnna Keller / Sarah Castro – 58:25


A 7:17 min/mile pace had Chad Rice and Brandon Ferrari creating a gap off the front within the initial miles and never heard any footsteps from behind for the remainder of the run. Chad and Brandon won the male race in 36:29.

Dalton Fetters and Jerome Reymaert cruised across the line for second place in 40:12.

Chad Rice and Brandon Ferrari enjoying a champagne bath the finish. (Photo: Courtesy Louisiana Running Company /

Top 5 male

  1. Chad Rice / Brandon Ferrari – 36:29
  2. Dalton Fetters / Jerome Reymaert – 40:12
  3. Tom Holman / Zack Bulmanski – 41:47
  4. Richard Tonry / Corey Lambert – 48:35
  5. Brad Crawford / Jason Crawford – 48:37

Race Reports

  • Couldn’t find any race reports. 🙁

Congrats to all the runners! If you have any thoughts or experiences to share from the race, feel free to include them in the comments link below.

Special thanks to Louisiana Running Company for the sweet race photos you see included above!

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