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La Luz Trail Run – The 2011 Results

On August 7th, the 46th Annual leg and lung burning adventure called the La Luz Trail Run took place on the going-up La Luz trail in the Sandia Mountains of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Welcome to the Sandia Mountains on the La Luz trail. (Photo: courtesy Mr. Physics @

343 runners celebrated the entire nine mile point-to-point adventure that starts at 6100 feet elevation and finishes at 10678 feet. There is one 1/4-1/2 mile downhill dip at mile 6.3 otherwise a 12% grade leads the way!


In the male race, the fast-footed Kristopher Houghton (1:10:14 2010 Chips and Salsa Half Marathon) was back to defend his 2010 win on this vertical high altitude scamper. Kristopher was at the front once again and averaged a 9:28 min/mile pace that was slightly slower than last year’s effort but still good enough to earn the win again in 2011. Kristopher won the male race by over three minutes in 1:25:16.

Andrew Gisler earned second in 1:28:53.

Top 5 male

  1. Kristopher Houghton – 1:25:16
  2. Andrew Gisler – 1:28:53
  3. Loren Wohletz – 1:30:30
  4. Jesse Armijo – 1:32:25
  5. Brent Broome – 1:34:53

Photo: Courtesy okred @

Rachael Cuellar has been in the top position five times in the last 10 years with her last win in 2008. For the last two years Erica Baron (2011 Jemez Half Marathon Female winner – 1:48:39) held the top honors but Erica didn’t play in this year’s race which put Rachael alone at the front of the female race while enjoying some inspired running for overall placing.

Rachael earned fifth overall and the female win in 1:34:31 (avg 10:30 min/mile pace).

Top 5 female

  1. Rachael Cuellar – 1:34:31 (*5th overall*)
  2. Magdalena Donahue – 1:43:38
  3. Molly Krehlik – 1:47:08
  4. Linsey Sandoval – 1:57:18
  5. Bree Morrison – 1:58:08

Complete Results

Inspiration Point

Check out some of the wisest finishers. I hope this stuff fires you up as much as it does me.

  • Ed Craighead (age 68), Kathryn Aguilar (age 67), Jack Clark (age 68), Rod Miller (age 68), Paco Roseth (age 67), Ian Maddieson (age 68), Dori Ulibarri (age 66), Joe Whiteman (age 71), Russell Haushalter (age 70), Allen Anz (age 70), Burton Broxterman (age 76), Dale Goering (age 81), Helen Silversmith (age 72), Jack Lynch (age 68), Edward Abeita (age 70), and John Garcia (age 81)!

Holy crap! How cool!

Life is play. Play is life.

Race Reports

  • Couldn’t find any race reports. 🙁

Congrats to all the runners! If you have any thoughts or experiences to share from the race, feel free to include them in the comments link below.

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  1. on 17 Aug 2011 at 4:15 pm olga

    I hate them all 343 runners in those mountains! 🙂 Lucky bU%@$*#, running in such views…

  2. on 18 Aug 2011 at 8:32 am David Hanenburg

    Olga – Are you going through mountain withdrawals? 😉 Maybe you could visualize those local 300 foot climbs in meters.